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  1. I know that I should be building and painting but please bear with me. It's been a number of years since I looked into this story and there are some interesting twists and turns. Far more interesting than watching me daub cockpit green and flat aluminium around the place! As mentioned before, V7799 was part of the fourth production batch of Hurricanes, which commenced in July 1940. By the looks of it, she would have been complete by mid-late October and 'on the books' by November. The serial numbers indicate that she was one of several aircraft to have been shipped out together to
  2. I've got a kit to build at last... attic retrieval mission complete! Suddenly realised that all my serial numbers and so on are in 1/72 so I've ordered a set of 1/48 Ventura 8 inch black digits and thrown in a set of Xtradecal national markings for BoB era aeroplanes as well as there's a 47-inch roundel for the 'Night' port lower wing with a thin yellow wing round it. Looking into the original Airfix supplies in the box reminded me that this is of course sold as another 274 Sqn aeroplane of roughly the same era. I have to say I very much doubt that even this
  3. Still haven't made it up to the attic yet - I have to go through the kids' bedroom ceiling and they're asleep when ! get home! - but dug out the photo album. Here's the best shot of Fort Saint Elmo from the seaplane tour we took, with Grand Harbour to the top left of shot, where the Hurricane came down, and Sliema Creek in the bottom right of the shot, where the submarines were based. The cemetery in which Johnny Southwell lies alongside many other airmen and sailors is out of shot to the bottom left quarter, behind Nelson's old docks. The wooden lift for pulling wounded sailors of
  4. Hi all, I've yet to get into the attic to retrieve my kit so for starters here is a little on the subject matter. I'm going to build the latest Hurricane Mk.I Trop kit from Airfix and attempt to do so in the colours of my wife's great-uncle, Flying Officer John Sidney Southwell, known to most as 'Johnny', who was killed in Malta early in 1941 at the height of the first Luftwaffe onslaught on the Island between the 'Illustrious Blitz' and the departure of the Germans in readiness for Operation Barbarossa. Having joined the RAF in February 1939, Southwell serv
  5. Hello everyone, I just squeaked my two builds for the Matchbox GB under the time limit and have a bucketful of Hurricanes to get built. I'd like to start with my wife's great-uncle's aeroplane... or at least something which will hopefully be as close as educated guesswork allows. A full bio can be found here so what I've got to do is interpret what V7799 would have looked like in March 1941 and then build it using the Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I Trop (new tool). Both Pilot Officer Southwell and his aeroplane were from 274 Sqn in Egypt and dispatched to reinforce 261 Sqn at the heigh
  6. I fixed her up and the results are in the Gallery - not quite as magically true as she was first time - and put the matt coat on where needed. Radio wires added. She's done. It's been an absolute pleasure to build both this kit and the Gladiator. Thank you all for your company and thanks to the hosts - it was a fun one!
  7. Sorry it all went a bit quiet. It's been a bit mad on all fronts with an ill wife, some interest in employing me and three kids on half term. I didn't quite manage to get the radio aerials done in time, but got her as finished as i could today and photographed her outdoors in moody winter twilight. Thanks for sticking with me and thanks to the guys for a very enjoyable GB. More in the gallery...
  8. Matchbox PK-8 Gloster Gladiator Mk.I Completed from the Revell reboxing using the Pavla decal sheet markings for 87 Sqn 1938, with additional research on the colours by Rowan Broadbent at Pheon Decals. Brush painted using Tamiya flat aluminium as the base shade and flat blue for the rest of the airframe, rigged using drill'n'fill technique and EZ Line fine gauge. Still a cracking little kit with a lovely outcome. Made for idiots like me to get a reasonably straight and true biplane! Build thread is here.
  9. Matchbox PK-1 Hawker Fury Mk.I Built straight from the Revell re-box using brush-painted Tamiya acrylics (mainly flat aluminium and chrome silver). Rigged using EZ Line (fine). Drill'n'fill technique. Build thread is here. A gem of a kit that's still really rewarding.
  10. The poll has closed on the choice of schemes and it's K8027 of 87 Squadron that's the winner by one vote, using decals from the Pavla set. Having confirmed with the Broadbents of Pheon renown, I'm going to follow their guidance on the colours as Rowan's research is excellent in these very matters. According to Rowan, after it became a Flight Commander's aeroplane, the blue areas of the scheme were increased onto the horizontal stabilisers and the 'hump' behind the cockpit glazing to make K8027 look like she does in the attached pic from the top of Pheon's excellent Gladiator decal
  11. Disaster! Overnight we were awoken to a crash. A mirror had fallen off the wall and fortunately not smashed because it had a soft landing - on my Fury! It was only a small mirror but it took a lot of stuff down with it. In view of the carnage the little Fury got off relatively lightly but it's the troublesome undercarriage that bore the brunt. Fingers crossed I can get it repaired and photographed ASAP.
  12. I'm done for tonight. Wings are on and the cabane struts have rigging. The engine is done and awaiting its chance to go on. The habitual problem of having interplane struts joined together in a single piece is that you can see the 'cheat bar' in its recess in the wing. I thought that I had shaved enough off these ones but the camera is a cruel mistress, so that will be a job for tomorrow, shaving them down. All in all, though, it was a productive evening and I'm happy with it.
  13. A little update... Here's the top wing mounted and aligned using the cabane struts. I've now put a second coat of aluminium on around the guns and painted them as they're going to be behind a cars cradle of rigging soon. I've finished detailing the engine and started painting the prop. I'll get those bottom wings on soon.
  14. Good point, well made! Top wing's on and the centre section struts are rigged. I'll put the bottom wings on and touch the engine up while I'm at it.
  15. Thanks, Steves! Will see how the poll shakes down tomorrow. In the meantime I started work yesterday with the cockpit and pilot, painting the engine, the cockpit canopy, the radiator and the exhausts. I've also been drilling the holes for threading my rigging through - as a result of which I now have a hole in my right index finger from drilling with only a miniature bit! Should at least remind me to buy an appropriate drill for said bit in future! Not least because there are lots more holes on a Gladiator than on a Fury. Anyway, here are the pics so far:
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