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  1. lavony

    P-40 help

  2. lavony

    P-40 help

    Hello there are clear parts in the wings & the vertical stabilizer of the P-40 . are those navigation/position lights? what colors should I paint them? thanks yossi
  3. lavony

    F/A-18C loadout

    Thanks I would prefer OSW operational load. yossi
  4. lavony

    F/A-18C loadout

    Hello I'm building F/a-18c with the markings of the VFA-192 “golden dragons” 1998 scheme. Looking for help with a typical load out. Thanks Yossi
  5. Hello Adding another question to this topic: is it the same kit as the other revell 747 (like the KLM)? Can it be build as an early -200, OOB? (I'm planning to build ELAL Israeli airlines 747-200) thanks yossi
  6. lavony


    Deleted - Not the wanted area and 100 post rule.
  7. lavony

    Avianca Red color?

    Hi looking for a good match for Avianca Boeing 727. the instruction sheet suggests FS 11400, but couldn’t find it on the shelf. thanks
  8. lavony

    Mosquito T3

    Hello i would like to build the Mosquito T 3 trainer in 1/48. which kit should I use ? what is needed for this conversion? is the shape of the nose the same as the mark VI , without the machine guns? thanks Yossi
  9. Thanks a lot Giorgio. im building in 1/48 scale. Not using a specific colors, but mainly acrylic. at home I have alclad, gunze, and a few Model Master. yossi
  10. Hello Need your good advice to paint the metalic tail section of a F-4E https://www.pinterest.com/pin/408842472407602819/ Thanks Yossi
  11. First, thanks everyone for the interesting debate!! The kit is Hasegawa. The instructions give only the gunze colors. The rest is my interpretation….
  12. Hi According to the original instructions of the kit, the colors (for the canadian version) are: Gunze H-330 / HUMBROL 163 (FS34079) Gunze H-331 / HUMBROL 166 (FS 36173) Gunze H-333 / HUMBROL 164 (FS 36118) yossi
  13. Thanks Tony it looks green-grey to me as well, but I saw some blue-brown profiles as well, so just wanted to be sure. some blue-brown
  14. Hello The israeli air force was about to get 24 canadian built F-86 Sabre, before the deal was cancelled. there are 2 black & white photos of the aircrafts, and i'm asking for your help regarding the colors. is it a blue-brown scheme or the canadian green-gray? Thanks Yossi https://goo.gl/images/j1XwZ6 https://goo.gl/images/kWr6Lv
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