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  1. Paint done. Splotches on fuselage side and tail done with sponges. I am scrapping the Petrele decals and going with Red 2 Rita, kit decals.---John
  2. The engines are assembled, I need to sand and fill if necessary then paint.---John
  3. I have purchased Peddinghaus decals for Bf109G-14AS Black 13 Petrele. It will be RLM 74, 75, 76 camouflage. I have the 75 and 76 done and need to do a bit more masking then do the RLM 74.---John
  4. That's why many people on several other sites said that the plane on my kit, 1/48 KA Bf109G-10-RITA-was a G-14AS and not a G-10. But it has the oil filler cap on the nose, G-14AS had a lower cap and G-10 was a higher up cap. Then someone else said something about the mast on the canopy and it should be on the spine. Then someone else said it was a b.....d G-10. Take your pick as I don't think anyone can actually prove what was what at the end of the war.---John PS---b.....d is another word for illegitimate but spellcheck won't let me spell it. It changes it to sweetheart????????? Must be the stupid PC Police
  5. Welcome from Florida USA....interesting as my fathers fathers family is from the Dursen area and his mothers family is from Baden. I just stopped building Phantoms as I built too many and have now been on a 109 quest. Enjoy the site!---John
  6. I am considering switching from a Hungarian G-14 to a Hungarian G-10. I got spoiled non my recent builds, the Eduard, Fujimi and Hasegawa let you drop the slats and flaps, Academy doesn't. I can't find a short tailed G-14 with poseable flaps and slats so I may just buy a Fujimi kit, Bf109K-4 that I found at a decent price and it has all the extra parts to build a G-10. Actually the KA kit I just bought is the old Fujimi G-10 kit and it has parts for the K-4! I still want to keep with my no Swastika non German build and do like the Hungarian markings. Just have to get decals. Fujimi K-4 kit pictured below.---John
  7. I have the wings assembled and attached to the fuselage. To get a tight wing root fit I pulled the wings up and taped them to keep the wing root gap closed. After they were nice and tight with no gap I ran some Tamiya thin glue down the seams.---John
  8. I have remasked and am awaiting paint. I got bored so I decided to try and drill the broken tail wheel out and fix it with a wire splint. I drilled a hole in both parts then inserted the wire and super glue, put some super glue in the hole in the mating piece and joined then positioned them proper. When that was set I ran some Tamiya thin glue around the outside of the mated parts to hopefully "melt" the outside plastic together, a little extra protection.---John
  9. I filled the scribed lines not on a G-14AS and sanded them then added the smaller diameter super charger scoop. I need to add the 2 bulges to the front engine cowl below the front of the exhausts, I think someone said they were rocker arm covers? Also the 2 small bumps just behind the gun troughs, are they suppose to be on a G-14AS?
  10. I bent up the PE box that goes on the bulkhead behind the pilot's seat and super glued it in. I also added the front cowling pieces.---John
  11. I am in limbo awaiting paint for my 1/48 Eduard Bf109G-10 so I started a plane I have been wanting to build. After reading quite a bit of reference material on line I decided to give it a go. The kit is from KA in Korea and is the old Fujimi kit with a PE sprue and a nice metal pitot tube. From what I have read it is pretty much a G-10 with the smaller diameter super charger intake, tall tail, small wheel bulges on the upper wing, box protruding through the bulkhead behind the pilot's head, asymmetrical front fuselage similar to the G-10, drop the oil filler cap on the nose by the spinner on the left side and my version will have the tall tail wheel. Here is the start.---John
  12. Done for now , may weather later.---John
  13. The decals are on, dull cote done I added the small IFF antenna to the right bottom edge of the fuselage and painted the wing lights. Just need to rig the antenna wire.---John
  14. Very little decalling left. a few small parts then I can dull cote, add the antenna wire and I'm still debating weathering it.---John
  15. Crazy Crank that reminds me of an article from The Weekly World News I read in the 80s, a French astronomer had discovered a steam locomotive orbiting Earth! Thanks for the compliments, this is actually my favorite, a locomotive from my home region in western Massachusetts.---John
  16. Nice! My wife built one of those but in mint condition, teal and white 2 tone. Looks more like a few of the beaters my dad owned. NICE job on the weathering!!!---John
  17. Another HO train model. I used an Athearn Blue Box un decorated and un powered kit to do this. The decals are by Highball Graphics and the paint was Tamiya TS-15. Pan Am was previously known as Guilford Rail System, Maine Central and B&M (Boston&Maine).---John
  18. It's on it's "feet". I am going to decal it before I finish with the small breakable bits, mass balance, pitot tube, antenna etc.---John
  19. All sanded and time to start the wings.---John
  20. I packed the windows with Tamiya Basic Putty the other night between the masked area. I just started wet sanding, I go from 150 to 1000 grit in 7 progressive steps. I think it will work out nice.---John
  21. I used Tamiya Luftwaffe light blue, Tamiya Nato Green and ran out of Tamiya gray so I found Model Master primer gray an almost exact match. All are lacquer spray, dries in 10 minutes or less.---John
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