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  1. ..little bit more done... ..I wanted to check the cabane strut alignment against the little spigots I included on the brass tube 'core' at the heart of the model. These are quite complicated in as much as they angle forwards and outwards, plus obviously define the position (and strength) of the upper wing.. ..I translated some specific drawings on the plans into some card templates and added dummy tube struts to see where I was at.. ..after some fettling and small bends on the spigots, I got it good enough for now..
  2. evening folks Happy New Year folks and thanks for all your kind comments ..thought I would drop in with a little update.. ..I started to work on the vacformed fuselage, with the first thing to do being to cut holes where the inner brass framework that supports the cabane struts and the inner fuselage structure & wing spars goes to see if it all fits inside - thankfully it does.. after that, I laid the halves onto plans to transfer the positions of panel lines and the definition between the metal and stringer areas and added the rear s
  3. Seasons Greetings all Thank you for the tips and advice on replicating fabric covering - I will check them out Hi Antonis great to see you here my friend - I will check this out - for anyone reading this thread - you must check out rOEN911's digital aviation artwork on Artstation - he is responsible for much of the superb artwork on my packaging and for other manufacturers like Copperstate, RS, Flypast and more- stuff like this... ..it is quite incredible and an other worldly talent.. so, been busy with a couple of things
  4. Morning ladies Thanks Keith - I will skin the wings with plastic, vacform the fuselage (adding stringer efects to that), skin the nose in metal but for an actual fabric effect I am not sure yet how I will do that ..after a little interlude on the wings, I went back to the cockpit.. here, behind the instrument panel, you can see some shapes for the ammo boxes and feed / eject chutes - they are the diagonal lines above the left & right bits of the panel, and the ribbed metal panels below it - it turns out the mysterious cogwheel assemblies to t
  5. Thank you chaps - very kind I thought I might change things up a bit having been in the 'pit for a few weeks (and while I search for pics or drawings of the ammo boxes / chutes...) so thought I might make a start on the lower wings. These are more simple than the uppers (no ailerons) so are better candidates to learn on.. .. I copied the techniques in the Alcorn book - they made it look straightforward ..first up make a brass template of the rib - thankfully these are constant chord across the span until it gets to the tip.. the holes they are pinned throu
  6. evening chaps Thanks Chris - actually I have a pretty small, cramped desk with a mini-lathe (that is currently broken) and a mini proxxon milling machine - I just wish I had a fantastic workshop! Thank you very much - all the wiring will be display only - there is no way I am going to even try and make things like control surfaces work! Many thanks Chris - I am also intrigued about the fabric I have yet to solve it, but have ruled out tissue/dope and iron on RC materials - so will have to fig
  7. evening chaps - thank you, very kind so, as I said last time, I started to detail the sidewalls in which there are many bits & bobs that mainly are mini models in their own right.. starting with the R/H wall - here we have a conduit housing on the far left, a big brass ki-gas pump, a sort of pull handle on the top rail and a couple of push switches... ..on the L/H wall a trim wheel made from laminates of 0.5mm ply, some big ratchet handle and a small lever quadrant on the top rail - there is another o
  8. afternoon ladies Thanks so much for the encouragement not so much a WIP as a status update... but I found I had got to the point I really needed a jig I could put the side frames in and out of so I could work up assemblies that go in them.. ..this is just a sheet of perspex with a drawing I made from the plan stuck to it and then a bunch of hold points that hold the spar / brass front end, and then the side frames in the right place & orientation.. i had missed the side frames are canted inwards after the seat - I thought that was further b
  9. evening chaps so, only a few pics, but this has been a lot of work... ..the rudder pedals & control assembly seen here in a lovely old ink drawing... notice the pedestal assembly, the star control wheel assembly, the pedals & pistons... all need to be made.. ..started at the bottom with the pedestal - this is just tube and tiny litho bits to look like a casting.. ..then the star wheel assembly with a PE star and some bits - the threaded rod is a watch part.. ..and the pedals
  10. thanks guys been a bit busy on the Fury - much of what I started to do has been binned and remade, so while you have seen this, you haven't seen the accurate version ..first I remade the tubular framework with squared joints which was a way Hawker managed to joint tubes in this way.. here also some of the brackets are being added (with dummy ali tubes) that support the control stick / rudder pedal assembly.. ..checking the alignment again by putting both side frames together..this is crucial for everything to be true &
  11. Thanks guys - Chris those pics are particularly helpful - thank you I have been at the bench, but not modelling.. I have taken the drawings and photo's I have and have prepared the PE needed for the interior of the Fury - hundreds of parts in total. I also prepared the instruments which I will get made as decals in my next airscale stock order.. first the PE fret - this has an F4U panel in the corner for a fellow modeller in 1/18 who goes to the n'th degree like I try to to be accurate in every detail (you know who you are Jay...) ..here we have brackets, IP
