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  1. Some dust added, tracks on (need weathering) one side track armour on (need 2nd side, turret and front adding too)....
  2. some panel line/mucky weathering... once the matt coat is on I will add some oil stains and then can start to put it all together
  3. been tempted by the new RFM 234, watching this build for sure
  4. Thank you all, my confidence has had a real boost with these comments.... A touch of dry brushing before satin varnish then weathering.
  5. Cheers... Yeah a few others on Facebook have pointed out some of the kit issues... Oh well they are there now...... The tracks, would they really go to the effort of painting them? Not sure (I wouldn't but then again I am lazy).... I like the contrast of the tracks to the green....
  6. Starting the detail painting for the interior....
  7. First time using VMS XL Matt varnish .... Easy to apply, nice finish ..
  8. Changed my mind on salt for the interior, too coarse. This one doesn't have a spade BUT I do havea US Vietnam engineer vehicle that has a lovely big spade along with OD/yellow markings that I may try really weathering
  9. Thanks Pete. Don't know yet, may get some clear plastic rod and have the upper hull raised. This one doesn't have the winch in the hull, would love that as well and if I got that I would be more tempted to have the upper half raised
  10. Bit of light cream in the driver compartment.
  11. Think I will try salt weathering on this to add chipping to the cremeweiss/lighter colour I will do on the interior
  12. Welcome back, look forward to seeing your work. I had better go find that group build. Thinking I will do mid vertical and up in Cremeweiss. No sure what camo scheme to do for a '45 version
  13. Cheers Pete.... Redbrown painted. MiG ammo red brown shadow and rotbraun. Patchy painted to start weathering....
  14. Thnks. I will weather but that tends to be where I make a mess. Probably some panel washes and pigments, but of chipping. I will use a satin varnish to protect the paint then do panel lining, them Matt coat before pigments. I would suggest YouTube... Go look at Night Shift (don't try to be like him, that's not possible) or others. I tend to start at the beginning of someone's channel then you can see how they develop. Take little steps...
  15. Paint on engine and transmission started. Next up the red-brown before we can co sider weathering
  16. Take it slow, follow the instructions, yeah complicated but not too bad....
  17. Interior priming done..... Now need to work out painting order. Think Grey's first then the red (allows me.to paint the torsion bars grey then mask them before red sides)
  18. thanks all.... I will have to consider if I want to build a big one or scratch build the 350th....
  19. thank you for the correction.... think he was promoted after DDay so my mistake
  20. Help needed... never built a floaty thing BUT my wife's grandfather served with Commander Curtis on LCI(S) 519 at DDay (believe he was mentioned in dispatches and in Commander Curtis's memoirs but cannot find any documentary evidence of that). Commander Curtis and his wife did keep in touch with my wife's grandfather after the war (there is talk of a job offer I believe). Now I have a thought to build a model of LCI(S) 519 (I wont do it in situ off Sword Beach) and wonder what options there are for such a model? Not sure what scale it would be - 1/350? but are there any kits of this specific craft or any I can make and find after market decals for? thanks all
  21. Great work, have wondered about getting this kit as do like engineer/recovery type vehicles
  22. Great work so far.... Looking forward to more
  23. stunning work. I am with you on full interior kits...
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