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  1. I quite agree! Good up-to-date RAF subject! Airfix should pick up on their past coverage of contemporary RAF. God knows their are precious few types in service now. Looking forward to the Lynx..... ...and what about a corrected BAe 125...? ...Anyway... I am halfway through my Broplan Sentinel R1 having run out of patience converting Welsh Models Challenger bits and drawing new bits for a prospective resin kit. I cast the formings of the Broplan kit without damaging them and cut the nose from the far superior Welshmodels kit but got bored...! After making the cute little Anigrand 1/144 resin Sentinel I wanted a BIG ONE! Now I've got going on the (very flimsy and damaged) Broplan offering, I may only use my resin engines! The shape of the Broplan Sentinel isn't bad but it needs careful assembly. The plastic's just too thin. The Welsh models vac fuse/resin wing Challenger is much nicer and crisper but the two aeroplanes are so different only the cockpit and basic fuselage tube are relevant. I may yet mould my Broplan one before I finish it - to make a basic resin kit of plugs... Now to turn the Airfix Nimrod into a lovely Dan-Air Comet 4B....!
  2. Just ordered one! Having spent a while casting a new fuselage in resin from the Challenger kit after loads of scaling on Photoshop...blah... Now Broplan FINALLY give us a Sentinel... The Anigrand baby one is lovely and the apparently expensive box gives great value with the the three other gems in it. ..And I was just going to turn the engines up on the lathe and block out the huge wing....! LR101
  3. Bit too small in 1:72. THE scale but even the full-blown Harrier's a tiddler at 1" to 6'...! I've got two Revell 1:32 GR1 s... What shall I do with them....? I NEED a 1:24 GR9 - as a memorial - must I carve one out of solid wood and resin??? Let's lobby Trevor Snowdon for the next big Airfix rleas!!! LR 101
  4. I got everything from the net as far as I remember. The chaps at FAST at Farnborough sent me some additional press photos but I had no close-ups of the cockpit so mine is an educated guess! The only plan was from a simplified line drawing in a press report on the net The fun was in working out the structure from the various photographic angles and the inevitable scaling. I think the absolute scaling came from Aires' engine at 1:48 so my TMR might not even be the right size!! I now have (conflicting!!) three-views of the Short SC.1 which I regard as the next step in the Harrier story and, as it lends itself to being at least partly clear vacformings, perhaps I should release a kit.... A sad time for Harrier fans.... Who's got drawings of the P11/27 prototypes and Kestrel??? All the best. JK
  5. Good luck - let me know if I can help. There's plenty of stuff on the net. I'm sure yours will be crisper than mine! I'm plucking up the courage to do a tiny 1/72 one! I do plan to do the whole Harrier story in 1/48, though.... (All talk!). Jez.
  6. Thanks Mish! There is one in1/24 in theScience Museum in London but it's a bit basic. I used photos of it to get my head around the structure. Once i started "growing" it with 0.8mm brass wire the structure explaned itself. Don't you love the way the two engines act through the same centre??!! Jez
  7. Stunning. But isn't it annoying to have to get planning permission for a model plane...? Makes my unfinished C17,E3a and 1/48 Herc C3 look like fridge magnets.... (Whispers "V a l i a n t" in his ear.........) Jez
  8. I had a flight in one when I was a spotty Cadet on camp in Wildenrath in about 1984. We flew"Day/Night Circuit Tests" and it said "DNCT" in my Record Of Service book - which I've lost !! I remember blue seats and the hissing of the pneumatic flaps or u/c !! Got the Special Hobby kit too - wish I could remember the serial of the one I flew in. It was originally released as a 60sqn RAF machine but I've got the Luftwaffe one too. I also have the Magna pile of resin chunks too ! The Pembrokes in Germany were supposed to be transports and trainers but a great door used to slide open underneath revealing surveillance kit to snoop on the East Germans! Great cold war stuff ! A cuddly aircraft! Jez.
  9. Any more advice on a starting point for a Sentinel R1 (Bombardier Global Express) in 1/72??? Did someone offer "Dannie" a set of desktop model blanks sometime ago??? After some threeviews on the SC1 now.... Anyone interested in a group build in 1/48 to complete the Harrier Story for FAST - the Farnborough museum and a nice bunch of helpful and knowledgeable people...??? We should perhaps start with a "Gyroptere" the Wilbaut design with helical rotating nozzles that was never built but inspired the Pegasus...? ...When in doubt, Viff!... Jez Scattered on the board at present: Anigrand 1/72 GlobemasterIII (A beast...) Vacform 1/72 Piper Navajo Chieftain in R.Ripple (Fiddly...) Extrakit 1/72 Meteor F8 for a Korea veteran (Nice kit, thinnest decals in the world...) Airfix 1/72 Orion III 2001 SpacePlane (Film buff stuff...) Italeri 1/48 RAF Hercules C3 (Stretched with castings from it's own fuselge and currently abandonned...another beast...) Classic Airframes 1/48 Canberra B? (Big canopy and nose window, lots of lead...in basecoat...) Airfix 1/72 Trident One in BEA "Red Square" G-ARPR, the first passenger carrying fly-by-wire landing...for FAST...FINISHED!!!!) Vacform 1/72 Vickers Windsor ( For Brooklands Museum... an exercise in sculpting and theft of Griffon engine fronts [via a mould] from a Frog Shackleton...one ugly bomber!)
  10. Not a Brit but another oddball with vertical aspirations...
  11. Thanks Old Hand! Great pic - amazing bottom-down stnce it has... Not sure mine will be as polished!! Wonder if there's a cutaway drawing somewhere or whether to get in touch with Shorts in Ireland...? Jez.
  12. Got th Mason book - a favourite. Would like some pics of the SC1 being built... Jez
  13. Wow! You re all VERY kind! I sussed the image bit, I think, and have signed up with Image Shack. I'll put more of my time wasting pictures up. I'll show some in-progress pics of the Bedstead - not really terrible to make - just a bit labourious - and an excercise in jigging...(Not the dance you do with the rude words when you lose a pitot tube in the carpet...). I love "wacky" subjects and British development (THE wackiest) aircraft. You've determined my next one - a 1/48 SC1 - with some panels off.. do I need 5 RB188s??? I'll work my way upto a GR9 in 1/48.......see you in 2067 Up the Harrier! Doing a Piper Navajo Chieftain in Rasberry for FAST at the moment... Thanks again, my new chums!!! Jez
  14. Thought I should show this British classic off... I donated it to the FAST museum at Farnborough... Two Aires 1/48 Nenes and a mile of 0.8mm brass wire... They now do them in 1/72 but I think I'd go blind... http://yfrog.com/j6bedstead001j Is there a way of inserting a JPG into these posts directly? Jez
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