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  1. Thanks a lot Dave i appreciate your response . i really felt bad yesterday, cause it is not like me, and I don’t want to be ungrateful. have a great week yossi
  2. My deepest apologies. I know it sounds very unconvincing but It's my fault not replying immediately, and I forgot about it as time passed. Came across it again now when making a search. Understand your anger and you are 100% right. Sorry again. Hope you'll forgive me
  3. Thanks a lot Dave so I guess I’ll go for the Hobby Boss... yossi
  4. Hello guys thanks for the review. just came across a 1/72 mi-8 by MISTERCRAFT. is it a new kit, or the old Kopro? thanks yossi
  5. lavony

    F-15I loadout

    Ready Sir Thanks
  6. lavony

    F-15I loadout

    Hi GBU-10/12/32/38 etc for a short range precision bombing
  7. lavony

    F-15I loadout

    Looking for air to ground with a lot of bombs. Not Popeye etc..
  8. lavony

    F-15I loadout

    Hello guys would appreciate your assistance with Israeli F-15I loadout reference. I’m looking for an heavy air-ground configuration ... thanks yossi
  9. Ha ha ha… Actually I have C1, which I did a few years ago. Thanks for the advice!!
  10. are you sure? This kit is C1, and I need C2 Doesn't the Kinetic 48046 fit? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48046-c2-c7--185858
  11. I'm planning to build C2, from 1979. Yossi
  12. Thanks if you were going to build another one, which would you choose?
  13. Hi Which one to go , AMK or kinetic? Thanks Yossi
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