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  1. It is a belt & braces arrangement. If the canopy doesn't detach, then the MDC shatters it. See below extract: "2.5 Aircraft Canopy and Associated Jettison System. 2.5.1 The Tornado canopy was an assembly constructed from a stretched acrylic transparency manufactured in two sections, joined by an aluminium alloy strap [9]. The assembly had a mass of around 140kg [10]. It was hinged and pivoted at the rear, providing access to the front and rear cockpits. 2.5.2 The canopy was raised and lowered hydraulically by a single canopy jack, with the locking being carried out mechanically via a shootbolt mechanism [11]. Internal handles in each cockpit and an external handle on the front left-hand side of the fuselage controlled canopy movement. 2.5.3 Jettisoning of the canopy was accomplished via two rocket motors, situated one each side at the forward corners. Actuation of the Canopy Jettison System (CJS) was Page 6 of 70 QINETIQ/AT&E/CR00782/1 initiated by either operation of the canopy jettison handle, or as part of the automatic ejection sequence. 2.5.4 The jettison sequence commenced with either the ejection sequence or the canopy jettison handle operating the canopy jettison initiator unit [7] (Figure 8-8). The initiator unit comprised of two breech units in a main body, a bell-crank and a piston unit. Expending gases, generated by the firing of the unit cartridges, were fed to the Canopy Unlocking Jacks (CUJ's) and canopy jack mechanism via two outlet connections [12]. 2.5.5 The expanding gases detached the canopy jack by operation of the canopy jack release mechanism, which activated the canopy jack trunnion assembly release plunger. 2.5.6 The expanding gases also rotated the locking/unlocking torque shaft via the CUJ's which unlocked the canopy and withdrew•the sears from the canopy rocket motor firing units. This caused the rocket motors to ignite, with the rocket efflux rotating the canopy assembly on its hinges away from the fuselage via nozzle assemblies (Figure 8-9). 2.5.7 As the canopy ascended, the hinges rotated around the link assembly hinge bolts until tongues at the centre of the link assembly's contact the rear of the hinge brackets. The canopy continued to rotate and sheared the centre link assembly at a machined slot (designed weak point) which freed the canopy from the hinge bracket and transferred the canopy from the aircraft separation phase to complete jettison. 2.5.8 If either of the CUJ's failed to operate during the jettison phase, the respective sear would not be withdrawn from the rocket motor firing unit, resulting in the CJS operating with only a single rocket motor." From here: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/432912/response/1089995/attach/4/20171214 FOI2017 10392 Jones Mk10a ejection seat modifications report.pdf?cookie_passthrough=1 Turns out RAF aircrew are heavier chaps than they were in 1975 when the Mk10 was cleared for Tornado, and they never envisaged female occupants either!
  2. Thanks for the kind words, as mentioned before the difficulty is due to the damage, the kit itself is nice, 100% better than the KittyHawk Jaguar I was 'fortunate' enough to build last year!
  3. Been busy with real work, but managed to get the undercarriage doors all on and the fuselage joined up. The doors are not sized to fit in a closed position, and as mentioned earlier no option for the wing outriggers to be retracted is given. Still some filling and finessing to do. The uneven gap by the nose gear door and stbd intake is the last vestige of the bent fuselage. Lt. David Smith is tucked in nicely, test fits are showing that he fits well, even if this picture is the last you'll ever see of my cockpit panels... Honestly don't know why I bother!
  4. 2 great schemes in the initial boxing by the looks of it. Honestly was expecting 617 squadron in anti-flash white!
  5. From all the images I have looked at it seems port fires first. I don’t know if this is 100% but it will do.
  6. I am building XZ499 as it was at the time of the last air-to-air kill in the Falklands. I plan to build it in flight and on the way back to Hermes. Is there an order in which a Sea Harrier would launch it's Sidewinders? Port or Stbd first, or would it be selectable by the Pilot. Does anyone know or have a picture of XZ499 recovering to deck at the time? I presume Lt David Smith's aircraft would have come back with one missile aboard? Thanks in advance.
  7. 50% off, so £20 for this kit is worth the hassle. Everything else was fine so all the weapons and other bits are prefect. I'll only need one sidewinder on here as it'll be built as on it's way back to mother. The rest will be used on Phantoms no doubt.
  8. Have a look at the latest Eduard Info magazine, lots of research was done into the aircraft represented in the Spitfire Story boxing and is here: https://www.eduard.com/info-eduard-1-9/
  9. Well the biggest difficulty is presented by the damage. I suppose I could have used the ordnance for other kits & kept the undamaged parts in the spares drawer but that smells like defeat! Other than rectifying that, and trying to shoe horn in a pilot it is a nice kit. I look forward to building my other ones as Kinetic intended!
  10. Phew! I think that's got it. I decided to build up the whole side to align the intake area as best as possible, frequent dry fits to the other fuselage side and I reckon that'll do. Needs some sanding and finishing under a primer coat once the whole fuselage is assembled.
  11. Started to try and correct the fusealge. I figured the massive intake for the Pegasus engine was a good former, so have glued that to the fusealge to force the shape. Once dry I will glue the edge of the wheel well and the leading edge of the intake to fusealge join then see what if any correction is needed at the tear.
