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  1. Got some yellow paint from Setchfields in Poole when we were there on Friday so got to give Wing Commander Owen & his Nav some lifejackets and some yellow stripes on their bang seats! Now it is carefully packed in bubble wrap and a box to await repatriation whilst the Harrier continues apace!
  2. Thanks, the rivet detail really impressed me. Sorry. Humbrol, not Halfords. Humbrol 163 Dark Green Humbrol 27 Sea Grey Humbrol 165 Medium Sea Grey Halfords Satin laquer.
  3. Thanks, MicroSol, but the roundels are Airfix and the codes are Xtradecal.
  4. Correct. My plan is to build XZ499 as she would have looked en route back to Hermes after combat. So a single Sidewinder on the Stbd wing and a empty rail on Port.
  5. Hi there, cobbled this one together completely OOB. Finished with Humbro & Halfords Aerosols. The kit decals were good apart from the roundels which looked a bit odd in colour so I used Airfix ones from my spares box. I used Mig Ammo oil brusher silver to do the engine panels and black eyeshadow for exhaust staining, a very restrained wash and then Halfords Satin laquer. All in all a great fun kit to build, and I have another couple in the stash!
  6. If my FRS.1 comes out looking half as good as that I'll consider it a roaring success!
  7. Revell 1/48 Tornado F3 built as 36-10 of the Aeronautica Militaire for the Tornado Warning Group Build. Master Pitot, Pavla resin seats, Mark1 dozen set Decals plus some Italian stencils from the Revell Typhoon kit. Build thread here:
  8. Nice work on a well know incident.
  9. It is a belt & braces arrangement. If the canopy doesn't detach, then the MDC shatters it. See below extract: "2.5 Aircraft Canopy and Associated Jettison System. 2.5.1 The Tornado canopy was an assembly constructed from a stretched acrylic transparency manufactured in two sections, joined by an aluminium alloy strap [9]. The assembly had a mass of around 140kg [10]. It was hinged and pivoted at the rear, providing access to the front and rear cockpits. 2.5.2 The canopy was raised and lowered hydraulically by a single canopy jack, with the locking being
  10. Thanks for the kind words, as mentioned before the difficulty is due to the damage, the kit itself is nice, 100% better than the KittyHawk Jaguar I was 'fortunate' enough to build last year!
  11. Been busy with real work, but managed to get the undercarriage doors all on and the fuselage joined up. The doors are not sized to fit in a closed position, and as mentioned earlier no option for the wing outriggers to be retracted is given. Still some filling and finessing to do. The uneven gap by the nose gear door and stbd intake is the last vestige of the bent fuselage. Lt. David Smith is tucked in nicely, test fits are showing that he fits well, even if this picture is the last you'll ever see of my cockpit panels... Honestly don't know why I bother!
  12. 2 great schemes in the initial boxing by the looks of it. Honestly was expecting 617 squadron in anti-flash white!
  13. From all the images I have looked at it seems port fires first. I don’t know if this is 100% but it will do.
  14. I am building XZ499 as it was at the time of the last air-to-air kill in the Falklands. I plan to build it in flight and on the way back to Hermes. Is there an order in which a Sea Harrier would launch it's Sidewinders? Port or Stbd first, or would it be selectable by the Pilot. Does anyone know or have a picture of XZ499 recovering to deck at the time? I presume Lt David Smith's aircraft would have come back with one missile aboard? Thanks in advance.
  15. 50% off, so £20 for this kit is worth the hassle. Everything else was fine so all the weapons and other bits are prefect. I'll only need one sidewinder on here as it'll be built as on it's way back to mother. The rest will be used on Phantoms no doubt.
  16. Have a look at the latest Eduard Info magazine, lots of research was done into the aircraft represented in the Spitfire Story boxing and is here: https://www.eduard.com/info-eduard-1-9/
  17. Well the biggest difficulty is presented by the damage. I suppose I could have used the ordnance for other kits & kept the undamaged parts in the spares drawer but that smells like defeat! Other than rectifying that, and trying to shoe horn in a pilot it is a nice kit. I look forward to building my other ones as Kinetic intended!
  18. Phew! I think that's got it. I decided to build up the whole side to align the intake area as best as possible, frequent dry fits to the other fuselage side and I reckon that'll do. Needs some sanding and finishing under a primer coat once the whole fuselage is assembled.
  19. Started to try and correct the fusealge. I figured the massive intake for the Pegasus engine was a good former, so have glued that to the fusealge to force the shape. Once dry I will glue the edge of the wheel well and the leading edge of the intake to fusealge join then see what if any correction is needed at the tear.
  20. Lots of hacking about to get to this point. The cockpit on the Kinteic kit is not really to scale. The Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom pilot has lost his lower legs and 2/3 of his bottom to get to this point! Luckily the canopy surround frame acts as an excellent jig to line up the warped and damaged fusealge halves, so very confident that this will work out well.
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