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  1. All the more reason to build the original Airfix kit. It will allow you to spend a bit of time on the interior detailing it and refining the kit itself. after all that then build the latest GR4 for the fun of it.
  2. Well lets cross the fingers that the others will appear in 1:72 re-tooled. This is just a fantastic production from Airfix, really shows how far they have come. I suspect that with a great 1:72 Typhoon issue, up-scaling the design was an easy (relative) job, so lets see what they announce in December. A Tempest or /and Sea Fury would be just sweet.
  3. Truely fantastic work, paint job just puts it into real Competition Class. Wonderful paintwork and I agree with the others, it looks bigger than 1:72nd. 10 out of 10 and thanks David
  4. Bill, I agree with your rep;y to my eaarlier posting, perhaps I didn't express myself clearly. yes everyone to their own. As a matter of interest to anyone who has the old SAM |IAC decals, I used some on a Provost the other evening, using Humbrols Decalfix and it did the biz. I don't have any Micro stuff so can't compare. David FYI
  5. These are beautiful looking, lovely finish on both. For info, you mention they were difficult builds, what was the principle difficulty? Love your idea of a display of Golden Age Civvies David
  6. Chris, Many thanks for all the info and time. Good to see you getting back and relaxing (I hope). But as the others have said "cracking model/result" Look forward to more of your efforts. David
  7. Chris, beautiful handiwork, love the exhaust stains, did you use the new Humbrol powder. And the weathering on the wing roots, what did you use there, if I may ask? Lovely work well done Thanks David
  8. I got my two kits yesterday from Airfix. Had a look at one last night and its soooooo good looking I was afraid to open the plastic bag. Just simply The best kit I gave ever seen from Airfix. The decal sheet is terrific loads and loads of stencil, codes cut to suit the U/C set-up - just beautiful. Have read right through this thread - thanks for the great review and for the Seat photos (Julien) now there's an exercise in weathering! But I couldn't help thinking "I thought this was a relaxing enjoyable hobby I had got back into", but I started building kits, yes Airfix, back in the '50's so at my age I probably have kits built and converted before some of you guys were born. Remember conversions with Balsa & Talc for heaven's sake. And back then we still thought the kits were Terrific, and they were generally Airfix because of the price and hell the new Vampire is a steal at £7. I have/had kits with a 22p price tag on them and I love them. This is a hobby guys, go play golf if one is tired of it. But for me I am an Airfix Fan and enjoy "playing" at building them. Have a nice Day
  9. Postie handed over a box with 2 x Vampire T.11's in it together with the 2013 Airfix catalogue. I got the A02058 kit and the A55204 starter set which has the NZ markings. Looking at the A02058 kit the moulding, in my view is one of the best i have seen on any Airfix kit. Great detail in the cockpit, the wheelwells and along the booms. Canopy (in a separate plastic bag) as far as I can see is v good. Beautiful detail, IMHO, and I look forward to the rest of the releases. David
  10. Well it looks great, and I look forward to seeing it at the Nationals. Good luck with the last bits. BTW, it looks a nice kit, I am looking for a good Emil as I want to build a few in Swiss markings. Early period through to post WWII. I like the interior, looks nice. How does it compare with the new Airfix Emil?
  11. there is no doubt that Airfix have come "miles" in what I consider to be a very short time, looking at the Hurricane's wheelbay and fabric wings etc., I for one can only say "well done" to Airfix. To me the company seems to be listening/reading what has been appearing in various forums(fora). And it bodes well for us modellers. Hurricanes and Typhoons plus the long awaited Vampire T.11, in I.A.C. colours me thinks, are on the wish-list. Oh and I am delighted with the new Harriers, as I have they original Kestrel and look forward to building the GR1 upwards in the new tooling.
  12. Very nicely painted, I think you did a great job with the mottling
  13. Philip That looks very nice, didn't know that the Bf109E was used so early as a night fighter. I have a 110 with the G9 codes and a 109G with the Perspex & Piel unit on the top of the fuselage. Re the thick decals I have just tried the new Humbrol Decalfix on the old SAM IAC decals, which are thick and loads of carrier film and it worked out a treat. Very pleased with the results. Colours are.very nice on the 109. What blue did you use & what ratio? David
  14. And I have some nice photos of the C-130J's on delivery through Shannon, God that was (seems) a long time ago now. Anyway bare metal with protective paint might make a change from Camo.
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