  12. need help chaps - does anyone have even one period picture of a Fury instrument panel? ..have a few of resto's & the Nimrod, but nothing like a contemporaneous Pilots notes picture showing one back in the day thanks in advance (& with fingers crossed) Peter
  13. so after an early start, I am back from my research trip I spoke to Guy Black this morning and he allowed me full access to K5674 in Hangar 3 in Duxford - anyone who knows the warbird circuit will know of Guy, he is a legend in bringing old birds back to life through AeroVintage & Retrotec and operating them. It was a real privelege for me Took loads of pictures - unfortunately a tonneau cover was over the cockpit and the security guy (probably rightly) didn't want to mess with it - but for the exterior I have everything ..these of the U/C will definat
  14. Hi & welcome to the forums If you go through the contact us page on my website I can email the PDF back to you as it's not online, I got my printer to make up the PDF from images I found in an old RC Model magazing www.airscale.co.uk Thanks Peter
  15. Thanks ladies a bit more done.. ..the undercarriage legs are something I thought I might start without drawings as I have a fair bit of dimensional info off the 4 view I do have.. we can see here there is a lower aerofoil compression strut that is in a wider upper housing, with the axle (looking like a rod, but is also aerofoil) and a complex bunch of fittings either end to mount the main strut, trailing strut and bracing wires.. ..to make the aerofoil compression strut I tried a number of things, from lef
  16. Thank you ..after posting the pics of the control grip I was really bothered by how crap the cotton wrap looked..so I stripped it off.. ..then I painted it in maskol masking rubber & painted that instead... ..I am happier with how this looks on another note, on Monday I am going up near Duxford to meet with someone who has nearly 2,000 factory drawings of the Fury which I am allowed to access and photograph - really thrilled about that as it is becoming a problem having no references
  17. Evening folks Thank you for all your kind comments – I will try and live up to them! ..got a little bit done since last time – added the seat height adjuster – an industrial sized lever indeed.. ..also used this and one other photo to try and make up the control column assembly in which the control stick itself goes through a casting which is itself mounted on a rod going fore & aft.. ..you can see the stick as the grey vertical rod in front of the seat, and the transverse black rod below it
  18. mojo noun informal a quality that makes you successful and full of energy: · He's definitely lost his mojo. · He needs to get his mojo working if he's going to finish that model Well, I lost mine over the last few months in a big way. For many reasons I just lost interest in my Fw190 and so it has been shelved for now. It's one of those inexplicable things, those that remember the 1/24 Tigercat maybe know I have form in this area .. Instead, I have found a new source of mojo which has seen me back at t
  19. Thanks folks & good afternoon It’s been a while since an update, simply because I have had to reconfigure our house and move my office / workshop to a smaller room to give what I had snagged as the biggest room in the house as a family room as my eldest daughter is expecting and I am to be a Grandad! They don’t live with us (thank God!), but we will need more space for entertaining so I moved lock, stock & barrel into the old Lounge – also bought a display cabinet I had my eye on as part of the bribe… ..but I have now picked up
  20. Hey folks Hey SD - they are custom decals - I am pleased with how they look Bit more Fw190 action.. I have been hopping about trying to phase things so I don’t for example do the interior then bash it about while trying to do some heavy engineering on the wings, but in some ways some of it doesn’t matter as any part you pick, ultimately has to be done sometime.. I thought I would get the tailplanes out of the way, so scaled the Bentley plans and made a 2mm card blank – let in and added a rod spar that is located where there is
  21. afternoon my friends Something arrived in the post this week which has meant I could crack on with my favourite part of any build.. ..this stack are the custom decals for the 190 that I had in the corner of a layout sheet for an airscale restock. The good thing is they are super high quality decals, the bad thing is I have 75 copies as that was the sheet order size for one of the layouts… I only need one of any decal on the sheet as I have so many copies and it keeps the sheet size down, plus there are a few bits on there for friends ..a
  22. quite remarkable! I have the luxury of working in 1/18 scale and I don't even think I could do what you have done given unlimited time and talent.. the fact this is 1/72 simply elevates it into the work of a magician not a modeller jaw well and truly dropped.. Peter
  23. Afternoon gentlemen Some Fw190 bobbins for your entertainment.. ..I painted the layers of PE for the instrument panel – there is a backplate (not shown), a layer with just the bezel surrounds and the blanked instrument in black, and the detail layer in RLM66.. The lower panel has some colour coding (thanks Roger) for the instruments that are on their way and should be here next week.. ..also made the ‘Ausgleichsgefäss’ that sits under the main panel from many punched discs (the 3D print didn’t really work..)
  24. Hi folks Eric from Aircorps Aviation who restored the real Lopes Hope 3rd has been in touch asking for some pictures for the current owner – I thought as I had them, I might share them as I haven’t done an RFI post It’s not actually finished yet as I am waiting for the display case to be built so it can go in there dust free and safe, but there are only a few things to do like aerials, fix the canopy parts properly & detail them, and the drop tanks & mounts The final pic is with a US aircraft compass to give a sense of scale
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