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  1. So far they have repacked: Hasegawa, Fujimi, Revell, Bronco, Dragon and Takom.
  2. Polish 309 Sqn was equipped with Mustang Is in 1942. Using one of them F/O Lewkowicz on 27/09/1942 conducted unauthorized attack on Stavanger to show the range of the Mustang. Full story: http://aircrewremembered.com/janusz-lewkowicz-unofficial-lone-attack-on-stavanger.html
  3. Overtrees for Bf-109E-1, E-3 and E-4/7 were available from the beginning of August IIRC. I bought mine on 22/08 for less than £5 each. Now they seem to be discontinued. https://www.eduard.com/index.php?&cl=details&anid=35996 https://www.eduard.com/index.php?&cl=details&anid=35997 https://www.eduard.com/index.php?&cl=details&anid=35998
  4. I thought it means that they'll just announce when the pre-orders for F4F-4 will start.
  5. According to what Mr Sulc wrote on Modelforum.cz they prefer to concentrate on Limited Edition kits as it gives more possibilities than Royal Class.
  6. August https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2021-08en.pdf
  7. I wonder if they've portrayed only Mr. Sulc or if the remaining 3 pilots also have faces of Eduard's employees.
  8. If they are really responsible for downsizing of Bf-109E ( which I doubt TBH) then we could have another of Eduard's 48th scale models done in 1/72: Tempest, Bf-109f/g/k, Mustang or even Spitfire Mk.I. One can hope... Or P-39...
  9. Unfortunately my delivery from Jadlam consisted only of Spitfire Vc. Beaufort to follow as noted on shipping advice. Bombers are always late at the rendezvous point
  10. Just got an email from Jadlam Model that my pre-order for the Beaufort and the Spitfire Vc has been shipped. Only Spitfire shown as In Stock though. Beaufort still as Pre-order.
  11. This is what Mr Sulc wrote re Eduard's new decals on ModelForum: source: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=26010 'The varnish on our decals is not a transfer foil. It's a normal standard topcoat, exactly the same as it has always been on them. The only difference is in the thickness of the paint layer. Based on complaints about problems with applying decals, we strengthened the varnish so that there were no problems with applying the decal. To prevent the decal from tearing, crumpling, the varnish from bending, etc. Compared to the original thickness of the varnish, which we took over from the original screen decals without change for the new digital decals, the new standard is about 60% stronger. It is basically a compromise, the aim of which is to achieve a state that the decal works well, but at the same time that its thickness does not interfere after application and that the decal does not protrude significantly above the surface of the model. I rule out any danger that the decal would not stick. These decals adhere perfectly, standardly copying the surface, problems can be on a more rugged surface, but using decal guides they copy the surface at least as much as any other decal. In my experience, however, they actually stretch even better, very willingly and without problems, even on a very rugged surface. If anyone had difficulty copying the relief of the dashboard, they should use decal water. It is perfectly normal for a decal not to get into relief without them. By the way, for this purpose, ie the use of a decal dashboard, we put a plastic part of the dashboard without relief in the kit and we state in the instructions the use of a decal for this part. If someone does not follow the instructions, they do so at their own risk and are not entitled to complaints. Therefore, if you apply these decals as standard, with or without decals, allow them to dry and varnish, which is the standard procedure for applying decals, you will get a standard and high-quality result. The decal is thin in the final, does not protrude above the surface, does not need to be varnished with a thick layer of varnish, the result is good, especially for larger decals, such as cockades or code letters. The varnish has irregular edges and may not always be perfectly centered with the colored part of the decal. This is not a mistake, it does not harm in any way, on the contrary, it helps to ensure that the paint is not visible on the surface of the model after painting. Of course, it is necessary to follow established procedures and respect the material. As with any other decal, work responsibly and carefully. No decal is applied by itself, and the ultimate responsibility for the application lies with the modeler himself. As for the possibility of peeling off the top coat from decals, yes, it is possible. However, we do not officially recommend this option to modelers and we do not mention it at all as a fundamental step in the application of decals. Peeling of