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  1. 1 hour ago, Stef N. said:

    I have just used Mr Color 171 as suggested by Hasegawa for their Marlboro Yamaha and, in the cold light of day, it is nowhere near their decal colour. It is far further on the orange scale than the red. Hopefully a couple more coats and the gloss coat will darken it.

    It's a bit of a minefield this Marlboro Red.

    It's a common problem trying to match paint to decal colour and almost impossible. I remember visiting the Donington GP Collection many years ago where they had many McLaren F1 cars from the 80's and 90's. None of the decals on the cars matched the painted areas exactly. After that I gave up trying and just went with whatever paint I preferred.

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  2. The Nissan 240RS is Ral 3024. Tamiya TS-36 is probably the easiest to get hold of in a spray can. Or you can sometimes get Ral 3024 mixed into a spray can on eBay. When I finally get round to mine I'll be using Mr Color #173, which is what is recommended by Beemax, but you need an airbrush to apply it..

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  3. Depends what I'm painting, but for example a car body which  I'll always prime using either Tamiya aerosol primer, or Mr Surfacer 1200. Sometimes on non body parts I will use no primer at all. The Mr Color lacquer can be sprayed straight onto the plastic with good results.

  4. It's looking nice now, nearly there Gary. That guard at the front does look a little odd? On most of the references I have, you can't actually see it. I know the instructions say to paint it in white, but I'd be tempted to paint it black myself. It looks like it should fit further in and not hang down as much? I'm no expert mind, so I'm not entirely sure...

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  5. 1 minute ago, keefr22 said:


    In which case Steve I'd leave the ride height as it is in the kit.




    Yes, I'm not sure if they ran the cars with tarmac wheels and tyres, but a gravel suspension set-up on the RAC? I'm thinking gravel suspension with tarmac wheels and tyres myself..

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  6. 39 minutes ago, keefr22 said:

     IIRC mine are from Rennaissance.




    Mine are the same. I've just had a look. Got the tarmac suspension units that slightly lowers the ride height and also a set of 4 wheels and tyres, the same style as the one's Gary has at the rear, I think they may be called Ronal wheels? I intend to try and model 1986 RAC Rally if possible..

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  7. Can anyone recommend a solid white decal paper for a laser printer? I've produced some home made decals but the paper I've used is very thin and translucent. When I'm placing it on the model it's going over blue and white and I can see the blue through it terribly. Anyone used something better, what brand etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  8. I often use Zero paints pure white as a sort of white primer. It covers very well. You can either clear coat it for gloss, or spray the Halfords white straight over it. You'll get a really solid white coat either way..

  9. 2 hours ago, Harry_the_Spider said:

    Going to give this a go.


    I've only got access to an ink jet and need some white decals, so I'll be using white paper.


    However, I'll have to cut right up to the decal to avoid a white border. Has anyone tried cutting them first then fixing them with Microscale?

    They'll only bleed out when placed into water if the edges are not sealed correctly. Cutting them out first, followed by the sealing coat should work out fine. Just make sure to fully cover the edges..

  10. 3 hours ago, Windy37 said:

    It's kind of humbling to know I'm inspiring fellow builders !

    The Metro' s do well on tarmac settings and cooling discs on their wheels , Steve . 

     Gary . 

    Well, I hope you're proud of yourself Gary for costing me a small fortune for the kit, extra tarmac wheels, decals, paints etc 🙄 

    Mrs Noble was very happy when it all arrived last week, not!! I have a hard time justifying model kits to her at the best of times, but after seeing how nicely yours was when finished I just couldn't resist getting one.

    By the way if you want the corrected driver names decals I can send you some when I print them? Let me know.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Windy37 said:

    That's good to know that Belkits have spotted and corrected their mistake . 

      Thanks for the comments 

      Gary  . 

    I bought one too, mainly due to this build by Gary. Sadly I must have an earlier production as the decals in mine are incorrect. However, I've already drafted one up in Adobe Illustrator ready to print, so all is not lost. I may look to do a different rally to Monte Carlo as I prefer the tarmac wheels. I'm thinking '86 Tour de Corse...

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