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  1. Afte my work in progress Tornado IDS I fancied a bit of light releif. Built in a week using the Revell re-boxing of the Classic Hasegawa Phantom. Air-Doc decals. Eduard zoom cockpit details. Humbrol rattle can except for the barley grey which was airbrused enamel Humbrol. Humbrol metal cote for the bare metal, aluminium and polished steel. Tamiya acrylics for the little bits. The kit wheels look awful but I had some Tornado main wheels knocking about which look more like it. Sidewinders are the left over ones from the Revell Tornado IDS which I shaved the noses down to look a bit more Aim 9-g like.
  2. Re-scribe a Vulcan. Looks fantastic but what a job!
  3. Very smart. Doubt my attempt at a new tool kit would be as good!
  4. I could not begin to imagine how much patience that would have taken! Amazing work. Looks so real!
  5. £2 is not enough to cover the value of the plastic! Huge model, done justice entirely. Well done.
  6. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992057-revell-148-tornado-ids-luftwaffe-norm-83/
  7. The model was using Eduard cockpit zoom set and cockpit masks. Painted using mainly XtraColour enamels though in hindsight I could have made my life much easier using Tamiya acrylics as the colours are nearly the same. Decals are from HaHen and were very good but have a thick carrier film, this is still visible on the flap stencils after 2x Klear and 1x Humbrol Satin Cote. The original plan was to cooy the box art from the early release of the Revell 1/32 GR.1 but the JagBo 32 declas went wrong so I had to use another Squadron's in the end. The under fuselage pylons have the mounst fitted for HARM missiles but these are not on yet. I have also just noticed that I have forgotten the landing lights from the U/C doors. They will be added later. I took the descision not to paint the wing sweep zone as I did not have the confidence to mask them evenly and it looked so good to me now I was happy for the inaccuracies to remain as the aircraft looks like a Norm '83 Tornado enough to my eyes. Comments appreciated.
  8. After having a bit of a fight in the closing furlong with decals I am happy to present my attempt at the new Revell Tornado IDS. Work in Progress http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234990425-revell-148-tornado-ids-luftwaffe/
  9. Excellent work. Very very convincing wethering and the scratch work is exemplary. I dof my hat to you!
  10. Excellent work & a great story behind the real aircraft.
  11. Fixed it! Very happy indeed with the fact that although it is not quite as perfect as I would like it is 100% better than it could have been!
  12. I very carefully used a bit of decalfix to wet the varnish over the decal and then peeled them off. I then used a fine sanding block to remove the 'edge' around where the decals used to be. A carefully brushed on coat of Klear resulted in a reasonable finish. Kit decals and the remains of the HaHen set will give me enough to finish it. Phew! As Flyingdutchman says, I will also always Klear over decals from now on.
  13. man-vegetables man-vegetables man-vegetables. Banged on a coat of Humbrol Matt Cote and... ...the decals all silvered. Tried to touch them in with a little Klear but no good. :-( I guess the matt cote lifted them a little as it dried. Thankfully between the kit decals and the remains of the HaHen set I have enough to re-do them but not as 44+43 from JagBo 32. I gave the whole kit a light wipe over with some sand paper and will coat in Klear before having another go.
  14. Brilliant idea. :-) On the subject of twin stick aircraft not carrying a recce pod the only reason I can think of practically would be that the extra instrumentation required to fly the aircraft from the back seat would use up space used for the control of the pod. Photos are often mis-leading when staged as there are plenty of 'cold-war' propaganda pics taken of aircraft carrying stores which they are not plumbed for. "Aircraft X can do mach 2, has a range of 2500miles and can carry 2 gaziliion weapons extrenally (*but only do one of these things one at a time)."
  15. Thanks to the HaHen decal sheet giving you all the available IDS and ECR codes I have managed to relicate the box art. One note with the HaHen decals is although they are very good, there is no separation of carrier film so you have to be very precise in cutting them out.
  16. Decalled and waiting for a matt coat. Final assembly by the weekend. My first ever go with a dual action airbrush so the camouflage pattern is not 100% correct, but it looks like a Luftwaffe Tornado. Norm '83 3 tone green looks so mean in my opinion. Very mean.
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