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  1. You are doing great work! The flaps are specially interesting - I I'm weighing the pros and cons of redoing that. When I started the model there was no aftermarket but the Eduard etch, the Falcon transparencies and and the Pavla cockpit. Then Plus Models produced resin wheels, engines, flaps and pylons. Aeroclub did propellers but they are very difficult to find and the kit's props are OK. So I intend to have an open cowling with visible engine Thankfully it won't take any redoing since I never got that far What painting scheme do you intend to use? Cheers, Moggy
  2. KP's horrible MiG-17 nightfighter -the wings är pure fantasy Cheers, Moggy
  3. Slats have existed for far longer than the F-15 program. Bf 109 had slats; they improve (lower) landing speeds. Another example of slats is the A-4 (an aircraft of the '50:s)
  4. Anything going at REALLY high speed - say 0.3 C - is going to be abraded by the dust that collects in certain orbits (example. trojans/greeks or simply dust clouds). Go fast enough and molecules will abrade your hull - stripping it from paint or worse Think of the effect a planetary nebula would have on the hull of a spaceship Photons (produced by the local star) will probably have an effect over time - or through flying towards the local star. 2010 Odyssey Two (by Arthur C. Clarke) has an interesting description of what USS Discovery looks like after several years of going through Io's plumes of sulphur Of course it's science fiction - but it's definitely thought-provoking Cheers, Moggy (20,000 years from home)
  5. A long time ago I was asked to test a simple compressor like the ones named here. I discovered that using a simple vinyl hose between the compressor and the airbrush eliminated the "pumping" problem - it worked particularly well when using a double-action airbrush Unless you're going to be painting C-130 1/48 or the like you won't need a honking big reservoir Which scale and what objects do you usually build? Cheers, Moggy
  6. I love Flygvapnet subjects I have a number of kits waiting in the wings for a group build like this I have been pawing and generally checking out a kit in my stash: Italeri's Caproni Ca.313 flown as a light bomber as B16 and as a recce asset as S16 It is a nice little kit - considering it was first produced in 1972. Yes it's 50 years old I have a beautiful etched set from RCR and Falcon's replacement transparencies to ensure that the etched metal detailing is visible my only problem is group build track record - nil finished projects Cheers, Moggy (cunctator in chief)
  7. I build and detail 1/72 models. I make my handles with very thin stretched sprue - Then I use acrylic paint - first yellow then black with the finest possible brush. I have never been able to find black and yellow thread with a small enough diameter for the handle to be to the right scale Stretched sprue is very useful - I use it often while detailing models Cheers, Moggy
  8. I remember a spotter being shot by a Soviet airbase guard AFTER reunion...
  9. The best way to avoid silvering of decals begins with preparing the surface. A method that i learned at the club many many years ago is to polish the surface to make it as shiny as possible. Usually well-applied Gunze gets me the surface I want - otherwise I spray clear varnish until the surface is as smooth as possible. Then it's time for decalling - when applying Microsol it is well to remember that the decal wrinkles to begin with - then it smooths without having to do anything. Sometimes I use a q-tip to help the decal get into the panel lines by rolling it gently along the panel line in question. Cheers, Moggy
  10. THE product in question is Microsol Microsoft's self-"correction" feature in action It should be "years" Cheers, Moggy
  11. I have used Microsoft for the last thirty-four Tears. It has almost always succeeded in its task, together with a judiciously applied q-tip Cheers, Moggy
  12. The PM Mirage deltas - the similarities with the putative originals are purely coincidental Cheers, Moggy (who loves Mirages)
  13. If it hasn't been painted over it should still work - at least as well as the product itself works Cheers, Moggy
  14. A LOONG time ago I built what amounted to a miniature railgun I had to take it apart since it worked all too well - one steel dart went through a door.... (I was "rusticated" for two days - the event took place during a Physics lesson. However I got top marks for my little "accelerator") I can rebuild it and use it on his little tonks - ultramodern tank-killer! It fits well with the model railway ethics - it has to move AND be in miniature Cheers, Moggy the mad professor
  15. ... to say nothing about the "moonshine" I got from the painting booths at the Volvo factory - makes the wallpaper curl up and... At least it keeps the flies away! Unfortunately it does keep all other humans away too. Cheers, Moggy the Stinky cat
  16. General Melchett in his battlepants - simply irresistible Cheers, Moggy
  17. Regarding Mach 2 C-54 props: I bought one as soon as it became available. When I got it home from the Big H I discovered that 3 props were in pieces but Hannant's had supplied four Aeroclub white metal props without extra charge. Apparently almost all the kits had broken props. The kit's props are copies of the Italeri C-47 "paddle"-bladed props. So buying that kit for its propellers is not really an option - maybe you can find some kind modeller that would sell you the Aeroclub props Cheers, Moggy
  18. I love Nutella! During the early '80 I studied at a boarding school (on scholarship) on the north Adriatic coast - more exactly the Gulf of Trieste. The coast there is a series of high cliffs 20-50 meters high This place (Duino) lies 60 km south of the original home of Nutella! If you've said you didn't like Nutella there you've probably been thrown off a cliff - a northern Tarpeian rock as it were. Unfortunately Nutella doesn't agree with me; diabetes and overweight are the wages of sin Nutella. So I haven't eaten Nutella for the last six years Cheers, Moggy the Nutella-less
  19. Hmmm... I have to try this. Living east of the Kattegat I have no idea where to buy this Imperial cakes I suppose I'll have to be satisfied with Mr. Kiplings literary creations Cheers, Moggy (cakeless)
  20. So Mr. Kipling was not only a poet and author - but a baker as well? Cheers, Moggy of Empire
  21. It's called phishing. It's the arch-classic way to get your (Outlook) credentials. NEVER click on a link in your e-mail; specially when asked to "renew" an account regardless of if it sounds legit or not. No bank or serious IT-actor would ever demand such things on an e-mail. @Chimpion has it right "if in doubt go to www.microsoft.com by entering it in the address bar and log in to your account from there. Don't click the link in the email." Excellent advice Cheers, Moggy
  22. Man, that's not a scale model of a car. It's a miniaturized car! The animatronic sculpture figure is incredible. I don't know what to say that's not already been said. You're the Da Vinci of car crafting! Cheers, Moggy
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