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  1. On the flight line... ...best not get carried away and build a HAS!
  2. Thank you, I agree, the Spey Phantom's have a brutal elegance about them.
  3. A nest of Vipers! Lol Edited as I just noticed a Luftwaffe Tornado IDS sneaked into shot, must have been visiting RAF Wildenrath!
  4. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992412-hasegawa-phantom-fgr2-92-squadron-148/ After building the above kit in a week I enjoyed it so much I could not help but dig the other one out of the stash! We have all agonised over which scheme to build, simple answer is build both! Eduard zoom cockpit, tamiya tape seat belts, Aires wheels, AirDoc decals, Humbrol Aerosols and Tamiya acrylics. Enjoy. :-)
  5. That's good as I'm building my GR.4 as a GR.1 31 squadron Goldstars circa 1988. Mainly because most things look better in green grey wrap around!
  6. Looks like a good representation, I know the Tamiya Harrier has shape issues, and the Airfix one has a great shape but little detail. Is this the best or worst of both worlds?
  7. Not much point, they are both grey with a grey radome. 2008 for 617. Just google ZA600 or ZD714.
  8. New instructions and decal sheet. Very please with Revell, for a very good price we have an operational Tornado OOB. It also keeps all the IDS bits so aftermarket decals allow you to build a any Tornado you like from the GR4 boxing. I'm sure it's is all the wrong shape but to the average modeller like myself this is a win!
  9. The GR4 Sprue, note the extra spine has the GPS receiver lump, the IDS spine is included as well to save sanding it off for an earlier GR1. There is also a blanked gun port for GR4 or GR1A
  10. New pylons, General Melchitt could have save his eye sight as the securing buckles are now moulded!
  11. It has arrived! 2 schemes, one operational one ZD714 of 617 squadron, all stencils and good walkways etc too. The other for ZA600 of 41 squadron in the 95th anniversary scheme as on the box. There are RAF specific under fuselage pylons and a GR4 specific spine on a new sprue 'P'. My clear sprue in the kit is the IDS one and is missing the chisel end for the laser designator part number F173. The box is still end opening but the instructions are now on glossy paper and in colour so that is a huge improvement!
  12. Super job! nice to see a 92 sqd bird in green over NMF. I think this is the scheme I will use for my F2A when I build it, I just hope it comes out like yours does! Lol
  13. Surely Red on Red, or even Orange on Orange!?
  14. Looking good, two very similar answers to the question of 1960's air defence. The interesting part of it would have been how many Starfighter operators would have had Lightnings if the Lockheed scandal had not happened...
  15. I had a bit of fun with the gun pod, not sure how historically accurate this may be! Oh, and before I forget I made the seat belts from Masking tape.
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