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  1. Hello sr, do you have an OtakiĀ Tristar willing to sell at reasonable price? I have never seen one up close šŸ˜¦

  2. If only this kit could be CAD designed by Stratosphere Models (I hear they are very good at CAD designing) using station diagrams drawn in red and blue sketches by Robertson (and his immeasurable expertise), and the whole thing marketed by Brasil Decals (only PayPal gift option, thank you) ...
  3. Hi Jackson, The A321 kit features chevron exhaust cones for the CFM56 engines & extra strakes for both CFM56 & V2500 engines. Regarding 2016 releases, a 787-9 is announced, they seem to have corrected a bit the fuselage fairing, test shot photos are already circulating. An Il-76 Candid is also planned (Ultimate Kit, with flaps and slats extended) but I don't think test shots are out yet.
  4. Niki, Thank you for the decal link, it will come handy because I just started one. 757 mldg bogies are 216cm long (including wheels) vs 192cm on the bogie A320. In 1/144 the difference is 1.7mm, I'd say not huge. On the 4 wheeled bogies A320s, the gear bogie door (on the W/F fairing) is of a slightly different shape and 223cm long - 15.5mm in 1/144 vs 183cm long - 12.7mm in 1/144 on regular A320s. The mldg bay may very well be the same size but the opening is bigger to allow the bogie stowing. Out of curiosity, are you building the Zvezda or Revell kit ? Will be following this topic for sure !
  5. Man, that's NIIICE, looking forward to this build ! I have a few early releases of the Airfix DC-10 but they don't have such sink marks, I guess you will get rid of them with thick surfacer ?
  6. Darren, Will follow this build for sure, this MD-11 is IMHO one of Welsh's nicest kit in 1/144, along with their great 747SP. Welsh kits are very exciting to build, they just need more attention when separating the main parts from the vacformed sheets and sanding down the excess plastic, not forgetting strengthening the joints with plastic strips.
  7. I find it GREAT !!! It's marred with prominent raised rivets but once sanded away, it makes the kit shine even more. Remember it's a 70s kit so some parts are devoid of any detail (basic and chunky wheels, basic ldg, no clear part for the windshield, 0.5mm deep recessed pax windows) but I think it's much much better than Airfix's -100 then -200 kits. I didn't see this reissue coming, I'll buy loads of them.
  8. I can picture how incredible this Candid will be, plus if you imagine all the special versions that can be quite easily made from, we're in for a feast ! That's just my opinion but Zvezda should later consider the Mriya instead of the Ruslan, AFAIK the An-225 has never been kitted before and the An-124 is still easily available from Revell (beautiful kit). Anyway, I like that brand so much (I just got their 1/48 Pe-2, absurdly amazing kit) they could tool a 1/450 glider I would still be happy.
  9. I'm dead certain they will, after all they brought a few corrections to their A321 kit (smaller correct pax windows, altered vertical stabiliser root, main ldg brake assembly runner gate better located, etc).I hope they will correct the wing/fuselage fairing, wing root thickness, rear fuselage belly compound curve and main ldg strut thickness on this new -9 kit. I was hoping on an "Ultimate Kit" tag for all of their new 1/144 releases but it looks like it's only on selected kits.
  10. J... Jennings, is that you ?
  11. Entirely true, however I'm absolutely certain the Asian brands (especially Tamiya & Hasegawa) would have done a better job. Nah, will try vacform it.
  12. bbudde, you did the review ? Well done, great photos ! I prefer much more modellversium to ipmsdeutschland because your reviews feature more detailed photos which help appreciate the details. I'm just having issues with some of the Halifax's clear parts, especially the nose tip... so thick, just like on their B-17G kit.
  13. Wonderful build, the wheels look splendid on your build. The only photo available of the stock Modelsvit wheels make them look very basic, now it's true the photo is pixelized but in such a detailed kit, I would have expected multipart wheels. Do you plan offering these wheels for sale or was it just a one-off for your build?
  14. The following link gives you an insight of what's good on both kits, nearing the end of the page : http://www.72scale.com/aircraft/Lockheed/C-130.htm
  15. The Heller Coast Guard ref. 80385 is the Italeri kit reboxed. I forgot to add that Airfix also played this game of reboxing other's kits and their ref. 09003 (GB, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand decals) is in fact also the Italeri kit. Mind you, the Italian kit is not a bad one, it actually looks more modern, better moulded but if I can choose between the Airfix or the Italeri, I'll go the 1st anytime as its fuselage cross section features a more pronounced "chin" at floor level and the windshield geometry is more accurate. The ESCI is another mould, not related to the Airfix and Italeri ones. It's fully recessed, feature a large 1 piece canopy that's too curvy (IRL the windshield is made of flat panes, faceted). Italeri reboxed it, ref. 1310, AC-130H Spectre. Basically, if you're after something that looks like a Hercules, all kits will fit the bill. If you're after a pleasant build, enjoy perfectly moulded plastic, reasonable detail level, beautifully printed decals on the recent rereleases, I'd suggest the Italeri kit. If you prefer a slightly more accurate kit OOB but are ready to endure more flashes, thicker trailing edges and inferior clear parts, go the Airfix route. I can't suggest the ESCI kit, I really don't like it.
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