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  1. Adam Maas

    Airfix Spifire FR.XIV 1/48

    Airfix has announced a new tool FR.XIV lowback, giving us finally a modern tooling of this extremely important type in 1/48 https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/supermarine-spitfire-fr-mk-xiv.html
  2. Adam Maas

    Cold War US Navy/Marine Corps jets. What Am I missing?

    Don't forget the A-3, a very important type for Carrier Air wings with decades of service as a bomber, tanker and EW platform. Also worth noting is the F4D Skyray, probably the prettiest of the early Carrier fighters.
  3. Adam Maas

    Airfix 1/72 P-51D Mustang U/C Legs...Are they all wonky?

    The Airfix also has correct wheelwells (the Tamiya is wrong in both 1/48 and 1/72, but their 1/32 kit is correct). The Tamiya's certainly a nicer kit, but the Airfix is more accurate overall.
  4. Adam Maas

    Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    Especially the C/D, as there is photographic evidence of the two units being swapped in the field.
  5. Adam Maas

    More -8b Harrier Questions ?

    It's not a Have Glass scheme, but regular Gunship Grey over Gray Blue (which is the official name for FS35237), the latter is a fairly common colour, used on early US Hornets as well as a top colour on Norm 90 Luftwaffe jets, Canadian Hornets and IIRC also on the Aussie Hornets.
  6. Adam Maas

    Spray masks for giant HobbyBoss FW 190 by Q-M-T

    I'd suspect Duncan was assuming that this was just the Canopy set (which really isn't needed for this size of aircraft), not also providing the spinner and marking masks (which are indeed quite valuable)
  7. Adam Maas

    ICM kits any good?

    For the price you can find the ICM Spits for with a little hunting, they're still well worth acquiring if you source the decals elsewhere. They show up on eBay and discount sites really cheap. Their 1/48 merlin Mustangs are also pretty decent, being clones of Tamiya's kits. Avoid their Allison Mustangs though, they just fit an Allison nose to their B model, and it's all sorts of weird looking as a result.
  8. Adam Maas

    Hobbyboss P-61B

    Umm, HobbyBoss released their 1/48 P-61A in 2014, followed by a B/C a year later.
  9. Adam Maas

    1844 NAS Hellcat info needed

    Does anybody else find it ironic that 119/X of 1844 sq was the Hellcat Bill Atkinson made Ace on, and 119/X of 1841 sq was most likely Hampton Grey's regular Corsair? (of course, Grey's usually associated with 115/X, the aircraft he was most likely flying the day he died)
  10. Adam Maas

    Hobbyboss P-61B

    They've already released P-61's in 1/32 and 1/48
  11. Adam Maas

    Liberator Express C 87 schemes?

    The odd thing is you can't see the cowl intakes which would normally be present. So we've got something between a LB-30 power package and a B-24D power package.
  12. Adam Maas

    Liberator Express C 87 schemes?

    B-24D had the -43, not the -45 (which was used on at least some C-87's). And a very small/late batch of CB-24's does make sense, as the C-87's were all B-24D based, a short run based on a later production variant with the C-87 fuselage mods make sense, especially since the same thing was done with PB4Y-2's to produce the RY-3.
  13. Adam Maas

    Liberator Express C 87 schemes?

    41-1174 was definitely a C-87-CF by the serial, and definitely has the LB-30 engines in all pictures. Quite frankly, from the images it looks like the C-87's were fitted with whichever power package was handy at the time, I see both standard and LB-30 packages in the images, with seemingly no rhyme or reason by serial. Note that most of the early C-87 production was originally ordered as B-24D's (shown by the fact they're 41- serials for an aircraft whose development started in early 1942), and likely were originally designated as CB-24's. Note that the 'gutless' comment does track with the information that the C-87's were fitted with lower-boost turbo-superchargers as well as with LB-30 power packages, so it's not definitive. No C-87 was converted from LB-30's. There weren't enough LB-30's in US hands for that to happen (the UK got 26, the US got 10 as a YB-24 and 9 B-24A's).
  14. Adam Maas

    Liberator Express C 87 schemes?

    The LB-30B's would be the non-turbo units, not the production C-87's. There were only 9 of them to Ferry Command as B-24A's (other 20 went to the RAF and mostly ended up in Coastal Command) vs 281 production C-87's (with B-24D power packages) and 6 C-87A's (with the -45 engine)
  15. Adam Maas

    Fairey Battle kits

    Nope, announcement went up at 10AM GMT today, as previously promised.