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  1. Lovely work there, dirty and well used. Although that looks quite tidy compared to some of the trucks on my fleet.
  2. Thanks for that fella, I may have a little go at that tonight. Delicate fingers out! I really want to build another one and go detail mad on it after looking at yours.
  3. Or to call it by its proper name, the British Powerboat Company 63ft Type 2. Bit of a mouthful that, we'll stick to whaleback shall we? I've always had a hankering for this kit ever since I built the Vosper MTB as a nipper and only just recently picked one up. So the kit is mostly standard, I didn't want to go too overboard with scratch building and aftermarket. The weapons were very questionable however, so I picked up a couple of sets of Vickers GO for the turrets and twin mounts on either side of the cockpit and I also found a 20mm Oerlikon and pedestal from UM models. I added s
  4. That's fantastic, I don't think I've ever seen a more realistic snow effect!
  5. I know, it's been irritating the life out of me, it's way too bulbous. Well I decided to take the dremel for a spin (arf arf), and after some careful work I reckon I've got the shape almost right. It's only attached with bluetac in the picture, I wanted to make sure it looked right before I permanently attached it. Just need to pick up some ocean grey and medium sea grey and I can start painting. This'll actually be the first build I've ever done in that colour scheme.
  6. Opened up the chin slot for the radiator flap a little more, and stuck the wings to the sides. Almost seamless, but there are a couple of small gaps waiting to be filled. The work I put in on the wingroots has really paid off, they're almost exactly flush. I've also cut out slots for the wingtip marker lights and using clear sprue which will be sanded down then polished, hopefully they'll come up nicely. Those resin exhaust pipes look lovely, so much nicer than the kit parts.
  7. It was a tempting prospect I must admit, I was even thinking about getting some resin ones, but then I'd have to get new wheels and gear legs, the gear doors have a peg to glue the wheels to, no legs at all. The only aftermarket I've bought for it is the quickboost exhaust pipes, as the ones I tried to scratch came out horribly. Plus I've never actually built a wheels up kit in all my years of modelling. Slight disaster, I've just realised the slot for the radiator flap that I cut out is a bit too short. Corrections will be made shortly.
  8. Whew, it's been a fair old while. Sorry for the lack of progress updates, work has been rammed solid over the festive season. Haven't had a minute to myself in ages. So things are once again progressing fairly smoothly. I've managed to get the fuselage halves together, all that cutting and measuring paid off, the "radiator" only needed a small adjustment, the cockpit fits like it was included in the box. I've added a bit of plastic sheet behind the seat armour, as that bit is completely open on the kit, instead of being a part of the fuselage, and I needed to add a little plastic t
  9. That looks lovely! Especially the chequering on the nose. I'm assuming you had to do it by hand, I can't imagine a decal sticking to that complex surface.
  10. They do build up rather nicely, well worth the money and time if you ask me.
  11. Well that's what I thought, but the instructions call for adding the fin only for the 63rd fighter squadron option. It seems that this particular aircraft wasn't fitted with the fin (and I've seen pictures of another 62nd aircraft without it as well, plus one from the 63rd), I'm assuming that Revell have done their research properly, as the other two I've seen without the fin are fairly close in serial numbers.
  12. This is Revell's 1/72 P47M, built completely OOB, painted with a mix of Tamiya for the uppers and Alclad for the aluminium underside, small details picked out with Revell enamels. Weathered with thinned Tamiya washes and Tamiya weathering sets. The decals are Revell's own and they were a bit of a pain, a little too thick to sit well but after lashings of micro set/sol, they finally behaved themselves.
  13. Work progresses at a blistering pace! Well not really, I wish I could really get down to an all weekend modelling bender like in the old days before responsibility and parenthood and all that jazz. Ah well, roll on retirement! Anyway, adding what looks like a gun button to the control column, and I've almost sorted the wing roots now. I'll need to see them in primer to make sure but I think they're good to go. First coat of interior green has been slathered on with a hairy stick and is in the process of drying. Mmm not quite, here's another pic, it's starting
  14. You're spot on there. This is the underside of the wings, as you can see there are two slots for the undercarriage doors should you wish to model it gear down, but that's it. No other detail whatsoever. Now, my biggest headache by far was always going to be the wingroots. They are way too thick, leaving a massive ridge all around the wing base when it is attached. It also seems that the slots for the wing insets are just the slightest bit too far back and high. However, it's proving to be not quite the nightmare I was imagining. Some careful use of a sanding stick and
  15. Yep, she is a golden oldie, but I'm hoping with a little perseverence and a nice lick of paint she'll still turn some heads. We shall see. As regards to the undercarriage, there is no detail whatsoever. The wings are molded with the doors closed, with two slots to place the seperate doors if you want to do a gear down example. I was going to open them up and add the bays but I have a cunning plan for doing an "in flight" presentation, something I haven't done before. So where are we up to now? The cockpit is more or less done, dry fitting shows that precious little will
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