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  1. Ok, good question! I must admit I know of only one thimble radome and to me they both look the same.
  2. <REMOVED> Wrong section and not sufficient posts to use the Wanted area. Please re-read the rules and wait until you qualify.
  3. The mk XII and early XIIIs were fitted with the thimble radome much larger than the small Ash radome fitted to a few mk FB VIs. The XVII and XIX had the large Bull Nose as seen on the TAMIYA Mosquito night fighter kit,now very rare, and the Airfix NF XXX
  4. Merv

    Ploesti Raiders

    Thanks guys, I was sure Strawberry Bitch flew the mission so now I know. It appears that the bombsight was simply a modified gunsight according to my latest reading. Hopefully a decal manufacturer will issue "Snow White" soon. Regarding retracted ball turrets, (!) Could it be the tunell gun we are seeing?
  5. Merv

    Ploesti Raiders

    Thanks everyone I have the D model. I know that early D models had a tunnel gun and no ball turret, however strawberry bitch, a preserved raider has a ball turret. Checking photos of the raid I don't see evidence of ball turrets maybe the "bitch" was modified later. I'm interested by the low level bomb sight.
  6. Merv

    Ploesti Raiders

    Having picked up the HobbyBoss B-24 Ì notice the instructions do not show a bombsight, though a Norden is on the sprues , I guess they flew without them. I would have thought a Sperry sight would have been appropriate for a D, I'm also not sure the "raiders" had the ball turret, any thoughts?
  7. Thanks Dave. I see loads available it's just knowing which set I need
  8. Anyone know if there are lozenge decals authentic for use on the wnw Gotha? Have seen an awesome build but the guy hand painted it!
  9. Merv

    Pre War Hurricanes

    I might not now ask about pre war spitfires
  10. Alley Cat included a Gee set in their night fighter conversions which are excellent.
  11. Merv

    Pre War Hurricanes

    Thanks everyone, my question is answered.
  12. Merv

    Pre War Hurricanes

    Since Gladiator I were finished in silver dope I thought some mk 1 Hurricanes may have been.
  13. Merv

    Pre War Hurricanes

    Thanks Jure, I was hoping to do a fabric wing hurricane in overall silver. I don't want to do a "what if."
  14. Merv

    Pre War Hurricanes

    We're the first hurricanes issued to squadrons in silver dope? Or were they camouflaged from the beginning?
  15. Anyone got a photo of a Gamecock instrument panel? The Montex panel is guesswork. Thanks
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