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  1. Time to start something new, this time the 1/35 Takom Bergepanther Ausf D. Full interior for me to play with, may try some extras in terms of wiring if I can find any references (assume a lot would be as it would be in a normal Panther Ausf D...


    Anyway, box lid and where I am so far.....







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  2. 11 hours ago, robgizlu said:

    My first look at this - what a striking pattern and very well executed.

    I hadn't realised that Dazzle patterns had made it to AFVs 


    Seems so (according to MiniArt at least). Thanks for the comment....


    More movement, started on the hatches that need internal brackets/fixings.... Next up the 2 turrets....


    Rear wheels just resting, keeping flimsy photo etch safe....







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  3. 2 hours ago, JackG said:

    Nicely executed and looks quite  convincing.  


    Based on weights found online, the combo would need to lose 660 lbs just to match the max payload of the Krupp Protze.   Only additional detail that could have been added is a pair folding seats at either end of the flatbed so the crew travels together.

    yeah weight was the main concern I had, and why I lost the windshield and the armour on the gun. Probably still too heavy.... Good shout on the seats in the rear

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