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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates... I've spent the bulk of the last two weeks modelling time, and more than a can of tamiya TS-45, getting the pearl white coat on the car. the paint's so thin that it's taken over 20 coats to cover the grey primer. going back, I realise I should have painted over the primer with white, then the pearl over the top of that, but it didn;t occur to me at the time that a paint could cover so poorly..
  2. thing is, I don;t need something that looks like a legit UK plate. I need a UK-sized and shaped plate, but the actual "GT86" lettering on it is toyota's own font.
  3. looking at sites, the RRP seems to be £45. should be out in a couple of weeks. mine was 29.99 inc shipping. Aoshima are also doing one, and the Subaru version, which, based on the parts breakdown, Tamiya are planning to do as well. the only exteror changes are the front bumper and small trim parts, and they're all seperated onto two small sprues - one white, one chromed.
  4. I've been keenly following the (long) gestation of toyota's new small sports car for some time and back in June I was lucky enough to win the chance to drive one up the hill at the goodwood festival of speed. Seeing as my only hope of owning one in the next few years is as a model, I thought it would be cool to build a model of the specific car I drove- this one: The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 by Toyota UK, on Flickr Tamiya's kit isn't out in the uk just yet so I grabbed one from eBay. It looks like a good kit, but the part breakdown looks a little awkward. The engine block and in
  5. very nice - love the engine detail.
  6. Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex (AE86) Initial D 4th stage spec (Project D vs Todou Jouku race) Kit: Aoshima Extras: none Paints: exterior is rattle cans. Engine bay/ interior is citadel
  7. Yeah I think it's supposed to just be a flat black, with the box art just looking that way as it's hand drawn in black and white pencil then coloured over the top. In the manga, the black bonnet is said to be carbon fibre, but none of the reference I have shows any sign of weave, so I figured just leave it plain black.
  8. It's finally done. There's quite a bit I'm not happy with, but overall I'd say this is the best I've done with 1/24 car kits. The chrome edging around the upper window frame is the part that was broken in the box. Getting it on was nerve-wracking as it was gluing directly on to the "glass" with very small parts. Pop up headlights popped up. The kit didn't come with anime-accurate number plates (just the initial d logo), so I've left these blank. Might try home-printing some plate transfers in the future if I'm feeling brave. Back end of the car, with those nice coloured lights that
  9. So, with the extended deadline... this was where I was about a week beforfe the deadline struck - masked and painted the black window borders: I then spent the next week building this with my Son: after we got the extension, I went back to work, and started to get the bottom half of the car together This is a bit tricky on Aosima cars as they come with sprung suspension so there's a goo deal of holding the thing together waiting for it to dry while the springs on the suspension struts try and pop the lower wishbones off. got it all together and popped the body back on to check I'd g
  10. oops. missed the deadline. for some dumb reason I thought this was going to the end of june and I spent the last week's evening assembling a Tamiya Hornet R/C car for my son...
  11. It depends on your definition. spruce goose has biggest wingspan, the more modern jets are longer. from: http://www.aerospaceweb.org/question/design/q0188.shtml
  12. More progress (and challenges). I noticed on friday night that there was some overstray on the bootlid. after re-masking, repainting the affected area, when I removed the tape, some of the paint lifted. after much retouching with a brush, and then sanding back, I got it back to somewhere near presentable. Then, I proceeded to make a total mess of the bumpers by going too fast with the black, which meant sanding back and repriming. anyway, last night, to give myself a break from endless bodywork work. I moved to on the motive power. after taking this, I noticed the gold blob on the intake
  13. Progress! After a few coats of spray white, 2 hours masking, and patient buildiong up of thing layers of gloss black spray, the "panda" bodyshell is painted. Much neater than the "practice" car. I took a photo this morning, but it;s come out really poorly - I'll take another when I get home.
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