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  1. Stunning. Hoping that a new tool Halifax III will give us mere mortals a chance of acheiving a decent Halifax. My grandfather was navigator with 433sq RCAF mainly on BM-J.
  2. Turned up just in time... My RAF Xtradecal sheet has arrived. Goldstars 31 sq in wraparound camo coming up! :-)
  3. Cockpit removed would look good, especially as a diorama having a major overhaul. As for 1:48 in card. No other help other than a big pat on the back and a huge amount of anticipation in seeing the finished project!
  4. Please delete me.
  5. Airfix have a strategy to liven up their range with a new 'WIFF' line up for 2016! All the same aircraft with random decals added. For the advance modeller there is a the series 5 WHIFF with and random sprues they could find in a box...
  6. Hello, insubordination be danmed, I'm Merchant Navy & proud of it. ;-) Yes I am planning a WIP as I plant to build a Norm 76 Marineflieger with underwing resin Komorans and a little resin elsewere. Sort of a Melchie-lite build but in the colours of the hun. Seeing how it goes I fancy doing a Luftwaffe Norm 83 & an RAF GR1 from 31 sq in wraparound green grey as well, mainly as I cannot decide and have space for all 3! :-)
  7. Have been reading this with interest having just purchased a Revell Tornado but (and no offence chaps)... ...can we have some modelling please! :-)
  8. Thank you chaps. Friends fix friends posts! :-)
  9. Hello, I have decided to start a project to build some of my favourite colour schemes of Tornado. RAFG wraparound green & grey Tornado, Marinerleiger Grey over white and Luftwaffe black and green (schwartz & GrĂ¼n?). I also quite like the idea of doing an F3 as well to add to my UK airdefence themed cabinet. The question I have is which kit is best OOB 1/48 for the GR1 / IDS? I am happy to add a little resin to adapt and IDS to a GR1 or vice versa but really want to avoid pig kits that need serious modelling just to fit. Is the Revell Kit that General Melchitt has pinned the best? Also which is the best 1/48 F3? Any advice on decal sheets as well is appreciated, I was thinking of IX squadron for my RAFG and 5 for my F3 but no idea for the MFG or the Luftwaffe ones. Thank you. :-)
  10. So happy this year. Shack, Whitley, Beau in 1:72 and a new 1:48 Hurricane. Noticed as well the 1:48 Spitfire with open gun bays. I can see all sorts of possibilities in the future, the LIDAR scanning is going to make small scale detail much better. Expecting 1:48 detail at 1:72 and 1:24 detail at 1:48 soon. The Halifax should be amazing when it comes out! ;-)
  11. Awesome, thank you. Plenty to get on with there!
  12. Oh! Some ideas would be helpful. I have so far... Phantom F4D Vigilante Intruder Sea King Skyhawk Corsair Crusader Skyraider
  13. Planning on starting a new theme for my modelling. I thought US Navy in Vietnam would be a colourful and interesting period. Any tips on best manufacturers in this scale? Do any aftermarket decal manufacturers make 'whole ship' themed sets? Quite fancy doing an embarked CAG for one year, Such as USS Saratoga 1968 or something. Thanks in advance. :-)
  14. I have solved the issue of space and am buying a big glass cabinet to put in my garage. Spitfire 1a Hurricane 1 Typhoon (late 4 blade prop) The forthcoming (I hope) Spitfire XIVe high back or XII Mosquito 1/24 scale heaven! :-) Seeing as Airfix have a RNZAF love affair in 1/24 (jericho Mossie & Al Deere's KL- B Spitfire I hope the Typhoon includes Desmond Scott's aircraft. Typhoon Pilot is one of my favourite books, still have the original copy I got when I was 12.
  15. Ooooohhhhh!!!! Wanted them to do this in 1/48; Guess I need a bigger house. If the do ever do a Griffon Spitfire I will have to!
  16. On completion of the Airfix Club MkXVIe I was left with a lot of spares. One of which that intrigued me was the A - Frame hook assembly from the out of production Seafire III kit. I put this too one side and thought no more until I bought the Seafire XVII kit (which is as gorgeous as the MkXII Spitfire kit) and found a spare set of wings. A plan was hatched.... Phase 1: Once I have completed my Seafire XVII I plan to butcher a Spitfire XII to insert the A - Frame section and the Seafire XVII folded wing to give me an early Seafire XV. Other mods are adding a longer trim tab to the rudder & leaving off the bulge between the V of the engine cowls. Phase 2: I will then have a rather nice clipped E-Wing, which I plan to use the uppers of and the wheel bay out part of the lower wings to graft onto the centre section of the also excellent Spitfire MkXIX. This combined with filling the camera ports, sanding off the fuel pump bulges, cutting off the pressurisation pump intake on the port cowl and a few other minor mods gives me a fair Spitfire XIVe. Best bit of all is the spare decals from the Seafire XVII can be adapted to an XV and one of the first squadrons to get Spitfire XIV's were the same ones who already operated MkXII's so the DL-K decals will be used for that. References I am using are the very comprehensive Warpaint Seafire guide & the Osprey Griffon Spitfire Aces book. This will be a slow burner but I will update with photos at key stages and let you know if this plan will work!
  17. Sorry I have taken so long to reply... Very helpful. :-) thanks!
  18. My grandfathers log book from 433 shows he was navigating Halifax III's up to feb 45.
  19. Okay ignore me! This has been done to death elsewhere!
  20. Hi, Have just finished my XIX and fancied trying to make an XIVe using MkXII wings and other bits. Has anyone done this? Is there an easier way? Are Airfix going to do the obvious and bring one out as the tooling would be similar? Any advice gratefully received!
  21. As I am working my way through all Spitfire marks I may as well chuck a SeaFire into the mix! Now, do I do the obvious and do an Airfix oob build or modify a MkV into a Seafire III?
  22. Thanks, that is the kind of thing I was after. Will post some pics in ready for inspection soon as I have been on a real journey with my builds over the last few years, taking me from 'school boy' modelling to a mpore grown up approach.
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