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  1. There is the Fujimi and Airfix in 1/72. I'm currently mid double-build of an Airfix F-4K and F-4M in 1/72, stencil hell! (Apologies for the thread drift...) I believe the ambition is that ZM will kit every version of the F-4 for their SWS series in 1/48, including the F-4K and F-4M. I have a savings account specially set up for this eventuality!
  2. I'm (appropriately) at sea right now and won't be home for a few weeks, If you are still waiting I can look in my K.2 box then.
  3. Love the dot camo, looks very realistic, was it just done with a brush and a careful eye? Very nice indeed.
  4. Hello all. I read this entire thread over the last couple of days and have been inspired to have a go. A RFM Tiger 1 Initial (1943) is on order from @Duncan B, Given the last German Armour I built was my Afrika Korps set using Tamiya kits this will be an education! As an side, 14 year old me obviously thought that the war in the Western Desert went on until about December '44 as my Afrika Korps had: Tiger 1 King Tiger Jagd Tiger Which would have changed the balance of some of the battles for sure! I only wish I had pictures or had kept them!
  5. Off Cyprus during the Gulf War. (Picture from Wikipedia for educational purposes)
  6. Lovely work. No idea if the USS Nimitz ever ventured into the South Atlantic as far down as the Falklands, but as an Atlantic Fleet vessel if she did I'm sure the scene you depict would have occurred as she approached the FIADZ. I bet the Pilot in the Tomcat is telling the younger RIO that he flew F-4's in 'Nam!
  7. I'll be using this boxing of the Bf 109 G-2, which differs from the G-1 in the head armour and the minor difference to the pressurised canopy, so I will be checking as much as I can and if necessary raiding my G-6 kit for the necessary parts to make a G-1 from a G-2. But in all honesty I think it won't make a huge difference.
  8. Having inherited 'I flew for the Fuhrer' from my Grandfather and read it repeatedly though my life I can think of no better subject to model. I plan to use the Peddinghaus decals for Knoke's personal aircraft, a Bf. 109 G-1 when he was with 5th Staffel JG 11 at Jever in 1943. My well read copy! 1953 First Edition! I have wanted to build this aircraft for a long time, and now finally feel I have the skills to do it justice. I'll be working on them in chronological order, so will build my Bf 109 E-3 of Obstlt. Hans-Hugo Witt first.
  9. Here is my first entry in this GB, and my first Eduard 109 ever! Looking forward to it. I chose the markings of Obstlt Witt as his survival not only of the Hindenburg disaster but also WW2 interest me, plus the fact he survived until 1976 makes the past seem not that far away!
  10. I see your 'in the cockpit of an aircraft' pictures a raise you 'on the bridge of a ship'!
  11. Astonishing work. Would you ever consider selling these as kits? I'd be delighted to have a 1/700 VLCC in my collection.
  12. For the radar and the squiggle camo alone I am in awe. It almost takes some effort to look past that and see the quality of build underneath. Excellent!
  13. Astounding build. Looks like it just needs some fuel to go!
  14. It's very easy to get hung up on the differences between FG.1 and FGR.2, and as you pointed out the Nav's forward facing periscope wasn't there. But none of that should take anything away from your build, which looks good. I love the presentation and as you rightly say there is a long tradition of mutual respect between all Naval Aviators and especially between the USN/USMC and the FAA. If you were ever to do another F-4K (FG.1) then the following should be observed: Slotted Stabilators. Cat hooks. Nose leg tilted slightly aft, only a degree or so but it was noticeable. The stencils are mostly correct but FAA Phantoms didn't have the bi-lingual emergency markings, these were only RAF Germany Squadrons.
  15. I love that it's always so hard to build a 'standard' anything! Watching with interest.
  16. Thanks! The Pprune thread is quite handbaggy. I have the Airscale Vulcan decal sheet and it allows you to make almost any Anti-Flash White B2, I was thinking 83 Squadron Blue Steel or maybe a 617 Squadron Blue Steel as per the old tool boxing. But will have to choose carefully so I don't end up with something inaccurate like my Victor B.2R.
  17. Hi Adam, didn't you have a handy spreadsheet for which engine / intake / exhaust / airframe combination worked? Posting it here or linking to it would be most useful. Just don't call them B,.2A! Vulcan B2A - Olympus 301 or Blue Steel [Archive] - PPRuNe Forums
  18. That looks gorgeous. Not so much a 'what if' but 'what should have been'! I particularly like the colour variation over the engines. Nice touch.
  19. Boards of Canada, Dayvan Cowboy. Thoroughly addictive and the video added to this by a fan is stunning. Please give it a listen.
  20. Work has been manic and I'd like to apologise to the group builds I have missed in the last few months. However, I can attend this one and have the Eduard 1:48 Profipack 109E and a Weekend Edition G. I'll be along shortly!
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