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  1. A nice surprise to see a thread pop up re the DC-6. I'm presently finishing the artwork on four sheets we are releasing for the type. Interesting to see each of the fuselages lined up together, something I've not seen someone take the time to do before.
  2. I visited the Comet Racer project at Egginton last year. A lovely group of people and fascinating to see the aircraft under restoration and listen to them talking about their project. Well worth a visit if you can.
  3. Perhaps they are trying to make Duxford a little more "exclusive" and get it onto the calender of "essential must do" British Summer activities. It's pretty much priced me out of been able or more importantly willing to take my family to experience it. £83 for a family ticket for their season opener, about the same for Legends and now another £5 for parking. I think we paid £43 in advance for Cosford last year all in. Plenty of other shows around for a more reasonable price that are long enough to hold mine and the kids attentions. I was more shocked at this story re the price and portion of food at Duxford though. http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?137479-Duxford-Diary-(2016)&p=2291682#post2291682
  4. I'm a bit of a newbie to the whole civil jet modelling world so apologies in advance for what's probably a daft question. What's the best paint match for the blue seen on Pan - Am aircaft ? Is the blue of the Pan Am titles etc seen on the Billboard scheme the same as the blue stripe the preceding earlier livery ? Many thanks in advance :-)
  5. I was just about to offer the same memories. Superb display team and one of the most original acts to grace the UK circuit. Great model btw.
  6. Wonder how far away from flight The guys at St Athan are with Gannet AEW XL500. I read today that they are a couple of months away from ground runs so would it be wrong to be hoping that next year we could see......... Is there a name for a collective of Gannets ?
  7. Genuine question here from someone not upon the process of aircraft design. In Formula 1 the teams can model and understand what the airflow is doing once it's passed over/through their car. I've heard that some teams are able to modify their aero package to make it harder for following cars to get close and into an overtaking position by making the air more dirty. So knowing that F1 has an understanding of this why is the Atlas in a position where very little seems able to follow behind or jump out of it ? Was this something that wouldn't have been looked at during design ?
  8. Is there any news on a possible release date for the Sunderland ?
  9. We have just announced decals (which includes full stencils) for Nimrod R1 XV249 in its retirement scheme. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234990041-bae-nimrod-r1p-xv249-retirement-scheme-2011/
  10. A thread here on PPrune with interesting claims re the possibility of military use. http://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/297262-raf-concordes.html
  11. I am just finalising the completed artwork for our decal sheet of the above airframe. On the starboard side forward fuselage door there is a list of names. All the images I can find (including my own from visiting the airframe) show the list to be damaged and incomplete. Possibly from her move to Cosford ? Does anybody have a good quality picture of this list of names pre-damage ? Many thanks in advance for any help offered. Regards Martin
  12. I was just searching for the same information with no luck. Almost tempted with this build despite my reservations about this kind of thing in the past. It's the only car that my wife aspires to us owning.
  13. RAF Museum holds drawings/plans of some buildings as well. You can contact their research deparemt through the RAF Museum website.
  14. I've always had a soft spot for the Tomtit. Lovely looking model.
  15. Fancy a sponsor Rich ? I've a few P-51 Mustang decal sheets due out shortly. I'm sure that I could out sort a prize or two. Drop me a PM if your interested in chatting further.
  16. Listening to Siouxsie & The Banshees while packing our VC10 decals.

    1. lasermonkey


      A man of taste!

  17. Got your email & will try and reply at some point today. I had a busy day yesterday and wanted to compose something with thought rather than fire off a half baked reply to you. You raised some interesting points ;-)
  18. 100 new Facebook likes in 24 hours. Result.

  19. PM sent Dan. Please understand that by conversing via emails I will need extensions to the timetable/deadlines you are suggesting lol
  20. Very nice looking model. Enjoying seeing this take shape.
  21. Checking artwork for a new decal sheet. Feeling productive

    1. Bonehammer


      ...although a bit sleepy ;-)

    2. Martin @ RAM Models

      Martin @ RAM Models

      The sleepiness did kick in pretty quickly. The Joy of kids waking you early ;-)

  22. Checking artwork for a new decal sheet. Might as well be productive seeing woken at 5am by the baby. Grrrrr

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