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  1. Reshot the upper wings after a localized strip, glossed and now working on the decals. These Furball decals are really nice to work with
  2. Went for Italeri Blue Angels Blue for the top colour. Seems a decent match And yeah, some issues to fix. The Italeri paint is a touch fragile and is not the best match to Stylnrez/One-Shot primer Taped up the first round of fixes And the result I'll fix the second round once it's had a chance to dry down Also primered and shot the gear and gear door insides. Using Vallejo Game Air White for this, it covers very well
  3. It certainly is. They both have some issues. Overall, the Hasegawa is the better choice, it's issues are more easily rectified by either basic modelling skills (intake and upper wing joint gaps) or by aftermarket (exhausts, intakes, the cockpit) while the Revell's issues are generally either shape (the spine is just wrong and lacks one of the most characteristic aspects of the Rhino's shape in the oddly squared off spine) or poorly rendered detail on the lower section (less of an issue, but annoying). Where it does well is where aftermarket is available, notably the intakes and cockpit.
  4. Leading Edge decals need the mildest decal solution you have. Even then they'll scare you.
  5. And my paint match challenges are back. Was looking up reference photos for this bird, to verify what antenna bits are in 36375 and I noticed the contrast was much stronger than what I was seeing on my paint job. My paints match the reference sheet decently, they don't match the pictures. So out came the Tamiya Sky Blue for the middle colour. It's not dead on, but it's a lot closer than the Azure Blue was. Not sure about top colour yet. Either XF-17 or AK Dark Sea Blue I think.
  6. It's a bit of a mixed bag. In some places the Revell is better, especially the wing tops and upper nose. In others the Hasegawa is better, especially the aft fuselage. Overall, where Hasegawa has detail, it's usually better. there's a lot of room for improvement on both though
  7. Paintwork needed was minimal, but I started by shooting the camo scheme over the brown antenna caps, all freehand. Touched Touched up the green as well, including on righthand intake where decal failure had caused paint damage. Then I carefully sanded & scraped off the one remaining Monogram decal on the upper wing and started fixing the paint. That still looks ugly, so I think I'll try a partial strip and repaint the wing again.
  8. Shot some touchups of the FS36375, and then started to experiment with the AK 3rd gen Acrylics. Think I have it sorted, it likes to be much thinner and lower pressure than I usually go, but with the extra thinning and a couple drops of flow improver, it went on beautifully. This is the topside colour, as I wanted to shoot something that didn't require delicate control, and the 'Intermediate' Blue on the sides/underside is all precision work. Both are AK 3rd Gen paints.
  9. Got the intakes dealt with and built up INstalled them, which is a tad fiddly as they don't want to go in at this point, you have to bend the exterior side of the intakes to get them to pop in. Fit isn't bad. Some gaps, but nothing like the gaping intake seams on the Hasegawa, the side sections have all the same issues as the Hasegawa though, gaps at the tail end. Put the outer wings and vertical stabs on so I can start filling Putty on, looks worse than it actually is in terms of gaps. Bigger gaps than the Hasegawa overall, but better located (no upper wing seam that doesn't exist on the prototype for example)
  10. Can't be worse than what was in the box The decal sheet was pretty done, wouldn't even stick. These Furball decals look sweet. I actually have at least one more of the Monogram Harriers in the stash. Was given a partially built one a couple years ago and might have a sealed one too. So this sheet will get used up.
  11. Need to fix that crap decal and do a couple minor changes (the scheme I'm doing doesn't have the brown antenna caps on the fin, the old scheme did). Going for the second VMA-231 scheme on the Furball sheet.
  12. Getting the paint down, but I'm having some issues getting it to spray well. First time with this paint so it's just figuring it out, not any problems with the paint itself
  13. Might take a little diversion on this one. My AV-8A sheet came in quicker than expected and I can polish off the Monogram kit that's been on the shelf for a while due to decal issues.
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