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  1. MkI Hurricane 31' 11'' MkII 32' 3". 4inches. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Not a two speed supercharger? May need some clarifcation what you mean. Plus, my references say that it was a 4.5 inch extension.
  3. The 4.5 inch plug was introduced to move the centre of gravity forward to allow or balance due to the Merlin XX engine. Is this not correct? Please forgive my ingnorance.
  4. If their proposed Lancaster looks the same, it's as if I've died and gone to Heaven!
  5. I feel like telling him the the war is over, we are all mates now, and we stopped Hurricane production in 1945! Great modelling and I sooooo look forward to the next in the series! Jas
  6. Really nicely done. Captures the effort and weariness that they had to endure to free the Falklands. Great tribute and very atmospheric.
  7. I hear the battle cry of 'No taxation without representation!'
  8. Really nice Lanc. I wonder what happened to AJ-G?
  9. I read the cockpit to tower recording. The captain said something was below them, and TCAS didn't go off. I presume that it wasn't another commercial flight, as TCAS is used on commercial flights. Not military aircraft of ourselves. They claimed it was larger than a ballon, but couldn't recognise or make out a shape of an aircraft. Spooky. There's probably a rational explanation for it. But blow me if I know what it is!! And reports like this can often spell the end of commercial pilots job prospects, so to report this must be taken seriously.
  10. We're the bottoms painted sky?
  11. I vote for more pictures! Great model matey.
  12. I think you know what I mean!
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