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  1. Killingholme

    A-26 in Pacific- decals?

    Hi all, The A-26B made its debut in the Pacific in June 1944, most notably with the 3rd Bombing Group 13 Sqn 'Grim Reapers', but the poor old A(later B)-26 seems to get little love from the decal manufacturers- unless the modeller is seeking a later Korean war, or other postwar French, Cuban, Brazilian machine... So, does anyone make 1/72 decals for a WWII era A-26B? If not, could anyone recommend a real-life Pacific theatre aircraft (preferably gun-nose) which could be easily modelled using generic decal sheets?
  2. Killingholme

    Polikarpov iL-400b, Maquette / ICM 1/72

    What a stupid place to put a mould seam!!
  3. Killingholme

    Its a British Cobra !

    I'm sure you've got it covered, but remember to mask the forward wheel well- the moulding is open back to the cockpit. When I sprayed the undersides of my model, I also sprayed the inside of the canopy.... Will
  4. Killingholme

    1/72 ABM Beriev MDR-5

    Probably for the best- if my wife found out how much it was she would kill me... I have probably most of the the Prop&Jet back catalogue in the stash. The problem I have is I take them out occasionally, realise they are such jewels of kits, many now long out of production and probably quite valuable. All that means I never dare build them! Will
  5. Killingholme

    1/72 Revell Sikorsky H-19A "Chickasaw"

    I wonder whether this forum can feature a 'order now' red button... hungrymodellers.com Those H-19 schemes are mad! I've got to get me some of those decals.
  6. Killingholme

    1/72 ABM Beriev MDR-5

    Wow, that looks fantastic. The surface detailing on that kit looks first class- the 'lapped' joints on the skin panels is so rarely achieved. I'd be tempted to buy one, but I'm guessing they are either astronomically expensive or out of production? Will
  7. I'm not usually one for sentimentality, but the crass "restoration" of this aircraft really got to me. It not only erased the story of the aircraft, but it erased the story of F/Sgt Copping- a lad of 24 who managed to successfully land a 1200hp fighter in a boulder field without flipping it over and killing himself. When did that euphoria turn to the realisation that nobody knew wherever he was? How loud did that broken-hot metallic tick tick tick of the shattered engine sound amongst the silence of the desert ? How many times did he pace circling that aircraft- trying every access panel for an answer? When did he realise he was done? When did he accept it? Did he accept it? What was he thinking when he took the aircraft's compass and his revolver and set out into the sands? That lad deserved more than a bit of cheap fibreglass and a tin of automotive spray paint as a memorial. Keep up the good work on the model.
  8. Worth mentioning that those "RB" aircraft that had cameras fitted had aluminium skins over the forward bomb bay. The Revell kit (out of the box) is more like these aircraft:
  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- finely raised panel lines often look a whole lot better than most 'modern' kits with their recessed trenches. I think this is doubly true on fast jets. This model illustrates it very well. Cracking model, thanks for posting! Will
  10. Very smart in those colours. Nice one!
  11. Killingholme

    Six RMS Mauretania Hulls

    Some light reading... http://russiannavy.net/militaryPhotos/engineering/Liners/lusitania.pdf
  12. I can think of a LOT of modelling uses for these cheap little applicators. They sell them on the local market here for £1 a set.
  13. A lot of the National Archives' AIR series were microfilmed in the 60s and 70s. It was these films that the TNA digitised. Some are not in such such good nick!
  14. My wife was just peering over my shoulder- and after the customary rolling of eyes said "what you want there is a henna applicator bottle"...
  15. Now that's an idea, will be interested to see if it works. I need something like this as I have an Italeri Sunderland AND a Trumpeter Wellington in the upcoming build pile..