the paint is not necessary. Another reason is that removing the paint is not complicated, but it still requires some experience and practice, and an untrained person has a relatively high chance of damaging the decal when removing the paint. On the other hand, I do not accept your objection that you do not have the opportunity to try removing the paint. In our models you always have an excess of decals, which you will not use when building a model, generally speaking Limitations or Profipacks will usually leave you with 4/5 decals, so with the rest you can train up to the allele and quite quickly become an expert in stripping decals In my opinion, it makes more sense to remove the varnish from the labels. It is also better there than with large areas of cockades or codes, in general, the smaller the area, the easier the work. So, to your last points: there are no standard and peeling decals. We only have one. You can approach them in two ways, but that is your choice and any peeling of the paint is at your own risk. On the other hand, for your money, we provide you with enough training material to learn the procedure for peeling, if you are interested. So you who bought the Spitfire Story or VLR are definitely not idiots and you didn't throw away fourteen hundred. We won't offer anything better, it doesn't matter if you buy the model now or later. On the contrary, because it is a Limit, it is better to buy sooner than later, because it may no longer be available later Vl.Šulc'
  12. Wojtek Bulhak announced new Hurricane Mk IIc w 1/48: skip to 1:43:10 https://scalemodelpodcast.com/podcast/scale-model-podcast-ep-51-arma-hobbies-do-one-thing-well/?utm_source=implebot&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=podcast&utm_term=podcast-announcement&utm_content=en Today's newsletter Hello Summertime makes people go out, and this year I did it the wrong way. Twisted knee and I am immobilised for some time. Hopefully, it would not delay any news from Arma Hobby. On the ScaleModelPodcast website you can hear Anthony Goodman talking with me about Arma Hobby kits. To make that conversation even more interesting, I have announced a kit, that will make you excited for sure. Unfortunately, the release date is shifted a half a year due to several factors out of our control, including pandemic. Meantime three different new kits are on the way, one will be announced shortly (September release) and two next in the following months. You can support Arma Hobby visiting our website and ordering models, paints and other products link. Yours Wojtek Bulhak Arma Hobby PS Last week of the July Preorders, check here and get the second set of plastic parts in a deal package. Great news methink Seboo
  13. According to Distributor leaflet: 'In October, we will release Spitfire Mk.Ia in ProfiPack 1/48th scale line, another item related to the Battle of Britain 80th anniversary.' https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2020-09en.pdf
  14. It seems that hot items of 2019/2020 are biplanes in 1/32. Great
  15. I got the email welcoming me to the Club on Friday 12:13PM. It had my membership number and I was able to access Club pages straight away. I paid £4.98 for delivery and ordered some paint as well but it looks like my order is still being processed. Maybe Plus orders with Kate are taking longer to process?
  16. According to Wojtek Matusiak's Zumbach Donalds ISBN 83-916229-4-0 there were 3 Mk. Vb with Donald Duck emblems: BM144 ( with 2 different emblems to complicate things), EP594 and EN951. Donald Duck emblems where getting bigger on each subsequent Spitfire. New tool Revell's Spitfire Mk. Vb (03897) has decals for EN951. EDIT: Just realized the picture you've attached is for replicated EN951.
  17. Testshots https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/beaufort-test-frames-and-a-scale-flying-legend?utm_campaign=2617305_Airfix - Workbench - Week 49 2019%2F2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Hornby PLC&_%24ja=tsid%3A71284&dm_i=2DJZ,1K3IX,22ZKTE,59OET,1
  18. Spitfire Mk. I 1/48 OMG!!! Add new Eduard and reissued Airfix and talk about being spoilt
  19. Wojtek writes: 'Our next models will be selected from among popular international themes, preferably, though not always in connection with Polish aviation.'
  20. It was price before shipping charges. I bought several more kits taking advantage from 25% discount. Shipping in my case was circa the price of 2x 1/48 Spitfire Overtrees kits (CZK 439).
  21. I paid for mine CZK 1271.25 after BFC -25%. Still £42 for brand new Royal Class set is really good value.
  22. Pre-order available: http://www.armahobby.com/70035-hawker-hurricane-mk-iic-expert-set.html No free overtrees this time it seems.
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