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  1. ** WARNING ** DO NOT INSPECT TOO CLOSELY!! Finished after a huge struggle, lots of filler and a mask set that didn't really work very well.. It's the only game in town which is why I got it in the first place. 70 grams of weight in the nose to stop it being a tail sitter. Only recommended for the experienced modeller. Cheers Warren
  2. Finished.. Old Trumpeter kit. Hardly any filler. Tamiya X-11 and XF-19 paints. Mask set which worked well. Thanks for looking. Warren
  3. Hi Beefy. I have started a couple of wingy things for a bit of a break. Next 1/200 subject is the Rodney's victim, Bismarck. Jeff, you are correct there but larger ones are much easier! Cheers Warren
  4. Hi Jeff. If you need anymore info on the Rodney just give me a yell as I have a very good reference her I can refer to. Cheers Warren
  5. Thanks mate but I am leaving them the way they are for now. If you noticed there is no rigging either.. couldn't face it.. might do it later.
  6. It slides... I only put that derrick there a day or so ago and forgot all about that door. Let me just delete that photo...
  7. First up thanks for your side views you made as they where what I went used for my pattern. I blew them up then cut masks from ordinary paper and put them in place with masking tape. I never use Bluetack as I find it leaves residue whenever I use it. But much of the paint on the superstructure has been done with the good-ole hairy stick as well. Too hard to mask up something with PE all over it. The reason why I stopped rivet-counting with the paint was purely down to availability and the fact that paint colour on ships changed all the time back in WWII due to the weathering effects of the environment. If availability had not been non-existent for Colourcoats I would have used them like I have before. Sorry but your distributor in Australia is rubbish and never has them in stock and I could not be bothered waiting while he got them in. I still don't understand how a distributor can get Colourcoats but a private person can't. I know all about Royal Mail restrictions etc bu why can't the pots travel by sea? It may be slow but at least they will get here. Thanks again, Warren
  8. Airbrush.com (I think!) is where I buy mine. Great service and no problems shipping overseas. Thank you.
  9. There are a few good reasons I didn't use Colourcoats, the main reason being they won't post to Australia anymore. ANother reason was that the distributor for my region don't normally have them in stock. They are always 'on order'. Lifecolor paints are really excellent once you get used to them. Cheers
  10. Hi there Artick... I used the paper-mask method on the hull. I got a diagram of the scheme developed by Soverign Hobbies, scaled it up to 1/200 size, printed them out, then cut them up as required. You needed multiple copies as each colour needed its own mask. There are 4 colours. For the superstructure I bursh painted most of the first level of the superstructure with the lightest grey I was using, I think it was 507C, then I hand painted the remaining three colours using Lifecolor paints and a hairy stick. Most of the upper surfaces, especially the armoured decks I used Tamiya XF-77 for as I considered this a very close match to the MS2 I had previously purchased from WEM way back when I was bulkilding the 1/72 HMCS Snowberry with all the GLS sets. Lots of airbrushing and hairy stick work. The Lifecolor paints need an airbrush with a larger nozzle as they have lots of pigment which tends to clog fine nozzles. I used an old Paasche single-action airbrush for those paints. There was also a problem with the paint beading due to surface tension effects but I got around that . The Tamiya paints covered all metal and plastic surfaces with ease, but the Lifecolor didn't like un-primed metal surfaces so I used Gunze metal primer for those and that seemed to cure that problem. Any more questions fele free to ask. Cheers Warren
  11. Greetings everyone. After a rather long lapse I have a post for your perusal. It is not that I have been doing nothing on the ship but just that there is so much to do! Thousands of parts and a paint supply problem until recently meant not much got done and it is taking a long time. The hull is basically finished and now I am on the superstructure and gun turrets. Here are some shots of the superstructure assembly so far. No big sticky-uppy aerials and masts up yet as I know they would probably get damaged if I did. It is bad enough that the funnel got damaged at some time and some of the detail has disappeared. Anyway, I have one more weekend before I head off over seas to Sri Lanka and the Maldives so please don't feel too sorry for me.. Cheers Warren
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