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  1. Thank you Rolls-Royce. What you say makes perfect sense, and the link is very interesting.
  2. Good afternoon, Please could I ask for help identifying the colours inside an Me 262's intakes. I have got one of the big HobbyBoss kits so I'm keen to get it right! I have tried to figure it out for myself, but I can't be certain what I'm seeing. I have consulted the books I own, and looked for online references as well, but I'm finding it hard to tell - colour photos from the war/just afterwards which show the inside of the intake are rare, and I'm wary of assuming that museum restorers in recent decades have checked carefully what the Germans did. I prefer to put m
  3. Any idea which airframe that is, and where and when the photo was taken?
  4. Thank you, interesting ideas! Definitely worth investigating!
  5. I think there are actually three possible lengths of carb intake for a C-47. I would imagine that checking references is the only way to be sure of getting the right variety. To answer the OP's second question, there is an aftermarket decal sheet for an all-silver 1/72 Dakota (1948, Oakington based I think). My son made it a while ago. I can try to find the details if that helps, but I'm pretty sure it came from Hannants website.
  6. Let it go! While the Sea King was pretty good at its intended role, it was aggressively average at everything else. Funny old thing, the qualities which make a good ASW aircraft don't really suit various other roles. And like every type apart from the Chinook it struggled with hot and high operations - to claim it was optimized for anything other than sea level is absurd! I'm not saying that it couldn't or didn't achieve anything - far from it - but that is down to the skill of the crews more than the ability of the airframe. The Puma has always been a much better battlefield helicopter design
  7. Given all the problems during development and testing, and the years lost trying to give the aircraft some basic capability, the exhaust issue probably seemed like a tiny detail!
  8. My experience is somewhat different - many of the accounts I have read are straightforward (and, I hope, reasonably factual!) descriptions of their experiences doing things which people like us find interesting. Off the top of my head, Hermann Buchner and Johannes Kaufmann's memoirs fit straight into this category, as do numerous others - although I have no way of judging the accuracy of most of what they write. Sure, there are some who have an axe to grind...understandably so, in some cases! Going back to Clostermann, it just seems a shame that he chose to embellish what he actua
  9. Could have been a major drama if the large pieces of debris had damaged the aircraft! But there are worse places to crash, I suppose...
  10. Now that is an interesting one! And the website is fascinating as well. But I can't see any Colombian national markings in the photos...not a major problem, but I was originally hoping to use up the other decals on the sheet which I have. Great idea though, thanks again!
  11. Thanks Tato, much appreciated. Those are indeed all colourful and interesting aircraft! I'm surprised that they don't feature on decal sheets (at least, I haven't seen them in 1/48!). My only concern is getting the Chilean national insignia...if I could find aircraft similar to any of those, but operated by Colombia or Cuba, I would be sorted!
  12. Folks, I have the ICM 1/48 decal sheet for Invaders, and I'm going to use one of the Brazilian schemes. The Colombian and Cuban markings on the same sheet are very striking, but I would rather use them on a different type than do two Invaders. Could anyone recommend interesting aircraft/schemes used by those countries? A couple of caveats: I would prefer a twin (or larger), and I don't particularly like single-colour paint schemes. I have done a little bit of research, and the C-47 unsurprisingly figures large; I already have both an OD and grey C-47 (French) and a si
  13. That was before my time, but there was certainly the possibility to fit a GPMG to an HAR3, and I think it's a safe assumption that it would be a very similar (probably identical) mount to an HC4. I don't have any pictures to help you, sorry - by the start of this millennium, when I started going to the Falklands, there was no need to carry the weapon! And even the grey paint gave way to yellow in the end.
  14. Bit late to the party - not much WiFi access at the moment! Here is an excerpt from a current crewman logbook. https://i.postimg.cc/0yvh2mB7/IMG-20210410-143310.jpg To me, the answer to the question is which column the words appear in (I don't think this is stated categorically in the previous posts). Assuming that it's in the Aircrew Duty column, then I would suggest that he was operating a radar screen of some sort, as others have suggested. I would be interested to find out why a Dakota had a radar fitted - weather avoidance, perhaps, or possibly for fin
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