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    Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.
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    My main interest is military aircraft, mostly modern jets, mostly RAF, but most others too. I often visit Air bases, taking photos, which is another intrest of mine. I also love music, and play the guitar, usually badly.

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  1. Fantastic photography, fantastic paint work, and fantastic model
  2. That is a stunning tornado, and my favourite aircraft. Always loved the German schemes. Fantastic work.
  3. Lovely Spit Tony, and my favourite Mk of spitfire too. Oh i do love a PR19. Great stuff.
  4. Another awesome build Russ. How come your aircraft always look so menacing, a harm less little trainer, made into a Brutel killing machine. Absolutely loving this and your last couple of builds.
  5. I have this kit in the stash. Hope it turns out as good as yours, very nice.
  6. Thats one fantastic Red Arrow. Lovely glossy finish as well, b ut dont be afraid to weather the Red Arrows hawk, they do get dirty and chipped around air intakes. But yours is a great model all the same
  7. I like that alot, awesome stuff, love the weathering too, looks fantastic. But please tell me Homebee is joking above???
  8. I've been watching your. W.I.P, and it's been so interesting to watch this come together. The final result, well absolutely beautiful.
  9. all great guys, thanks for that, i thought it was the greys your talking about. Already painted it but it looked a little dark, but, ive weathered it and it looks ok.
  10. As the total says, can anyone tell me the correct colour for the nose cone of a block 50 F-16C?
  11. As the total says, can anyone tell me the correct colour for the nose cone of a block 50 F-16C?
  12. That's looking awesome, really love the subtle weathering on the paint job. I'm starting to really want one of these kits.
  13. That is a beautiful model and fantastic photography, i can imagine the hussel and bussel of the ground crew, readying the aircraft for the mission against the Royal Navy. Stunning work.
  14. Hello fellow britmodellers, Here are some pictures of my Airfix Lynx, built as a Mk 90 of the Royal Danish navy, while on Anti piracy operations in the carribean during 2007. This build started around 12 months ago, but ended up being left half built for that time, until very recently when i thought it deserved to be finished. I've always really liked the Lynx, and i couldnt resist the huge 50.cal gun on the side door, making this little helicopter look very mean indeed. On the other side is a hoist for lifting on the pirates they shoot. I also wanted to do something different , so the danish Lynx in its gloss blue really caught my eye. So on with the pics......... Sorry for the crappy photos, i'll take more in better light tomorrow. Thanks for looking, martin
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