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  1. Perfect. He looks a happy fellow! Best job in the world!
  2. Were JaBog32 always ECR? Was the ECR around in 1985 or were they IDS then converted to the ECR when it came out? I only ask as I wish to model the aircraft on that old Revell Box Top (44+43) and that is JaBog32, but that picture is very early as it has Norm 76 pylons and tanks still. So IDS yes?
  3. I 100% agree! I love that picture, and for me Norm '83 is exactly what comes to mind when I think Tornado. I think the biggest pity with Revell's 1/48 kit is that they did not offer the decal options from the original Tornado IDS/GR.1 boxing, 3 really good and colourful options which I plan to build using aftermarket.
  4. HaHen decals cover most German Tornados,.. https://www.hahen.com/epages/64625185.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64625185/Products/48047 Now I know these are for the grey schemes but I can't see the difference in the Norm 83 squadron shields or codes. The fin shield for JaBoG 32 is silver on my set at home, their MarineFleiger schemes are nice too and you can get the walkways. The biggest downside is the carrier film is not pre cut, so you have to do that which is a pain for stencils and the carrier film was thick on one set I had.
  5. I nearly bought this for my second build in this GB but then found out that it's not a kit.
  6. I don't put the full amount in, 25g usually does it, but I've never experimented with nothing... ...if wings forward, could ballast the nose of the drop tanks?
  7. It's not too late to put some people in there & build it in flight!
  8. It's a common sprue with the GR4 kit. See the GPS antenna on the spine. I have kept mine & will use it in conjunction with a Eduard GR.4 cockpit set to turn one of my IDS kits into an GR.4 on the cheap.
  9. Cracking on! I really love this kit. I think it possibly Airfix’s best.
  10. This is worth buying if you haven't got it. The translation is clunky in places but it's a great resource. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soviet-Cold-Fighters-Alexander-Mladenov/dp/178155496X
  11. Where’s the rest gone?! 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom dudes posing as 1960’s RAF chaps. I have to add some yellow for their life vests & the stripes on the ejection handles but they fit really well.
  12. I build 1/48 as a preference and only drift into 1/72 when physical size is an issue, such as bombers. Rather than down scaling the Javelin I'm hoping they up scale the Buccaneer! My own take is that having no knowledge of the Javelin as an aircraft until a few years ago (Bill Waterton's book) and then buying the Airfix 1/48 kit on a whim I was delighted by it. It remains one of Airfix's great kits in terms of it's engineering and construction sequence and really set the tone for those that followed such as the Gnat & the Hunter, I am now building another one just be
  13. I love that some of these projects have been in the planning stage for about 6 years... That's determined procrastination!
  14. Thanks chaps, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  15. Well whichever you decide if you need any bits I don’t drop me a PM as all my wheels and legs etc will be going into the recycling pot otherwise.
  16. Hi, Nagging at the back of my mind is the 'fact' that the last UK air to air kill was in 1982, by a Sea Harrier but can't seem to make Google magic it up. Does anyone know the identity of the airframe involved or anything else for that matter. Cheers.
  17. If the references are correct XtraDecal sheet X48126 has it that XH889 (O of 23 Squadron and W/Crd Owen's mount) has the rings painted in post office red. Un sure if any other individial airframe's had similar mods.
  18. Lovely work on a brilliant kit! Must resist!
  19. Oh snap! That's the one I chose! Mine's to be in flight and out of the box so it'll be a fun comparison.
  20. Evenin' all! Given that I initially volunteered for this GB with the following statement "...With a stash full of interceptor types I’m going to throw my hat in with at least a Tornado F.3, a Phantom FG.1 and a Sea Harrier FRS.1..." I have now considered that in my own opinion the Phantom and the Tornado are really derivatives of Multi-role aircraft and I should really stick to pure interceptors. So here goes with a twin delta, twin engined, twin seat all weather interceptor, the Gloster Javelin from the excellent Airfix kit. My last on one of these was built on th
  21. My Work in Progress is here: It's very good for a kit from a small manufacturer in the mid 1990's. I'd say it is on a par with the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Vb or F22/F24 Seafire 46/47. No real issues but the wing joint took some filler and a bit of intelligent test fitting was required. I debated building the engine cowling or fitting each half to the fuselage sides, in the end I built and fitted it separately.
  22. Here is my rendition of the AM kit. I built it mostly OOB with Eduard seat belts and some spare bits from Eduard Spitfires to add cockpit detail, I painted it using Humbrol 64 Light grey, then patchily airbrushed US Olive Drab over Light Olive to give some tonal variation. The kit decals were mostly un-usable so I recruited some Eduard US insignia and stencils for the P-51D kit. I then used the brilliant Mig Ammo Oil Brusher steel to highlight opening panels and Starship filth to add some exhaust and oil stains. I kept the weathering restrained as this particular airframe had additio
  23. Sorry it's been so long since an update, I went home on leave and there are distractions there! I did the sanding stick and filler thing, then painted it using Humbrol 64 Light grey, then patchily airbrused US Olive Drab over Light Olive to give some tonal variation. I then used the brilliant Mig Ammo Oil Brusher steel to highlight opening panels and Starship filth to add some exhaust and oil stains. The decals decided to completely destroy themselves on contact with water, so I salvaged the codes, but used an Eduard US insignia and stencils for the P-51D to complete i
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