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  1. They've done 1/72 reboxings as well, but they do a lot less in general than they do in 1/48. They did a couple of Liberator boxings with Hasegawa plastic, Riders in the Sky 1945 is currently available.
  2. Finland received 44 ex-Norwegian and French Hawk 75's from Germany starting in June 1941, with the last arriving in 1944. Hawk 75's in Finnish service scored 190 1/3 kills for 15 losses and were re-armed with heavier guns later in the Continuation War(1-2 .50's and 2-4 .303's was the typical fit after re-arming, vs 4-6 7.5mm guns that they were initially fitted with in French or Norwegian service). they would see service until 1948. The Hawk 75 and Brewster B239E were really the backbone of the Ilmavoimat until the 109's arrived.
  3. Antti, thanks for the correction on the Roundels, I wasn't 100% sure of the timing on them.
  4. Excellent! A very important aircraft, and one that served extensively across many air arms on both sides of WW2. This is a must-have for me, likely the inevitable Finnish Limited Edition boxing that Eduard will no-doubt make.
  5. Short operational history? Boring Subject? Allison Mustangs were operational from 1942 through to the end of the war, although in limited numbers after mid-1944 (due to attrition). The very last operational RAF Mustang was an Allison Mustang (in 1947). They had far more extensive service during WW2 than the D model did. First Mustang kill was an RCAF Mustang 1 over Dieppe. They saw a lot of combat in 3 theaters (Europe, Med and CBI). Several unique schemes as these were the only Mustangs to wear DG/DE over Sky or the classic silver pre-war USAAC markings (the XP-51's wore these and were Mk1's), plus unique schemes like the 1st Air Commando's P-51's with the white aft fuselage stripes. Where else do you get an OD/NG Mustang with Yellow-rimmed round star markings and an honest to goodness US flag on the tail (154 FS in 1943 on P-51's)
  6. Well, at least they're starting with a late variant so they can grab some sales before Eduard gets to a -25 But really, who is going to buy this over the other much more widely available kits. I understand why the big guys all have a P-51D, they're a guaranteed money maker. But the reality is that in a hobby shop they're already going to be stocking Tamiya, Airfix, Eduard, Hobby Boss, whatever Hasegawa special editions are currently out and possibly the Meng kit before they get to the point that they even look at ordering the Bronco. When you're a small maker like Bronco, you look for the gaps in others lineups. Eduard did this very well with their P-39's and Fw190's in particular, and rode that to becoming one of the major brands. Now if they'd done a B model, they'd be in much better shape, as right now there's a distinct lack of modern B's aside from the Tamiya and its ICM clone and both of those are ripe for supplanting by a new one with a correct cockpit and gear bays. Eduard will have one soon enough, but there's the opportunity for somebody to get there first and scoop up some sales. Likewise a family of Allison engined Mustangs, as only the AM kit is any good and it's only occasionally available via Italieri or Academy and it also is ripe for a modern tooled replacement.
  7. The Ilmavoimat was limited in what aircraft it could operate postwar, specifically no aircraft with internal bomb bays, those limitations came into effect in 1947. As a result the Ju88 service between the resumption of operations in August 1945 and retirement of the last of the Ju88 fleet due to treaty limitations was very brief, and would be in wartime markings (the roundel came in with the treaty in 1947 as well)
  8. Airfix has announced a new tool FR.XIV lowback, giving us finally a modern tooling of this extremely important type in 1/48 https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/supermarine-spitfire-fr-mk-xiv.html
  9. Don't forget the A-3, a very important type for Carrier Air wings with decades of service as a bomber, tanker and EW platform. Also worth noting is the F4D Skyray, probably the prettiest of the early Carrier fighters.
  10. The Airfix also has correct wheelwells (the Tamiya is wrong in both 1/48 and 1/72, but their 1/32 kit is correct). The Tamiya's certainly a nicer kit, but the Airfix is more accurate overall.
  11. Especially the C/D, as there is photographic evidence of the two units being swapped in the field.
  12. It's not a Have Glass scheme, but regular Gunship Grey over Gray Blue (which is the official name for FS35237), the latter is a fairly common colour, used on early US Hornets as well as a top colour on Norm 90 Luftwaffe jets, Canadian Hornets and IIRC also on the Aussie Hornets.
  13. I'd suspect Duncan was assuming that this was just the Canopy set (which really isn't needed for this size of aircraft), not also providing the spinner and marking masks (which are indeed quite valuable)
  14. Adam Maas

    ICM kits any good?

    For the price you can find the ICM Spits for with a little hunting, they're still well worth acquiring if you source the decals elsewhere. They show up on eBay and discount sites really cheap. Their 1/48 merlin Mustangs are also pretty decent, being clones of Tamiya's kits. Avoid their Allison Mustangs though, they just fit an Allison nose to their B model, and it's all sorts of weird looking as a result.
  15. Adam Maas

    Hobbyboss P-61B

    Umm, HobbyBoss released their 1/48 P-61A in 2014, followed by a B/C a year later.
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