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Slippery Jim

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  1. Slippery Jim

    * 90 mm Andrea Minatures 'Feldwebel'

    Apologies for the total lack of updates etc., unfortunately the Feldwebel has had to make a temporary withdrawal due to the "High Command" ordering the clearing of the workbench (dining table) shortly after his arrival. However, hostilites will resume after "Operation Roast Turkey With All The Trimmings," hopefully.
  2. Slippery Jim

    Look what I found in the wifes wardrobe

    For Gods' sake, don't leave the instruction sheet lying around where she can see it.
  3. If it were me, I'd try just giving the eyes a dab or two of gloss varnish to give them a 'wet' surface and let ambient light do the work on catchlights.
  4. Slippery Jim

    * Hawker Hector

    Forgive me please, but I have to say that this looks indeed like a ........ ......Naughty Old Hector... I'll get my coat.
  5. I know I said that I'd make an early Stug III, but then I saw this. Box pics etc when the kit arrives in midweek
  6. Slippery Jim

    Looking for armoured inspiration

    Try looking at this site. This guy models armour in all sorts of states of disrepair
  7. I'd say that you've got it bang on the money. Excellent work.
  8. Interesting build log of one of those here
  9. Slippery Jim

    Track Blackener

    I must have missed that thread. Pauls website is being upgraded and I couldn't see it on there, otherwise I'd have got some from him
  10. Slippery Jim

    Track Blackener

    That's a suprise, it was working ok on Sunday when I ordered some
  11. Slippery Jim

    Best way to be allowed acces to museum aircraft?

    A polite letter to the Curator of the museum detailing your points of special interest and the reasons why, also, offering to share the results of your research with the museum may help your case.
  12. Slippery Jim

    Track Blackener

    Just found this linkage Review Here more linkage
  13. Slippery Jim

    Airfix Dalek

    Eek ! I'm off to hide behind the sofa
  14. Slippery Jim

    Used my airbrush for 1st time - cheer me up

    Try having a look for Airbrush Techniques on YouTube, there's bound to be lots of tutorial videos there. Hth
  15. Slippery Jim

    Bish Bosh.....

    Finished the build, apart from 3 transparent parts for the lights which I'll put on when I (eventually) paint it, in about 4 hours today.