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  1. one dead compressor replaced, hope to get matt varnish on - maybe tomorrow lunchtime.... then its on with wheels, weathering, fiddly paint, side armour and finished.....
  2. wahoo, new airbrush compressor has arrived which I hope will mean this can be primed at the weekend... fingers crossed
  3. thats a great build of a big ugly vehicle.... love the texturing, I am doing the same on my M46 Patton from Takom - has some texture just not enough for my liking Looking forward to seeing this painted
  4. very nice work, and those figures are brilliant
  5. stunning as always... looking forward to it being painted
  6. New compressor (and sneaky airbrush) ordered, should be here before the weekend ... And first run of tracks done ...
  7. thanks... luckily. 1) I a due a bonus from work in this months pay packet so can afford a compressor (or at least ~£100 of compressor) 2) this kit doesn't need paint just yet so can build this while I wait....
  8. Can I ask if you went with either of them? If so, any good?
  9. A dead compressor meant painting planned for today has to wait, so the Patton gets some more work.... Wheels done, tracks have pushout marks filled ready for sanding and rear fixtures and fittings on (plus one replacement handle after the other pinged off in to the ether)....
  10. Suspension on, starting on the wheels....... Lots of wheels
  11. Front glacis sanded.... Think this is a bit better
  12. Thanks Francis. So far the kit has gone together well but as you can see not a great deal of progress... I have sanded the extra texture back a bit. Much happier now
  13. Hull textured. Reference photos used but probably a bit too rough...
  14. Having to bounce around the instructions a bit. Think the cast texture needs a boost so getting some major components done first before that can happen... Unfortunately adding texture will remove the casting numbers. With Archer stopping their decals that's a price I will ha e to pay I guess (unless I don't quite do the texture where the marks are but that will probably look odd).
  15. Now with engine grills and turret PE plus the major struts for the side armour... Matt varnish due this weekend then just dusty weathering, final bits to add them done....
  16. Moving on to my second build of 2023 it will be the TAKOM M46 Patton in bright Korean war scheme (wary of the tiger stripes tho). The kit is the dual kit with the Jeep (sorry 1/4 tonne truck) which I will keep for late... box and scheme
  17. Bit of panel line work dirtys it up. Will only really be dusty not chipped or mud so next up is adding some PE and then Matt varnish...
  18. Spade mounted, jack mounted. Build finished.....
  19. Link and length tracks done.... Just need to add a spade on the LHS and a jack somewhere and it is off for painting
  20. Nice work, do like the look of this, hope the tracks don't fight you too much
  21. With the aid of my new single blade nippers tracks removed.... Hopefully with the aid of my new track jig, they will soon be assembled
  22. If memory serves it does have replaceable tips. And is variable temp. think trying to use solder/flux paste (so both combined) is part of my issue... Will try on some spare stuff and see... Not done much
  23. More work on oil drums trying watercolour pencils. The buff AK Interactive was just too close to the dunkelgelb but the white cross marking works well .. may have to get a full set (not AK)
  24. As with most armour not many decals. The front and rear are from the kit. The turret "16" is from another kit (aircraft I am sure). Font isn't 100% but the inspiration for the 2-tone scheme had a similar marking .... Struck lucky
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