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  1. Looks good! I have 2 of the re-issue and am planning to built G-BSST and the BOAC schemes. I got my decals from F-DCAL but if it looks as good as this I'll be happy!
  2. Thanks chaps. G-BSST and a Negus scheme sheet ordered for my 2 Concordes.
  3. Does anyone know of plans for aftermarket 001 or 002 decals? I just bought 2 kits in the hope they have!
  4. The Japanese writing on the Print Scale says 'Tofu noodles'... I admire your dedication, I think if I had had a catastrophic incident with my completed models I'd use it as an excuse to bin them and start again.
  5. Lovely build and bookmarked as a reference for when I do mine!
  6. Watching with interest. Really glad you are up and about, but take it easy! Can't afford to loose a good instructional build on this kit.
  7. Should display it as a 'dogfight double' with the Iron Maiden Spitfire from Revell! Nice work.
  8. At risk of drifting off topic I merely pointed out my own opinion, I was not implying the oft criticised representation of panel lines was wrong.
  9. Whisper this but... I quite like Airfix's panel line treatment because as an aerosol user they look ok to my eyes plus you don't need a wash to bring out the panel lining, it just is there. There is a definite school of modelling which is more interested in showing technique then reflecting reality. Even in armour modelling it's over done. I can only imagine the trouble the lineys would get in if most of the modern jets we see represented in RFI were actually presented to the Squadron Commander as serviceable!
  10. Aifix's website now showing summer 2021 not spring. I was hoping this meant the initial run was sold out but it looks like we will be waiting longer. As
  11. The Sea Kings have done well. Maybe a Lynx and Wessex? The 1/72 Ark Royal's Last Cruise deck wouldn't be complete without the plane guard Wessex and a couple of HU.5's.
  12. The Lincoln is an interesting aircraft, and Airfix have a proven affinity for A.V.Roe & Co. products. I think it is as likely/unlikely/obscure as the Javelin, which sold well. A lot of people will buy a kit that is fantastically engineered even if it isn't their core subject. Add into that the fact the Lincoln was used by some overseas operators and you have a sort of business case. My preference would be to see Airfix continue to put out British products that no-one else (mainstream) is doing, they are to be applauded for this. I also want to see Airfix stay in business, and if that means they don't make my *insert pet project here* next year I can cope.
  13. I was very annoyed that due to work I missed Fairford the last 2 years, which meant I missed probably the last time I'll see a Mig 21 (Lance R) or a SU-22 fly. I was really hoping that this year or next the last F-4's with Greece or Turkey would make it over, even just to see them fly out would be worth while but I have a horrible feeling that the cancelled shows and general financial constraints will mean that many venerable aircraft will slip from our skies without a final fling on the show circuit. Shame.
  14. Gru called, he wants his shrink ray back! Beautiful build and a finish to aspire to!
  15. A beautiful model of one of the ugliest planes ever made! I love the colour variation you achieved, you should be very proud of that indeed!
  16. Nothing like a bit of cultural sensitivity to the local wombats... It amazes me how resilient aircraft are; The images of the Phantom & Crusader illustrate how much reserve lift there is once the airframe is clean. I do wonder if the US Navy actually specified that whatever wing fold was designed that the aircraft would still be recoverable if the folding panel failed? I know that the F-14 was trailed with asymmetric sweep, and I believe that the Vigilate was still airworthy (if a bit of a handful) with the tail folded.
  17. I was planning on going to 1/72... But this and the F-14A by Tamiya mean I may be building some 1/48 for a while! I have ordered the VF-161 McGuigan / Fowler decals from Print scale and have dusted a shelf ready. Early Vietnam F-4B here we come! On the price: 1980's Hasegawa Phantom F-4K/M: £30-£40 Big Ed set: £25 Alley Cat intakes: £15 Xtradecal stecils and markings: £16 Suddenly £90 for a kit which builds right out of the box doesn't seem so bad!
  18. FINISHED! As with my Javelin I did not get time to make a display base and will show in RFI for those that are interested once I get back from Sea on the 10th March. In the mean time here is my tribute to the Harrier Pilots of the Falklands war, Lt. David Smith's XZ499:
  19. Hello again! After a very short leave which involved a week long course in the middle I did manage to finish the Javelin and my Sea Harrier but ran out of time to build bases, I also have to add the walkways and give it a pin wash. I'm not home again until after the GB ends, but will post in RFI once they are displayed on my preferred home made stand of a wooden block and an acrylic rod. In the mean time, enjoy!
  20. At Sea

    Giving up 1/48.

    Thanks for the advice and the kind comments from @exdraken! I would like to build a wide variety of subjects and am hoping to be able to improve my 1/72 kits to the standard that I build 1/48 to. Given the availability of aftermarket and improved moulding I'm sure that is possible. I have a Fujimi Phantom FG.1 to trial, as they are effectivly a scaled down Hasegawa FG.1 it will be interesting to see how it pans out.
  21. At Sea

    Giving up 1/48.

    Thanks for the replies. I'll bear them all in mind. I figured the Fujimi Phantom kits would still cut the mustard, after all they are almost as detailed as the 1/48 Hasegawa kits I have built for so long! Good to hear the Italeri reboxing is the same kit too.
  22. At Sea

    Giving up 1/48.

    I know, but mostly British jets or British built. The joy of 1/72 is I can fit more stuff in my cabinets, and I can also build an entire Ark Royal air wing with Gannet, Buccaneer, Wessex, Sea King, Phantom without going into vac form or resin. Tornado variants can be explored and US stuff like the F-111 are far more manageable.
  23. Having done a survey of the stash, and then looked at my house I have decided to thin out my collection and am looking to abandon 1/48 jets. The main period I build is Nato Cold War, so my question is what do you think the best kits are to look for in 1/72? British Phantom: Hasegawa/Revell in 1/48 replaced with Airfix or Fujimi? Tornado: Revell in 1/48 replaced with Hasegawa or Revell? Harrier: Kinetic in 1/48 replaced with Airfix? Any other gems in 1/72 from this period appreciated. Thanks.
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