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  1. Count me in. I have a number of MiG:s (too many... some of these ancient) and a slew of middle eastern decals For once it would be nice to build something without sawing it apart Cheers, Moggy
  2. Title says all. This kit has an attractive price... but I wouldn't want to buy either the Italeri (already have four) or the Pantera (two in stash) Scalemate's info is not clear - two different and mutually exclusive lineage for (almost) the same kit Thanks in advance, Moggy (and his ancient stash)
  3. One of Matchbox' better kits Beautiful model Cheers, Moggy
  4. Moggy

    SMW 2023 entrance fee

    In other words, a classic troll A very long time ago in Usenet I used to out the nastier trolls Eventually there were less and less people who were willing to get doxed for the privilege of starting flame wars in our modelling list Cheers, Moggy
  5. Beautiful build of a terrible kit Cheers, Moggy
  6. The predecessor to the B-10/B-12: google Martin B-9 - not very impressive actually... The necessary add-ons (a capacious bomb bay and a nose turret) actually improved aerodynamics plus made the B-10 an useful bomber. It became an export success: The Netherlands (131), Argentina (35), China, Thailand, Turkey and The Phillippines. The Soviet Union bought one for analysis. The USAAF bought 181. It was superior to almost all extant bombers in 1936. The German Do-17E and the Heinkel 111E had less bomb capacity and shorter range, The Soviet SB-2 had a smaller bomb capacity and shorter range too. None of the Italian bombers compared favorably to the B-10. Britain's Vickers Wellington became operational in small numbers in 1937; the HP Hampden 1938 and the AW Whitley in 1937 too. So the US had a winner at the time! Cheers, Moggy
  7. Bad translation can be hilarious If you want to experience this read the small print on Hasegawa's old kits Cheers, Moggy
  8. Try This: https://www.avions-bateaux.com/produit/monographies-argentines/3635 It is cheaper Cheers, Moggy
  9. Well - it can be construed as an extension of this early work As Euripides' work is based on Homer's poetry Lord Tennyson even more so BTW I had missed YOUR early work - thank you for the pictures and the verse I like Victorian poetry - although I must say I haven't read much poetry this last year. Some Kipling - but that's as far as it goes It would be really interesting how a diorama based on "Ulysses" would look like! Cheers, Moggy ("Some work of noble note, may yet be done")
  10. 54 mm. figures!? Man your painting skills are incredible! Seriously - your vignette needs to be displayed with a magnifying glass to do it justice PS. You are the only one ever in Britmodeller to base his modelling work on one of history's great heroic poetry. You have my unlimited admiration Cheers, Moggy
  11. The modelling is incredible - together with the creativity Cheers, Moggy (who loves Alien)
  12. I agree - hollywood's usual mix: extremely expensive effects + extremely crappy script
  13. Last Sunday I was at a scale model competition in Malmö. There was a lecture on the NH-90 (Hkp 14 in Swedish Air Force parlance) by a 3rd Helicopter squadron technician/mechanic at Ronneby AFB working on this weapon system. He had only praise for it. On the other hand, the UH-60 (Hkp 16) was bought for interoperability reasons and as a stop gap only. The way it was bought was contrary to Swedish law, making it politically radioactive (for good reason) The only people that seem happy with it are the SO grunts. Cheers, Moggy
  14. You are right - I went through 23 books and mags and I couldn't find a single one. They became grubby - but as far as I can see no shark mouth. I must have gotten mixed up with the Adl'A's F-100 Cheers, Moggy
  15. Later on the French Air Force painted the aircraft in a fetching South East Asia camo. Some of them got a shark mouth painted. Later on they got really grubby - making for a more interesting model After I'm finished with the IAF ones I will definitely be doing a grubby shark mouth-ed Super Mystere Cheers, Moggy (Special Hobby 1/72 Super Mystere aficionado)
  16. Indeed - it's 5 mm. too short Before: After: BTW I might return to my Neptune soon Cheers, Moggy
  17. There's always the possibility of airbrushing the decals with clear - that seals the inks and thus facilitates the use of setting solutions. The reprinted decal sheets I have used never had a problem using setting solutions ( Microsol); the really old (original) sheets I always airbrush with clear acrylic paint since having the ink dissolved by Microsol a VERY long time ago. The "milkiness" disappears all by itself when dried. Modeldecals have the most complete instructions I have ever seen. Cheers, Moggy
  18. The Israeli Air Force did not fly the A-4 during the Six Days war. First flight of a A-4H (in the US) was in november 1967; deliveries to Israel began early 1968 Cheers, Moggy
  19. Pig's ear? What's wrong with this kit? Cheers, Moggy
  20. I made this little doggerel (firmly tongue in cheek) a long time ago: 1/32 is for optically challenged people - the parts are so big that one can build it by touch only 1/48 is for people that had problems med Duplo bricks being too small 1/72 is the gentleman's scale - because size does not matter but detail and execution is everything 1/144 is the bonsai scale - for people that like to torture very small trees I'm running for cover in my (small) cat bunker BTW the problem med appreciation of highly detailed 1/72 models is that you HAVE to look from 6 inches max distance I put that it in my S.79 model description at a competition; the judges had a laugh an I got a win ! Cheers, Moggy
  21. Congratulations Procopius!! She's beautiful - The family picture too Cheers, Moggy
  22. Is an Il-76 in 1/72 large enough or must it be 1/32? Cheers, Moggy
  23. For shown fortitude and determination - hat's off to you Cheers, Moggy
  24. Moggy

    Airfix 2023

    Quick analysis Fokker F.27 - only serious game in town; while having some shape errors it's still a LOT better than the much more modern ESCI kit which is more like a parody of a F.27. I have 2 and intend to build them F2H Banshee - good for its age - I have two and intend to build them BN Islander - good and only kit I have two and intend to build them Short Skyvan - very good and only kit of an unique subject I have two and intend to build them Super Mystere - decent old kit (superseded by KP and Special Hobby; the Special Hobby is a jewel of a kit) I have four and have no idea of what to do with them Dornier Do 17E /F - still the best kit for this subject. I have one and.... etc. Fairey Rotodyne - best kit of an unique subject. I wish I had one I have a lot of building to do. Airfix has a lot to answer for Cheers, Moggy
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