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  1. For me minimum standard is that I don't have to replace parts because they are completely misshapen or that it fits where it touches. An example of basic kit that meet this standard is the 1/72 Airfix Spitfire PR XIX, quite basic, big trenches, but the shape is there and when assembled from the box is not too bad (no tailplanes at different height or longitudinally, all of it look as the same standard, not one wing fine line and the other big ones, etc etc) I am going by memory about the Spitfire, so I may be wrong. Paolo
  2. I disagree I think there should be a minimum standard, and giving a pass to a manufacturer because he produced a bad kit of a plane we like should not happen Paolo
  3. Yes I am waiting for that one too. They have most of the tools, just a new nose and some antennas, how many years in the catalogue now?
  4. No chances from my point of view. If they didn't do it when it was heavily used (Kossovo air campaign) no chance now that it is on its way out
  5. Thank you. exactly that, only 2 bombs on the outside to provide for clearance in the undercarriage.
  6. Thank you for all the suggestions. I have a Fujimi non- Spey Phantom kit, but it is 1000 km from me at the moment! Shame I didn't check it at xmas. I will have to fill the holes on the top of the wings I already did and cut the lumps on the bottom. Thank you very much, when it is a little more progressed I will post a couple of pictures here Paolo
  7. Hello All I am currently building an Hasegawa F-4B and I would like to finish it as an early VF-84 plane, when they had the flag on the tail instead of the full tail painted black. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me: in Osprey combat aircraft 116 US Navy F-4 units of the Vietnam war 1964-68 there is a profile of a jet that is very similar to the one I am planning to build, it is armed with MERs on the outer pylons , do you know of any aftermarket where I can get the pylons without the tanks? CAM 72-006 the decal sheet I would like to use, has newer ejection warning triangles with red center triangles, from all the pictures I saw of phantom of that era the triangles should be the first version, full of writing. Do you know where I can find a set in 1/72? Last question, from all the pictures I saw the 4 lumps on the underside of the wing, two just below the intakes and 2 at the back close to the flaps, should be removed for planes so early in the Phantom story, am I correct? Thank you Paolo
  8. I will only believe they released the kit when the kit will be in my hands, same as the HH-101
  9. The US had some C-27A
  10. To go from Tracer to Trader you need the S-2 wings. From Trader to S-2 new fuselage and nacelles Let's hope!
  11. Let's hope a S-2, especially an S-2F will come later. The tracer will be in my to get list!
  12. /sarcasm on This is the year we will see the HH-101 in 1/72 /sarcasm off
  13. They are including the range finder, I can do Lope's hope from the box, it seems.
  14. Very happy about the Tempest mk.II, Let's hope for the first version of Indian roundels like this one https://images.app.goo.gl/6sjyqrpS1bNNxcyX8
  15. My figure painting skills are not good enough in 1/72, even the most fervid imagination would be able to see that from figures painted by me in 1/144!
  16. First I don't see any problem in a pin-up decal on a plane. I remember I bought the original Airfix B-17 with my mom when I was 10 or so and that one had a pin-up on the box art, my mom didn't had any problem at the time. I also think as said before that a building a bomber and then being shocked by pin-up decal is quite misguided. We should be careful, if this the approach only airliners will be offered soon (no war, no sex content), and then only gliders (not polluting), Be careful what you wish!
  17. Interesting. I had a very quick look around the web but I didn't found it anywhere. Do you know where I can get it?
  18. Great pictures. Does anybody knows the status of Italeri HH-101C caesar? The scheme is included in the xtradecal sheet but I don't know if there is any conversion around- Cheers Paolo
  19. Very interesting Thank you. Do you know if there is a list extant with all the squadrons that received their standards before the 1960?
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