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  1. Looks like Kitty Hawk have fixed their incredibly thick sprue attachment points. I am in the middle of building their Gripen and the points and fit are causing much blueing of the air above the workbench...
  2. Problem is you are not looking at the kit from the right angle I don't think. It is also very possible that the plane in the picture has been modified at some time in its life. Best way would be to go off reliable plans of the original.
  3. I think you may be correct Matt. Only problem now is the weather has turned and having to paint it outside due to its size means I have to wait for a warm day.. sigh..
  4. I just started this one and the fit is not very impressive, as are the large sprue gates on some parts.
  5. After a lengthy saga I finally have the paints I need! Will be spraying the hull this weekend weather permitting. It is too big to spray in the house.
  6. No wonder. I actually started mine last night and the fit etc is attricious... Luckily it didn't cost me anything.
  7. Due to ongoing problems with this kit I have put it aside for a while until I get motivated enough to attack it again.
  8. There is a video on the net showing why the single float version was rejected, basically the engine broke off while it was on the water which started a fire in the aircraft. Crew bailed out and swam for their lives.
  9. Not as such. My Father had a bad stroke while I was on the ship in the middle of the Tasman Sea so I went to see him and the family for 4 days.
  10. Lol.. and it is still smarting! I am sure I can get around a few of the problems Stuart. I am off again for another 5 days so building models is not on the schedule for a while. Cheers Warren
  11. Lack of alignment aids is very common with smaller manufacturers. Just glue some pieces of plastic card on one side of the fuselage for a crude alignment device.
  12. The 1/200 Trumpeter ships are actually longer than the wingspan of this model, BUT they take up no where near as much real estate as this beauty.
  13. Well, here is the update I promised. Where do I start. Have you ever built a kit that makes you guess where assemblies go? How about building assemblies and then never mentioning them in the instructions again? Not mentioning PE parts when they should be used, except maybe for an enigmatic question mark in the instructions? Putting the things together can be a pain, but you expect that in limited run kits. Here is the cockpit of the boat being built.. This major assembly is never mentioned again in the instructions, I can easily work it out but that is not the point. What about the box type structure you have to build. Where does that go? I have no idea as it is not shown in the instructions again. And the detail on the engine is a little soft, but it is fine.. See the crappy fan? Well after gluing it in place I realised there is a very nice PE alternative, but I am not going to bother fitting it. Why? Because there is no guidance where the motor is supposed to go. You have to guess. It isn't sounding good is it yet I want a model of this little mosquito in the German's side so I will continue. There is no painting guide for anything in the engine room. In this case I am just going to glue the hatches shut and forget the engine. It could have been a really good kit with just a little more effort before it was released. BTW, I made a phopar in the title of the blog. It is an NKL-27.
  14. Hi everyone. Will I wait impatiently for my paints to arrive for my Wodney I am filling in time building smaller builds I hope take less time than a full-on big build. After finishing the Barchino, the Seehund, a target I will not mention and most of a 1/48 FJ-4 Fury (which I will not sully these pages with as t is a wingy thing) I walked up to the MKSA (Model Kit Storage Area) and picked out another couple of kits I hope won't be finished before the paints get here. I made my way back to the hobby room and inspected the contents of both kits and decided to go with the never=before-built -on-MSW-kit (I think), the AMG 1/35 Soviet Navy Speed Boat NK-27. As the banner on the box-lid shows this in one of only 1000 kits of this little soviet skimmer, but that didn't stop them producing another 1000 with a different boxing and camo. There are a total of 4 sorues in the box.. These were one sprue before I removed the hull halves. Don't ask me why the didn't make the small hull one piece. Then there were a PE fret, some diecast parts and accessories and some decals.. Then a stand base and instructions.. If you don't like lots of test fitting and sanding with your models I wouldn't recommend this kit. The is a bit of flash as well which you expect in limited run kits.. I started by completely ignoring the instructions and assembling the hull halves. The item I am using to hold the halves together is a bunch of string magnets and a sheet of thin steel. You assemble the bits using the magnets as clamps and the add glue to melt the plastic and fuse the parts together, hopefully in the right shape.. I have had this tool for about 4 years now and this is the first time I have used it. That's it for now. I should, repeat should, have another update this evening then they will stop as I will be away enjoying myself. Cheers Warren
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