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  1. Great thread! Really like these "thinking out loud" topics- they'e genuinely instructional. What a shame however that nobody had recently posted an inspirational build thread of a century-series fighter demonstrating that all that was required to avoid the moulded-in slats issue was building the kit right out of the box, but posing it in flight. Maybe you'd have avoided all this hassle... Will
  2. It's funny last week I saw a E-3 sentry, C-130s and Chinooks all over Brize Norton and I thought "nice to see some classic old-school RAF aircraft there" before thinking, oh wait, they're all American designs! Will
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know whether C-130s in natural metal finish exhibit a certain pattern of different shades of metal due to variations in materials or the 'grain' of the metal? Were certain areas painted (such as along the main spar?) or even painted fibreglass (other than the obvious nose cone)? Photos don't seem to show much variation in tones, and I don't want to introduce any if there shouldn't be any, but at the same time I'm building an Air America aircraft that literally only has a 2 digit tail number and a US flag on the fin- so it's looking a little sparse in an 'unvarigated' aluminium finish!! Will
  4. Does the box lid say "Experience Level: You've successfully also constructed our TSR2 and Concorde..."?
  5. I've been seeing them over Brize doing circuits over the past couple of weeks. Consensus seems to be they are the the one's sold to Chile and are working up before they fly the nest for good. The E-3Ds selected by the FACh are registered ZH 101 (c/n 24109/993), ZH 103 (c/n 24111/1004), and ZH 106 (c/n 24114/1011). Will
  6. Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated! E-3D Sentry ZH106 has been on holiday in the Cotswolds today, coming down from Waddington to do a couple of hours of circuits of Brize. Will
  7. Properly impressive fabrication there!
  8. I'm sure there's a lot of inspiring parenting stuff in there ("I'm not going to bug you anymore...", LOL), but I've learnt an important lesson that it's perfectly acceptable to normalise the presence of hobby paints in the main part of the house. I'm beginning to worry that my kids think I'm the random homeless guy who lives in the outbuilding. Will
  9. I wouldn't worry. Part of growing up is finding that happy median between hiding in a box and exposing yourself to strangers.
  10. Hi all, I live a couple of miles from Brize, so I usually don't bother looking up when something is doing circuits. But last week I noticed a slightly different noise breaking the peace when I was walking the dog, looked up, and saw a E-3 Sentry doing circuits. What's the deal with them? I thought the RAF had withdrawn them? Will
  11. Wow. I'd consider buying this kit, but I'm worried it would sit in the stash for years until I felt myself worthy of building it! Will
  12. Is that a representation of "oil canning" effect in the area around the radiator intake?! Will
  13. Thanks for the link to the instructions. The Zvezda parts breakdown certainly helps! All the various lumps and bumps appear to be optional drop-in panels. Perfect! Now all I need to do is pick an interesting Vietnam-era scheme. Surprisingly, there's very few aftermarket decals out there for that period. I suppose because they are rather generic schemes on the whole. Will
  14. Hi all, Would it be possible to lop various bits off the new Zvezda C-130H kit to backdate the airframe to an early 'H', or even an 'E'? If so, what generally would be involved? I've had an Academy kit sitting on my shelf of doom for years and I wondered whether rather than persist trying to correct big things like the fuselage 'chines', it might be a better bet to start again with the newer kit? Will
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