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  1. Just make sure that you put 1/48 scale crew in the 1/72 model. Or 1/32 crew if you make a 1/48 kit!
  2. Very useful, thanks to all who have contributed (saved me starting a new thread!). I have a can of Badger Airbrush Cleaner - is that any good for cleaning Alclad or should I stick to cellulose thinner?
  3. Thanks everyone, all good ideas! Using the Airfix one is probably the most straightforward if Trumpeter don't respond.
  4. Thanks @lunarhighway I'll drop them a line. I haven't found any after market replacements - I had a look before starting the thread. I know what you mean about scratch building, but I think I would end up wasting a lot of time creating something that didn't work. The sliding part of the canopy and the wing light covers would be manageable, but the windscreen would be a real challenge for me. Thanks again for your reply.
  5. Good evening everyone, Does anyone have any recent experience of getting hold of spare parts from Trumpeter? I have had a 1/24 Hurricane in the stash for ages (as in getting on for 10 years) and I was thinking of finally starting it...but when I opened the box, there is no sign of the canopy sprue. I have no idea whether it was present when I got the kit and I have since lost it, or it was missing at the time of purchase and I didn't notice. Either way, I need to get hold of a replacement...any tips or experience would be welcome. I've never needed to contact a model company befor
  6. Well yes, but they were no more than 10 years old at the time! The decades which followed took their toll!
  7. Six out of the 19 HAR3s made up the Falklands pool of airframes. By about 2005, they were all gradually painted yellow as they passed through depth maintenance. The matt grey paint usually looked pretty tatty (presumably harder to clean than the gloss yellow) so you will have a field day if you like weathering!
  8. Thank you @MDriskill, fascinating to see.
  9. More fantastic information, thank you all!
  10. Thank you both, very useful information! Much appreciated! Stunning build, sets the bar very high!
  11. Good morning all, I am starting the Nichimo 1/48 kit which has been in the stash for many years. The instructions are almost entirely in Japanese, and I can make out no clues as to the colours required for the cockpit and undercarriage bays. Please could someone give me a steer?
  12. Yes, but I very much doubt it. Any maritime aircraft is treated carefully, even the parts which aren't meant to have direct contact with the water. And at the time this aircraft was pictured, the Germans were still some way off the desperate 'throwaway culture' which was evident near the end of the war. As to the original question about RLM 66 vs 02, it's whatever colour you think it is based on the pics, not whatever a decree from Berlin might have required. Small remote factories might have had several reasons for not complying.
  13. As well as the engine differences, how about propeller types? If the Lancaster IIs had alternative engines due to a shortage of the usual type, is it possible that (a) an alternative and inferior propeller was also installed or (b) that a normal Lancaster prop was married to the Hercules with disappointing results?
  14. Two more for the list: Tutor and Prefect (in both cases, Avro and Grob). A can also be Air, as in HAR2, 3 and 3A (Helicopter Air Rescue)
  15. The third Gene (or AC Alternator)! The other two, which every variant had, didn't stick out far enough to need a bulge
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