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  1. Looking forward to this build. "Gotta love a Barra..."
  2. Swordfish Mkl L2810 '3UM', 815 Sqn, HMS Furious 1940 815 Swordfish 14 by hegertyr, on Flickr This is the old FROG kit bought at a reasonable price from eBay. Frog Swordfish by hegertyr, on Flickr Although an old kit, it's the best engineered and accurate of the kits so far. 815 Swordfish 15 by hegertyr, on Flickr Although it has raised panel lines, the engineering of the kit allows it to be built in the wings folded postion. 815 Swordfish 16 by hegertyr, on Flickr The decal roundels are original FROG, but I printed the letters and codes. 815 Swordfish 21 by hegertyr, on Flickr I tried to present the aircraft in a neat and tidy condition because 815 was only formed in 1940 so the Swordfish would have been fairly new. 815 Swordfish 19 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 20 by hegertyr, on Flickr My next build is the latest Airfix Swordfish kit in the Taranto colours! Enjoy John
  3. Hi Thom, looking forward to seeing your build. I have this kit as well, it's very 'Spartan' in its detailing with raised lines and a non existent interior. Still, it's a beautiful and historically important aircraft, and should be remodelled by Airfix. John
  4. 815 NAS, Swordfish Mk II, HS180/S6B, Dekhelia Egypt, 1942. 815 Swordfish 7 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 8 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 9 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 10 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 11 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 12 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 13 by hegertyr, on Flickr This is the Revell/Matchbox kit and a much easier build than the Airfix old mould! I've weathered the aircraft to represent a dusty, sun bleached, worn, desert veteran.
  5. The Mk88 does have the HMA8 sprue, however, the mk88 tail boom is incorrect and should be swapped for a modified foldable HAS3, but the tail rotor, gearbox housing etc is the same as the Mk88 because the tail rotor rotates in the opposite direction to the HAS3. I think there are sprue parts to reflect this, unless your scratch building skills are top notch. Also you'll have source some decals, this shouldn't be too onerous as the HMA8 is very similar to the HAS3. John
  6. David, the Revell Swordfish is the repackaged Matchbox kit. I've just finished building one and I'll post the Photos ASAP. john
  7. As a former member of 815 Sqn, when I saw Xtradecal's 815 Sqn decal sheet (X72-108) I just had to start modelling the history of this illustrious squadron - Taranto etc. The squadron initially formed at RNAS Worthy Down on 9 October 1939, from the remnants of 811 and 822 squadrons that had survived the sinking of their carrier HMS Courageous in September 1939, with Fairey Swordfish aircraft. In June 1940, the squadron embarked on HMS Illustrious and sailed for the Mediterranean in August, attacking and minelaying the North African coast. The squadron gained early fame with its involvement in the Battle of Taranto in 1940. The battle consisted of a raid on the Italian Battlefleet in harbour at Taranto which redefined the use of air power from the sea. During the battle only one squadron aircraft was lost (unfortunately with the Squadron's Commanding Officer), compared to the crippling of half the Italian Fleet. In March 1941, the squadron was once again involved in a major operation at the Battle of Cape Matapan. The squadron re-equipped in August 1941 with a mixture of Swordfish and Fairey Albacore aircraft, operating from shore bases in support of the North African campaign. On 10 July 1943, before 815 Squadron was disbanded. To be continued... Fairey Swordfish MkI, L7648/X of 815 NAS, Heliopolis, Egypt, 1942. The model is the 'old' Airfix mould and is showing it's age. The engineering and fit was poor, causing alignment issues. After market helped and was sourced from, Airwaves AC72-178 PE set, Pavla U72-135 resin oil cooler and generator pipes, Mini Part 0.303 Browning machine gun and a 'bodged' Quickboost QB72-363 exhaust. 815 Swordfish 1 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 2 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 6 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 5 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 3 by hegertyr, on Flickr 815 Swordfish 4 by hegertyr, on Flickr What would I change? the Swordfish was based in the desert under the sun, I think it should be dusty and more weathered, sand is very abrasive. The rigging could be tighter. I've found out that the oil cooler is wrong for a MkI. The torpedo should be black with a yellow warhead? 815 builds to come are: 3 x Swordfish Albacore Fulmar Barracuda Avenger Gannet Whirlwind Wessex Lynx HAS 2/3 Lynx HMA 8 Cheers John
  8. Starting to build the Airfix Mk22. Would a post war Spitfire have a black or green cockpit? John
  9. Nice build, well done. What did you use for the fine HF aerial? John
  10. Well done! What a well researched, constructed and painted model. Best 1/72 Mustang I've seen. John
  11. Wow! This is 1/72? I doff my cap... John
  12. Excellent work! My first ship as well, 1984 - 85 John
  13. SARowl

    Humbrol colour

    Stein Meum, If you Google Humbrol, Tamiya, Revell, Vallejo colour charts you can download them as a pdf. I keep them on my iPhone/iPad so I can quickly reference a colour especially whist out shopping. John
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