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  1. Another of my recent 1/72 builds, this time it's old LS Nell. Built basically OOB, with some additions in the cockpit. Painted with spray can silver and Gunze red and black. Wash is Tamiya. Thanks for looking, comments are welcome, as always.
  2. Hi guys, another one of my models. Finished some time ago, OOB. Colors are Gunze acrylics, decals from the box, a few things added in the cockpit. I simply love the Airfix Mosquito, somehow it looks just right to my eye. Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome!
  3. Thanks Mike, around six-pack per prop was enough
  4. Hi guys, another one from me. Completely rescribed, interior completely upgraded, but you can't see it from the photos, exhausts came from Revell, props are reshaped and thinned, gun barrels are Quickboost. Paints are Gunze, exhaust stains and wash Tamiya.
  5. Hello everybody, here is my try at Hasegawa P-51C. Built almost OOB, with addition of Quickboost exhausts. Painted with Gunze Aluminium and Red, wash is Tamiya, and exhaust stains and dirt a combination of Tamiya smoke and Tamiya D weathering set. Decals are combination of Revell (national insignia, yellow bands and stencils) and Tally Ho. Tally Ho decals acted terribly, resisting every attempt to get them from backing paper. Thanks for looking!
  6. Yes, i corrected it by gluing styrene sheet cut to wing airfoil shape on the upper part of wing to fuselage mating surface, than carefully sanding it to fit. Some putty was required, but not much.
  7. Thanks guys, more heavies coming soon.
  8. Fantastic! I'm still making my mind up on choosing between Airfix and Revell, this one makes Airfix prevail...
  9. Hey guys, here's my try at Academy Fortress. Almost OOB, with exception of QB gun barrels and scratchbuilt landing lights. Markings are from Revell, since i always wanted to do "Shamrock", with it's replacement tail, it makes otherwise dull overall Olive Drab looks interesting. I preshaded the model with Gunze Tire black, and then gradually painted OD in about a dozen thin layers. I used Gunze OD and faded OD, and repainting of markings is done with MM OD. Wash is Tamiya, weathering done with Tamiya Smoke + Tamiya D set. Sligh chipping is done using artist silver pencil. Comments are welcome, thanks for looking!
  10. Thanks for all the comments! Jonathan, the kit fit is pretty good, except the wings to fuselage fit, and the biggest problem was lack of locating holes for the landing gear legs and struts.
  11. It took me just 9 years to finish this. After a lot of problems, I finally got it done. Model is completely rescribed, interior is scratchbuilt, but can't be seen at all. I drilled the exhaust pipes and made new position lights from trasnparent plastic. The model is painted with silver, then various panels were masked and the model was given two light coats of Tamiya Smoke, then the masking was removed and I sprayed one more thin coat of Smoke. Model is finished with Model Master flat, and the result is simply awful, it made some white "mist" all over the model. Decals came from Revell boxing of the kit and they are the best I ever worked with, the film became totally invisible after some treatment with Mr. Mark Softer. Comment welcome!
  12. Yes, because an airfield where cropdusters fly from is around 0.5 miles from my house, and Serbian AF base where the MiGs are is just across the river, around 3 miles away.
  13. Regular over my house: Antonov An-2, PZL M-18 Dromader, Cessna 172, Piper Tomahawk, MiG-29 and 21, Galeb G-4...
  14. Hi all, This is my Easter Eggdrone ED-1A, super-secret drone. Made from wooden egg and parts from F-15, miG-21 and F-5. Color is spray can, decals from spare box. I hope you like it! Happy Easter!
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