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  1. OK, I can go for that, as long as there is a spare engine in the kit, that makes a cool load!! Then the Leos & BV206.
  2. Wow the Poseidon is going to double as a refueller???????????????????????
  3. This is great, finally the Chieftain in IM plastic, & 72nd!!! Now it would be brilliant if they followed this, in 72nd, with their Bergepanzer 2, Leopard MEXAS, Leopard 1A5/C2 and the BV206!!!!
  4. So the kit should cost 4 bucks? After all it is a Buccaneer? I'll get my coat........................
  5. OMG!! That is very very nice!!! The rotor head detail is superb!! Can't wait to add one to the work bench, sure hope the rest of the family is en route!!
  6. ALLRIGHT now we're talking!!!!! Any want a gently used Mach Too kit??
  7. Jack you are most welcome. Yes it is that kit, at the time of the GB it was the only Airfix 'long nose' available. I cannot take credit for the det cord detailing someone else on a DG came up with it and I thought I would give it a try, just wish all manufacturers would do that, the finished product looks great! Yes I think the decals are OOP which is too bad since they were extremely complete, it took a while to get them all on!!!! Good luck with your kit, cheers.
  8. Here's a link to my build for an old GB on the Hawk; I used the Airfix kit and Model Art decals, took me 3 days to finish them????? Any questions ask away. Cheers
  9. Don't know about the 5247 but am quite sure I have seen pics of one towing a 9990!?!
  10. Eggcellent, said he tenting his fingers!!?!! Ala Mr Burns...... I'm going to take a WAG that their suspension system will be detailed but not as intricate as Modellcollect!!?! So far their releases are bang on, I have seen the parts breakdown of the M1070 & D9 and it looks very interesting!!
  11. Now we're talking!!!!! Hmmm, I think this kit could be in a family way.........
  12. I haven't been following this thread closely but I don't think the Luftwaffe had the 737s, but Lufthansa was the originator of the first order, IIRC. Maybe their Airforce got 1 or two after Lufthansa moved on to other a/c??
  13. I will second those recommendations!!! I bought the 'Mammoth' editions and the extras are great!! The basic surface detail has to be seen in your hands to be really appreciated, there are pics of the kits but you need to study them hard to see the wealth of amazing detail!!
  14. My daily update from the Aviation Megastore, today, showed all 3 as expected, no date but that is promising!!??!!
  15. .......and Eduard has just released some fabulous sets to detail up the kit!!!!! The bomb bay one is quite impressive!!! They also include a fix for the boundary air bleed inlets under the main intakes!
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