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  1. Thanks. Yes it appears that all the parts for early and late are there except the big bombs parts, of which the VS has one only. That seems to be the way to go.
  2. Thank you all. Slogans are calling for vengeance for the fellow female pilots. But yes they do add to it.
  3. Here's ICM's 1/48 scale Po-2 completed recently. Painted with Tamiya Acrylics for the uppers, Italeri RLM-65 for the unders, and some Vallejo metallics for the engine and machine gun. Built out of the box, with only the MG sights replaced with some PE scraps, some basic engine wiring added and seat belts added to the excellent ICMs offering. Rigged with elastic thread, after assembly and painting. Assembly was trouble free, and even the struts aligned with their locator holes properly. Replac
  4. As luck would have it, after getting a Xuntong's Tu-2VS (it was on a sale after all) and doing some basic research on the subject it appears that this version did not really exist. Now, it is mentioned in one of the books I perused during the quick research I did as a small footnote, with no specifics. I know that Xuntong have released the more ubiquitous Tu-2S version. So what would be required to backdate/update the Tu-2VS to Tu-2S. Does the Xuntong provide all the details in the box to perform this update? (Or is this just a case of a man
  5. Thank you all, Yup, Academy decals usally tend to be less than useful. In this case decided to give them a try, hopefully this won't come back to bite me later. Dennis, the VNAF examples do tend to be little bit more colourfull, and a word of advice, paint the inlet areas black prior to assemblying the wings.
  6. Thank you all for the comments. Silly question it is not Jean. I was also somewhat reluctant to use the kit decals, so I ran a small test with the Korean "star and bar" and numbers provided in the kit to check and prepare myself. The decals behaved ok, using warm water and Mr. setter/softer combo, but the Star and bars were all out of register with white background (discovered only on the kit). Other than that, even the walkways went down nicely with no silvering. Did have some areas with silvering, but puncturing and running a bead of MR.Setter solved the issue.
  7. Recently completed Academy's Supertweet. Bult as the 8th SOS at Bien Hoa 1970. Built mainly OOB, with belts and some sprucing up in the cockpit, and addition of the various antennae not provided in the kit. Great little kit, overall. Painted with Italeri acrylics and weathered with Vallejo washes and some mild post shading. Kit decals were slightly out of register, so replacement markings from the spares box used. Thanks for watching and Happy New 2017 to all,
  8. This is Kinegawa or should I say Hasenetic F-16 AM Block 15 KLNAF, the one that got the Yougoslav MiG-29 back in 1999. Why Kinegawa, well, the basic kit, i.e. body and wings is Hasegawa, the Idolmaster edition, which I got for less than 10$ at HLJ. The tail, weapons and pylons and the ejection seat are from Kinetic, as are the decals for the J-063. Why such a bash, well, Kinetic provide with the early tail, apart from that, Hase F-16 do provide with all the options to build any of the F-16 blocks in the Idolmaster edition. Only downside is that the plastic in the ghastly sickly yellow green
  9. Yep, it is wrong and is missing a lot of details as is. On the other hand, closing it down creates a new set of problems.
  10. A question for anyone that have ventured into the build of Trumpy's Mongol. Is it just me or does the cockpit tub sit too low and too forward in the fuselage when attached to the stubs in the fuselage. I am thinking of going "Aires" on the tub to fuselage fit, namely sand everything until satisfactory fit is achieved. (parts U5 and U10). Test fitted to the complete tub and the fuselage. Same for the avionics bay details. (Part E2) If fitted where it's supposed to go, the fuselage does not close up, and the panel cover fits (Part E13), while the intake cowl (E19) is too small. if left out
  11. Here is a slightly different WIP pic set (pic heavy). For the recent Israeli IPMS Annual Show, a friend of mine and me built a quartet of IAI built deltas. I got stuck with the Kfir C1, and C2, whereas the other pair of Nesher and Kfir C7 were built by a friend of mine. As it turned out, the baseline Kfirs were Kinetic kits, whereas the early ones were Wingmans. As I usually have more than one project on the go I decided to build these two in parallel. Reasoning that same time in build process ends with the double the result. Both kits are well known, and I will point out some of my remarks
  12. Thank you for the comments. Somehow the piccies do not show the full extent of weathering. Yea some fit issues with the canopy. Should've fitted it before the painting. Well we live and learn..
  13. Here is a slightly different take on the AZModel's 1/72 spit. I got this one in a bag of parts and without major decals. Browsing through the net to find some different liveries for the Spit, I came across the Velvetta II operation spits on their ferry to Israel from Czechoslovakia via Yugoslavia. They landed on Podgorica airfield, and in order to do so, Yugoslav markings were painted on the spits. Spits were surplus Czech ones. The spits carried in addition to the slipper tank, a pair of Me-109 fuel tanks on wing fittings. So here it goes, a weathered spit with Me fuel tanks and different
  14. Thanks for the comments. Simon I used xf-23 light blue for undersides and xf-59 deseet yellow xf-61dark green and xf-67 nato green for the uppers. HTH.
  15. Here's my latest. Rather new Modelsvit's Su-17M in 72 scale. The model went together rather pleasantly, and apart from some headscratching moments with the landing gear the build was trouble free. No filler was used all along. The model was painted in tamiya acrylics, the gun plates were created from precut aluminium foil, and glued using future. Decals from the kit, and behaved impeccably, just a touch of Mr.Setter to get them all snuggly in the shallow panel lines. Weaponry in the kit was rather bad, so replaced the weapon load with the Ash.32 missiles from the Jak-38 Revell kit, with
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