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  1. I will only believe they released the kit when the kit will be in my hands, same as the HH-101
  2. The US had some C-27A
  3. To go from Tracer to Trader you need the S-2 wings. From Trader to S-2 new fuselage and nacelles Let's hope!
  4. Let's hope a S-2, especially an S-2F will come later. The tracer will be in my to get list!
  5. /sarcasm on This is the year we will see the HH-101 in 1/72 /sarcasm off
  6. Very happy about the Tempest mk.II, Let's hope for the first version of Indian roundels like this one https://images.app.goo.gl/6sjyqrpS1bNNxcyX8
  7. My figure painting skills are not good enough in 1/72, even the most fervid imagination would be able to see that from figures painted by me in 1/144!
  8. First I don't see any problem in a pin-up decal on a plane. I remember I bought the original Airfix B-17 with my mom when I was 10 or so and that one had a pin-up on the box art, my mom didn't had any problem at the time. I also think as said before that a building a bomber and then being shocked by pin-up decal is quite misguided. We should be careful, if this the approach only airliners will be offered soon (no war, no sex content), and then only gliders (not polluting), Be careful what you wish!
  9. Interesting. I had a very quick look around the web but I didn't found it anywhere. Do you know where I can get it?
  10. Great pictures. Does anybody knows the status of Italeri HH-101C caesar? The scheme is included in the xtradecal sheet but I don't know if there is any conversion around- Cheers Paolo
  11. Very interesting Thank you. Do you know if there is a list extant with all the squadrons that received their standards before the 1960?
  12. Hi XV107 Do you mean that with the very small numbers of squadrons in existence now there is no hope for a squadron with less the 25 years service, or it is a formal rule, no squadron without standard will be considered? Thank you
  13. I hope they will release the HH-101, it was in their 2016 catalogue but disappeared a few months into the year.
  14. Great pictures Tony, thank you! By any chance do you have more? Cheers Paolo
  15. I wonder if the financial situation will push Airfix to relase the easy update such as metal wing Hurricane and a Spitfire Vb and Vc
  16. As far as I can see they are different planes
  17. I think an M-346 is a good subject for any manufacturer, it has a few users and hopefully more in the future. It can also be loaded with bombs and other ordinance so it is not just a trainer.
  18. Hello Thank you for the suggestion, I had a look around and found there is more than one product, which one are you suggesting? Cheers Paolo
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