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  1. Deleted - not the wanted area
  2. I have one of these PG MkII's , I built it but never painted it as I was so daunted by it lol. Following with interest!
  3. been off the forum for ages and thought to myself "I wonder what that Andy bloke has been up to on britmodeller" so popped in here for a looksee. Well what a lovely treat ! Nailed it looks amazing
  4. Emperor Turhan: How will this end ? Ambassador Kosh: In Fire .... Actually just watched this the other day, so I was on point for your reference there Nice build of a cool ship ! Must bust out the starfury in the stash one of these days ...
  5. Never actually noticed that Now i'm suffering from the "That which has been seen cannot be unseen" ! Nice work on the queen - I've always wanted this kit and now im gonna have a poke around for one
  6. nah, thats definately a gun that goes : BUDDABUDDABUDDA!
  7. Not a Polar Lights, Pegasus make this one! - I think the UK distributor is Pocketbond, maybe fire them an email and ask
  8. That would be Mr. Ian Lawrence - http://www.ianlawrencemodels.com/wipplent.html formerly "Raytheon Models" until he had a C&D from 'the' Raytheon. He goes by the 'Raytheon' handle on forums and is a regular at ResinIlluminati. Ever since he did this on the above linked WIP on the PL Refit Enterprise, it has become known as the 'Raytheon' lighting method in Sci-Fi modelling circles !
  9. Gorgeous! btw isn't it the other way round? Robotech was a rehashed Macross for the US.
  10. When I was a kid it was the highly detailed models aimed at adults and the filming miniatures that got me interested. I wonder are they saving "Level 5" for the FM repops?
  11. I think PG's clock in at around 1/65 scale iirc. So this is probably quite a bit bigger. Nice paintwork - what white did you use? Airbrushing white is the bane of my life lol, and its always my fav look on a mecha
  12. You not heard the news? Revell have the FineMolds tools, and are reboxing some of the kits in the near future under a 'master series' line or similar. The 1/72 falcon is on top of their list. Maybe they will also repop the 144.
  13. I have a half-done star arms kit - mates bought it for me for a birthday pressie one year, I was thrilled! Like you I hollowed everything out and before I knew much about nasty resin, The foul dust was everywhere : / The counter circuit that came with it was so huge built up I wouldn't have even got it into the rifle lol. Must get it out and finish it
  14. bought a couple of kits from the westfield smiths - nice to see it back in some form, Ill give them some support ! 20% off werent bad either !
  15. youre welcome! I should have mentioned yes that I also did dremel out (with a cone shaped burr) loads of the cheek and practically all of the tongue support inside the head. opting to fix the tongue in myself with black milliput later and ignoring the whole retracting tongue thing. The legs also were poor fitting for me, they were clamped with loads of liquid poly then superglue filled later. I tried to get as much detail back as I can by carving and filing back in areas. The bumps on the waist were almost gone at the end of it all, so they were added back with dollops of mr surfacer 500. My biggest friend ended up being the round mini file - you can use it to file out detail again after filling. I knew the fit was going to be awful so I just thought I have to be brutal !!
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