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  1. Cockpit and turret added to fuselage. I also painted the torpedo.---John
  2. Here is George H W Bush's TBM-1C kit started. I did the interior bronze green, used MM Euro dark green. The bomb bay will be zinc chromate green, ala interior green.---John
  3. I finally received my Meng 1/72 F-102A for George W Bush's Texas ANG F-102A he flew in the early 70s. The other Bush plane is George H W Bush's TBM-1C he flew in WWII off the carrier San Jacinto. The TBM-1C kit is a 1/72 Hasegawa kit with decals for Bush's plane 2-X. I have to buy decals for Dubya's F-102A in the Texas ANG, didn't get that boxing that included them. Here are the kits.---John
  4. Thanks for the info, I saw the GTX thread and can't figure why the lower arms were gold. All I have seen are gloss black as a rule. I will disreguard AMTs "suggestion" of doing the sub frame connectors black and do it all the body color.---John
  5. The fuselage camouflage is done. On to the wings.---John
  6. Welcome, I started around '63-'64, bout the same time frame. There are no stupid questions, but sometimes be wary of the answers. ---John
  7. Welcome, I did the 1/600 Airfix France liner back in the early '70s. In found it very interesting and a pleasant build. Enjoy your new found hobby. I have been toying with the idea of maybe the "Black Pearl", "HMS Bounty" or "Mayflower" for a change of pace. My mom's family came to the U.S. on the John of London in the 1630s. Gotta love the floaty things.---John
  8. The dark earth has been sprayed. I'll mask and spray the green next then do the same for the wings.---John
  9. Are we talking B bodies from the sixties or uni-boby from the seventies? My '73 had no frame as it was uni-body, it got in an accident and was totaled because of that. Please check your references. You are right in that Chrysler started in the 60s with unibody but they had frame connectors welded to the stamped underside. Some adjustments made......but not all is body color or black....I went by my "original" images and not a restoration....never trust museum images.---John
  10. I agree with you on two things, I hate introductions and I like U. S. Naval aircraft. That's about all I have to say, oh yeah, welcome.---John
  11. Nice work, brings back memories. My uncle had a two tone blue and white car similar to this in the late 50s, a Dodge I believe, just another Mopar with a different name.---John
  12. Thanks, and yes I am going to detail the front grill with the appropriate black areas The masks are off the chassis and I can now detail paint it.---John
  13. Another version of that color, not sure which is actually right, there were multiple green colors in '68.---John
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