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  1. i will be starting it later than March 19th... need to clear the bench of the T54, Wespe, "Small Radio Car with the Long Name" and the Panther ausf F.... but I will be along soon
  2. looking good.... tempting to add this sort of kit to my wishlist (lee/grant full interior rather than something with an interior)
  3. after a number of discussions, I decided that only "odd shaped" parts were cast... so these have been coated in Mr Surfacer 500. Hull is just placed on for now....
  4. I thhink this looks very believable - and to those saying this comes after the Churchill, why not the Churchill taking design elements form this.... so could pre-date Churchill development
  5. decals on.... not going to over weather it because of the interior, just some panel lines and a touch of oil i think
  6. the Bundeswehr markings are something I dont have any of. Wondering if in a what-if the Germans would've moved to that while fighting alongside the Allies. Now adding the star was also something I considered but think (mostly cos its the decals I have) that I will stick with continuation of WWII markings
  7. what he said.... did wonder if someone would comment. Actually this piece (in the Jagdpanzer kit) has another layer of armour over the top. The Panther kit has the sp[rue with this part in it for some of the running gear parts so decided using it to test cast texture (will use it to look at potential camo as well, and later home made zimmerit) was a good idea
  8. this is how the test cast metal texture looks under red primer.... think this will work
  9. wheels... not all of them - the outer ones are still on the sprue.... need to do the cast texture really before much else
  10. great work so far, and love the added wood grain, a useful tool for my toolbox!!!
  11. or with the Ausf F the very very very long 100mm (not that that is version I am doing - doing the shorter barrel)
  12. yes, thats the next step - will be added to mass gloss coat & primer session planned for the weekend
  13. i did consider this BUT wonder if there was a thought that the Panther had its place (yes I know complex, high maintenance etc)... one thing I cant square would be recognition - add star (so all allied irrespective of country had them 1944+) or just go with german cross.... and I have tried Mr Surfacer 500 to simulate cast texture... not 100% certain it looks goof but its scrap plastic...
  14. doesnt have an interior but suspension is well rendered.....
  15. OK, so have, in the past built Panzers i-IV so now for a V. Decided on the RFM Panther Ausf F as I wanted to use the night vision on a what-if Super Pershing at some point. Not 100% certain how this will end up. It WILL be what-if paint (like the amusing hobby Jagdpanther II scheme (dunkelgelb with white angled stripes) but may do some of it in factory undercoat with white markings. I will also look at additional armour (a least the usual panther stuff on the wheels, maybe also anti air screens and possibly even on the turret..... so this will be the first of 2 (the Super Pershing will be the second) 1946/7 what if where Allies + Germany were facing the unstoppable USSR who continued to fight at the end of the war.... so far the 2 sides done
  16. it's sooooo small.... build finished. Will be painted in the DAK scheme (once the paint arrives)... interior is all just placed for ease of painting/weathering
  17. like (love more like) that mud.... My wespe will be the test bed for me improving my weathering/mud.... need to read up and absorb videos over the next weeks to prepare for the ordeal
  18. have seen this on various internet sites, looking forward to seeing one built
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