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  1. All sanded up and wings added.---John
  2. Don't really know. They look oversize in this cropped actual photo also.---John
  3. I have done some more sanding of the pylon to thin it to more of a point where it joins the nacelle. You can see how "thick" it was originally in the first image and where I am at in the second image.---John
  4. The engines are on. I sanded the pylons where they join the nacelles on top to more of a point. The kit had them too thick and blunt. I may need to sand them a bit more.---John
  5. Thanks, the windows cleaned up good , I added the nose gear well leaving off the nose landing gear and added 25 grams of weight to the cockpit. I then closed up the fuselage halves and added the wind screen. I puttied up all the offending seams I could see at the time. I am not worried about the wind screen remaining clear as I am going to use decals for the windows.---John
  6. Thanks, windows filled again.---John
  7. Here is the real America West A319.---John
  8. I finally decided to get this done. Next year is my 20th wedding anniversary. In 2002 my wife,then fiance, and I decided to fly to Vegas and get married. We got a weekend red eye flight on America West from Boston to Las Vegas. We got in just before midnight, grabbed a marriage certificate and found a place with an all night marriage service. Got hitched then the "reverend" gave us a deal and took us to the famous "Little White Chapel" for pictures. At about 12:30 we made it back to our hotel and hit the slot machines! There is nothing more scenic than flying into Vegas late at night, all you see is dark then WHAM! The lights of the city and casinos is amazing!!! I had the decals, they are not fully correct, they are for a "retro US Air" America West A319 but I plan on stealing the "America West" logo off a Two Six sheet for the A320 America West. The kit I just bought bagged. It has the wrong engines, has CFM 56 and I need IAE V2500 so I found someone who has them and is donating them, there are some nice people still in this messed up world! I started by filling the windows, done it twice now with a plastic strip glued inside and Tamiya putty filled from the outside.---John
  9. Here is an example of a detail gone wrong. On the landing gear there is a strut coming out of the wheel well and attaching to the main gear leg, it is Y shaped. Minicraft has the single leg of the Y attached to the wheel well and the 2 Y parts connecting to the main gear leg.....WRONG!!! The 2 Y legs attach to the wheel well and the single leg of the Y attaches to the main gear leg. The first photo shows how Minicraft has it, the second photo shows kinda how it should be, I think the Y legs need to be lengthened though. The 3rd picture is the real deal showing the 2 legs of the Y going into the wheel well.---John
  10. Thanks Steve but a new mold is badly needed. This can be built but needs help and a new one might just have more and better detail. The shape is kinda OK here but it is definitely in need of lacking details.---John
  11. The horizontal stabilizers are on and height adjusted. They'll need putty when the glue dries.---John
  12. Done, here are a few images . will take better ones when I get a chance.---John
  13. I am "HUNG UP" on nothing. I was thinking of a Hartmann white G14 which I think never existed. THAT SIMPLE!---John
  14. Did you consider Adolf Gallands " Mickey Mouse" scheme E? I have decals if interested!---John
  15. NICE!!!! I think this was the first or 2nd model I ever built in '63. I loved that shiney dark green and black plastic, my favorite part was the nose cannon. You're doing it justice and then some! Is that price a bit steep? I paid 1 USD that would be about a pound or so? BUT that was 1963.---John
  16. The wing roots cleaned up good but I need to fill a few small gaps on the bottom side.---John
  17. Thanks, I have pretty much given up on a G-14 for Hartmann and will go with a late war German tall tail tall tail wheel G-14 of JG3. I read The Blonde Knight and I don't think he was overly happy going from JG52 to JG53. May be another reason he wasn't there long.---John
  18. It's done a dramatic warm up here. we've gone from 30s to 80s. And all those years in New England and I thought that weather was fickled! Gear doors, nose turret and props done. Still need antennas, rear turret, paint mid upper turret and antenna wires.---John
  19. Thanks, so was his one while he was in JG52 a G6 or G14?---John
  20. Thanks Stu, I have a set on the way I think butb if not will let you know---John
  21. I have a 1/48 kit with both tails, tall and short and both canopys. I have seen Hartman's plane in images in Hungary with winter white camo. Was it a G-14 or a G-6? The image I saw showed the box protruding from the rear bulkhead in back of the pilot's seat that the G-10s had. Just curious as I think I still have the decals for that plane but was never quite sure what model 109 it was.---John
  22. So much for the deep freeze, winters over, back to sub tropics temps! Paint!---John
  23. I have a Revell 1/144 A319 and it has CFM 56 engines but I need the IAE V2500s. I looked around a bit but did not see where Bra.Z makes that one. Any others out there, after market airliner parts is a "foreign" subject to me, too many years doing Lancs , Zeros and 109s.---John
  24. I replaced the block on the back of the engine with a small thin piece of clear plastic. Looks more in scale to me.---John
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