  12. Lots of hacking about to get to this point. The cockpit on the Kinteic kit is not really to scale. The Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom pilot has lost his lower legs and 2/3 of his bottom to get to this point! Luckily the canopy surround frame acts as an excellent jig to line up the warped and damaged fusealge halves, so very confident that this will work out well.
  13. Good work! It's an interesting kit for sure. I have wrestled a few, and to be honest it takes about 4 or 5 to get your eye in! 3 of mine have gone in the bin in total now, they were completed and put in the display cabinet, but now I have sussed how to actually get one together relatively seam free they looked awful in comparison. Well done for persevering and I can highly recommend this method for any subsequent construction of one of these, works for the IDS and F3 and GR4:
  14. I am Captain of this mighty vessel, the 1990 built Suction Dredger 'Sand Heron'. She is used in Northern Europe to dredge sand and gravel from the sea bed and bring it into port for the building trade. 80% of aggregate used in building in the UK and near continent comes from marine reserves, which are mostly old river beds under sea or glacial deposits. The areas are strictly controlled and we operate within designated areas. A bit like quarrying underwater. I work 3 weeks on 3 weeks off and an extremely fortunate to have some time to model while I am at work. I started at sea in 1995 as a deck cadet (apprentice navigator essentially) working on Container Ships world wide, I moved to these ships once children came along as it's nice to be nearer home. Containers were 5 months away 3 at home when I left. I spent a year 'ashore' as a harbour pilot in Southampton, but I'm obviously too institutionalised as I missed my 3x3 routine so came back,
  15. I'm happy there will be an Eduard Vb, as well as the Vc. The first kit I remember doing which actually looked like the box art and not like some kid's lash up was my 1:48 Airfix 'Queen Salote of Tonga LO-W' kit. I have had a soft spot for that version ever since, and given the brilliance of the Mk.1 and the fact I have the Mk.2 kits on the way means that the complete Merlin family will be available in due course. Here is hoping for a 'Rhubarb & Circus' dual boxing Vb followed by a 'Malta & Oz' dual boxing later.
  16. Can I make a plea for some assitance please? I was thinking of building this in flight, however the undercarriage doesn't have separate parts for the wing tip out riggers in their retracted positions. If anyone has any in their spares box from the Airfix kit I'd be most appreciative. Thanks. All sorted thanks. Got them from a kind chap on Brit Aviation in Scale on Facebook.
  17. I shot some Halfords white primer over the internal visible bits. blutacked to a bit of card & hanging out my cabin window is not the best spray booth, especially 5 decks up!
  18. So started it this evening, the fuselage halves were most damaged in transit, you can see the white marks from where the plastic has been bent. The worst bit it where it has actually torn the plastic. As this is behind the intakes I am pretty confident I can sort it, and will resist the urge to glue the broken part until I have the internal sub assemblies fitted as this will dictate how I need to adjust this area. I bent it back to about straight a few months ago and taped the fuselage halves, thankfully time has made it a lot better. In hind sight I should have taped each damaged half against an undamaged half I have in my stash, but that's hindsight for you!
  19. Good idea and thoughtful questions. I have voted, and fow what it's worth I actually think the 'problem' we have with group builds is too many subjects being proposed and too many participants, which shows people are engaged and enjoying the hobby and the site, which isn't really a problem at all! GroupBuilds on BritModeller, a victim of it's own success!
  20. My dance card: Desert Storm GB Sun, 17 Jan 21 Sat, 15 May 21 Tornado GR.1, in my stash ready to go. ANZAC Sat, 23 Jan 21 Sun, 16 May 21 486 Squadron Typhoon, No more Kiwi than Desmond Scott's Squadron! In stash. Africa Sat, 20 Feb 21 Sun, 13 Jun 21 Undecided, maybe a dabble into the murky world of armour... A-4 Skyhawk STGB Sat, 6 Mar 21 Sun, 6 Jun 21 Argentine A-4 from the Falklands or John McCain's. Need to buy. Unarmed Sat, 17 Apr 21 Sun, 8 Aug 21 Victor K2 Tanker. In stash. Less Than A Tenner Sat, 15 May 21 Sun, 5 Sep 21 Something will turn up, eBay bargain or middle of Lidl. Bf 109 STGB Sat, 29 May 21 Sun, 29 Aug 21 An E from the BoB and maybe a G, both in stash. Bristol Sat, 12 Jun 21 Sun, 3 Oct 21 No idea but it will be something! F-16 Part Deux STGB Sat, 19 Jun 21 Sun, 19 Sep 21 Need to buy the Hasegawa 1/48 WolfPack boxing I loved as a kid. French Fancy II Wed, 14 Jul 21 Sun, 7 Nov 21 Possibly a Etendard... F-4 Phantom STGB Sat, 21 Aug 21 Sun, 21 Nov 21 1/48 Hasegawa FGR.2 as 6 Squadron in a Matchbox Homage. F-14 STGB Sat, 18 Sep 21 Sun, 19 Dec 21 1/48 Tamiya F-14A, well it was going to happen sooner or later! I am aware this is quite a busy year but the stash isn't going to build itself!
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