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  1. I have some cars in my stash... Count me in!
  2. Fantastic! Hands up who will build theirs whilst listening to 'The Shepherd'.
  3. I'm in for a couple, a representative trainer and a Berlin spy plane me thinks.
  4. I'll take a couple for sure, one to build and one to stash.
  5. Defiantly in! I am going to build the Halifax my Grandfather flew as Nav on with 433 Squadron, 6 group, from Skipton-on-Swale. He was a Brit, married to a Yank living on Rhode Island, they split up in early 1940 and he went North to join the RCAF. Ended up being a Nav on Halifaxs. Funnily enough at the end of the war he had to de-mob in Canada, then pay his own ticket back to England. Rules is Rules! So Halifax Mk.III BM-J of 433 from the Revell kit in 1/72 scale is my entry.
  6. Yup. I'm in with something from the bottom of a dusty box.
  7. I'm in. Probably something with black paint on the bottom and turrets. Fighters get boring after a while.
  8. Hope we get a Xenu livery for the Scientologists! "...Xenu was about to be deposed from power, so he devised a plot to eliminate the excess population from his dominions. With the assistance of psychiatrists, he gathered billions of his citizens under the pretence of income tax inspections, then paralyzed them and froze them in a mixture of alcohol and glycol to capture their souls. The kidnapped populace was loaded into spacecraft for transport to the site of extermination, the planet of Teegeeack (Earth). The appearance of these spacecraft would later be subconsciously expressed in the design of the Douglas DC-8, the only difference being; "the DC8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn't". When they had reached Teegeeack, the paralyzed citizens were off-loaded, and placed around the bases of volcanoes across the planet. Hydrogen bombs were then lowered into the volcanoes and detonated simultaneously,[8] killing all but a few aliens. Hubbard described the scene in his film script, Revolt in the Stars"
  9. I have the Eduard Tiffie 1/48 Typhoon, which was a candidate for the ANZAC group build, but if I can't wait it can go here being a Car-Door Typhoon which was an Interceptor originally!
  10. Thank you. I used Tamiya AS4 lightly dusted over halfords grey primer and Tamiya AS30. Humbrol dark olive for the ring just aft of the radome as this separate panel is green underneath where it meets the high speed silver, so I painted it a different dark green for interest sake. I was called back to sea a little earlier than expected so have this an the SHAR on hold for a moment, but not a bad point to break.
  11. We have paint! some minor corrections required but very happy so far.
  12. Sorry for the lack of updates, Sherry trifles, port & cheese got in the way! On the home stretch now, kept the weathering light, these aircraft were newly painted and although they lived outside the had plenty of salt water, rain water, WD40 and clean air flow. I used MigAmmo Starship Filth, picked up every panel line & wiped it all off. This left a oily sheen but no dirt. Exhaust staining was the only place I went to town on, Starship Filth & then some black eye shadow while it was still wet.
  13. I got a set of Airfix ones but they looked like jelly sweets compared to the Kinetic parts. Lots of hacking and shaping to make the retracted out riggers longer & flush.
  14. Back on dry land for Christmas, and threw some paint at the Shar. Given where this started I’m delighted it looks this good. Ready for decals & a wash. Early Christmas present to myself was waiting for me too, should be inspirational.
  15. Why use paint when you could use the real thing... ...realistic bleaching effect.
  16. Is it an aggressor tank? Simulating a 'Insert flavour of the month enemy here' tank to train our tank crews for a potential future engagement? The MOD saying they are 'trialling schemes' would be good cover to avoid the inevitable furore over any idea we would prepare ourselves to go to war in Eastern Europe.
  17. I have decided which version to build from my Airfix kit, which will be XS577 of 899 squadron (the box art version) so happy to spare squadron markings and codes for the others, but will need to retain the stencils I'm afraid. PM me.
  18. Great project! If you want to keep your international sales costs down then sell them on eBay & use the global shipping program. You only pay UK postage. Yes there are ebay fees but cheaper overall.
  19. Sometimes this site is pure gold. This is one of those moments. It is also the moment in the build when it becomes 'more than a model'. https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/637253-sea-harrier-sidewinder-firing-order.html
  20. They are small. They can come in funky colours. I'm in! 1/48 Alconbury aggressor for me.
  21. This is very interesting... so where do we stand on the red intake rings on XH889? I can't imagine that even a wartime night fighter ace would get authorisation to paint over a coating on a jet intake! Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 Part 2 - AviationMegastore.com
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