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  1. Do You? The port side with FOUR kill markings? Be careful saying 'yes' - in that case I'll dig it out from You somehow . There 's more then the patches but let's not cry over it. The good Corsair is the good Corsair .
  2. VF-17 had a system of distinguishing flights with prop color. Red was for Blackburn's, white for Hedrick's and so on. The system was soon abandoned as it was impossible to keep that kind of order with aircrafts in the area. My sources say 18'' but I think it depends where You start to count . In the end the photographs show different configuration of prop colors - only the cup painted, the cup and the blade roots construction in color and so on. Blackburns Coirsair is my second beloved plane, so it is a great pleasure for me to see good model of her, even if some details are missing like the patches covering the holes done by Hedrick's burst Nov.11th 1943. Good Job!
  3. Remembering that, You have to consider what is Your target. Opening the flaps on the ground was possible, and have been done by some occasions. If You focuse on 'real situation', Your choices will be different compared to those of 'presenting the plane and her construction'. By the way, I have used Ed flaps for MkI Spitfire (MKII in my case to be specific).
  4. Thank You for the answer very much .
  5. When we are by '303 Brownings... . Would somebody know why the Spitfire guns had to be cocked on the ground? Seems kind of dangerous idea to me, seeing all those possible bumps and accidents during the take off. The Germans flew with their MGs not cocked, and the procedure before fight was to release safety blokade and cock the guns. The idea lookes better to me when it comes to safety precoutions. I wonder, was it forced by construction of the gun or something else came by? And how it worked by american 0,5" Brownings?
  6. Yes they did. With variants D-20 and D-21 Republic constructors layed off electric gun heating and introduced warm air instead .
  7. If You had any doubts for the exhaust pipes, look just at the bottom of this page: http://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=14&a...04&start=15
  8. Five quid is OK with me when it comes to dioramas. With a single model it's another story. When I build a little palne I try to know her as good as possible. I also try to present her this way. One thing that may stop me is technical impossibility of specific presentaition. I would mount a screw with no engine on unless the construction made it impossible without a second thought. Even if the situation never happend in the real world as no one would have been so stupid to perform completly idiotic work. And 'keep'em up' thinking probably places you among the loosers when it comes to competition events but that's another story. It was possible to lower the flaps on parked Spitfire - I surely will make them that way. It doesn't mean I see something wrong in another way of thinking, ofcourse .
  9. http://www.spitfirespares.com/SpitfireSpar...s/gunsites.html
  10. The PK squadron is 315. 303 carried RF throughout the war and PD later for MkIV Mustangs. Both Polish of course.
  11. Depends on what You mean by dark steel. It was a natural alloy color. I would rather be careful with following the colors of the display engines by the way. Also those used for test or staff training in the period. The photographs of operational aircrafts show P&W gear cases in quite dark shade in most all occasions when readable at all.
  12. You can use the wooden blades for a start as well. I have corrected the MkV screw but with those late mark blades it would be even easier unless they are wrong at the base. Hard to tell not holding them in the hand. Studying the photographs I have spied kind of rib profile at the root of the blade. The rib is round and 'floating' though. I have cared for the shape comparing the blade with period shots looking at it from suitable angles. That way the profile goes more or less proper. I hope more . More MkIIA struggle here: http://www.modelarstworedukcyjne.pl/index....y&Itemid=77
  13. I need a bit of help. Looking for images showing what the hell was going on between cylinder lines of RR Merlin XII or XX series. It's hard to find such a pespective in publications really. Mighty net never has helped too . Please.
  14. Could You, please, add a word or two of explanation? I do not get this comparison idea at all. What's a point, if You don't mind?
  15. It is Polish Wings all right. There is also a suggestion the photo is a good reference for wethering job, although the quality of the picture is devastating . Very interesting position in my opinion, though.
  16. While serving in the British Air Force of Occupation 302 Polish FS has changed it's wartime code WX for QH. It happened in August 1945.
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