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  1. I was just about to say, that looks like a Nieuport... Interesting aircraft.
  2. If anything illustrates the sheer futility of this war it is that St. Symphorien cemetery where the first and last British soldiers killed in WWI are buried 15 feet from each other. Just what was achieved by all that?
  3. Killingholme

    A Good Hampden?

    The corrected AZ glazing for the Valom kit is available separately: AZA7034 Peewit have released a mask set for the new AZ clear parts: M72092 Also, Avalon Decals are shortly to be releasing two Hampden sheets (cat numbers 7006, 7007), one of which will also include the AZ canopy and a set of masks.
  4. Killingholme

    Best 1/72 Hellcat?

    Eduard, without a doubt. Will
  5. Killingholme

    Revell 1/72 Spitfire VB worth buying or not ?

    I've built one- almost. The basic airframe goes together OK. It's a difficult kit to describe, but it just instinctively feels like a swing-and-a-miss on Revell's part. The prop, radiator, oil cooler are all really poorly-shaped: you don't need to be a Spitfire expert to spot them. There's a rather crude ferry tank included (including pre-moulded holes you will have to fill if you don't want to fit it!!), but no Trop filter. The surface detail is nice, but the gun blisters just look odd. The cockpit is OK, but the canopy is a bad fit and so thick that you can't possibly pose it opened. It's kind of an "85%- there" kit, and it really disappointed me. I just can't think of any reason to recommend buying one over an KP, or even AZ kit. Happy to put some photos up if anyone thinks it'll be useful. (only have a phone camera though, so don't expect much!)
  6. Killingholme

    A Mythical bird?

    Thanks for the motivation, but I think it's those three words which would put me off doing this one! Will
  7. Killingholme

    New 1/72 PZL P.11c from Arma Hobby in 2018

    OK, but you're not going to convince me that the wing surface details have been done well. The 'egg box' panel lines are just horrible.
  8. Killingholme

    1/32 1914 Dennis Fire Engine

    Bit of trivia, a number of Dennis N type fire engine chassis ended up in WD use on the Western Front- they were converted to general purpose trucks. The plant was dismounted to form "trench pumping" engines. There's a few photos in the Tankograd volume "British Military Trucks of World War One". Good luck with the build. This kit belies its age.
  9. Killingholme

    Match Kit P-47N

    I'd say that kit is definitely worth the $0.39 sticker price...
  10. Killingholme

    New 1/72 PZL P.11c from Arma Hobby in 2018

    Ouch! Those panel lines, especially on the wing look a bit tragic. I thought the underwing of a P.11 had very slightly raised battens along the ribs rather than recessed panel lines. Can't see much in the way of panel lines on the fuselage either! I suppose it's fixable, but.... grrrrr!
  11. Killingholme

    Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    Fantastique deco trompe l'oeil! Hard to think that lower hull is actually a completely smooth surface!
  12. Killingholme

    The Moosejawed bomber, AW Whitley Mk V

    They are vinyl, and whilst the sets I've used are a good fit they are very prone to lifting on compound curves- especially when a coat of paint has already been applied over them. So be really careful when you apply them on the turrets! Will
  13. Killingholme

    A Mythical bird?

    As far as I know there's only one photo of the Rocs on their way to Finland, taken at Dyce. The Finnish 'Hakaristis' are covered over with white distemper. If the Finnish blenheims are anything to go by, this was applied by hand- the edges of the circle are a bit rough. Whilst it was important to make sure the aircraft were not mis-identified as German, part of the reason for obscuring national markings was to comply with international law when these aircraft transited over 'neutral' Sweden. When the Blenheims were sent over they were given civil registrations for the same purpose. Enjoy. I have always wanted to do this same subject, but don't think I'm brave enough to tackle a short-run multimedia kit!
  14. Looks pretty awesome. Panel lines look a little heavy, but a big airframe like this can take it. If only they copied Monogram and moulded a couple of hooks on the upper fuselage so you can easily hang it from the ceiling! Question now is can I hang on long enough for the one I want (H), or will I buy the G as well... H'mmm
  15. Killingholme

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Looks like a real game-changing kit. Out of interest, was the geodetic frame really left aluminium in the otherwise black flightdeck/nose? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of painting it black? Will