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  1. Ha ha ha… Actually I have C1, which I did a few years ago. Thanks for the advice!!
  2. are you sure? This kit is C1, and I need C2 Doesn't the Kinetic 48046 fit? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48046-c2-c7--185858
  3. I'm planning to build C2, from 1979. Yossi
  4. Thanks if you were going to build another one, which would you choose?
  5. Hi Which one to go , AMK or kinetic? Thanks Yossi
  6. Hello I'm building now the 1/48 kinetic E-2C kit, using the Quickboost propellers, which comes with a jig tool for alignment. The problem is that it just doesn't look right, compared to the real aircraft, like the blades are bent forward. Sorry I can't attach photos… couldn't manage to do do. Did anyone else encounter this issue? Thanks Yossi
  7. lavony


    If I may add a question regarding the eurofighter 1/48, is the nose gear (Revell kit) needs correction? i understood it should be extended a bit, to give the aircraft the right body angle. thanks
  8. Hello fellows I’m building now the kinetic 1/48 E-2C Hawkeye (will be in Israeli Air Force markings). it seems that the details on the radar antenna are oversized and too noticeable. anyone encountered this issue in his build? thanks yossi
  9. Hi sorry for the late response I’ve tried to contact them several times, via email & messanger. nothing... not even a polite “no” they are awful (with Eduard I got a replay and help within couple of hours!!!)
  10. lavony

    F/A-18E Loadout

    Thanks exdraken I believe Furball are a reliable source of information
  11. lavony

    F/A-18E Loadout

    Hello anyone knows what was the configuration of the F/A-18E of LT. Cmdr. Michael Tremel (A/C #302) during the Su-22 kill mission On 18 June 2017? Thanks
  12. lavony

    P-40 help

    Hello there are clear parts in the wings & the vertical stabilizer of the P-40 . are those navigation/position lights? what colors should I paint them? thanks yossi
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