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  1. All the parts necessary to paint the bottom hull have been added. Now to mask and spray.---John
  2. I have the upper hull painted a medium gray. Now I can add the dive planes, rudder and prop shafts then mask the medium gray and paint the lower hull and deck a dark gray.---John
  3. The hull and deck are all assembled. A little sanding and I'll mask and paint the hull and deck. I am going to do U-96.---John
  4. Johnv

    1/72 F-86A-Matchbox kit

    Thanks, not using Az. ANG decals, I want to use the Korean War black and white recognition stripes, "Miss Louise".---John
  5. Johnv

    1/72 F-86A-Matchbox kit

    I cut the exhaust tube down, painted it black and added it to te bulkhead.---John
  6. Johnv

    1/72 F-86A-Matchbox kit

    This is the exhaust. Made from a Hobbycraft launcher for a Bf-109 1/48 kit.---John
  7. This is one that is sadly in need of a new molding! I am going to try to improve what I can, I'm not bothering with the slats, I'll leave them up.It was an E Bay trophy and as often it came with a missing part which the seller seemed to know nothing about, yeah, right. I am going to try to find better decals for a Korean War plane but if all else fails I think the kits' may just work. The best improvement is a pair of donated wing tanks from a Heller kit, big thanks to Julien. So far I have just scratch built the exhaust and bulkhead and painted them. Toying with somehow improving the cockpit.---John
  8. Step 1 : With a new X Acto blade installed cut the foolish gawdawfull box on top on 3 sides to form a proper top opening box. This is a MUST! At least for me it is.---John
  9. The kit just arrived. Now to wash the plastic then look at reference material for color options.---John
  10. thanks, I added the gun pod, exhaust nozzles and stabs. That's enough as I want to gloss coat it now and decal it. Then I can dull coat, add the wheels and weapons and it's done.---John
  11. The metallic area around the exhausts is done along with the nose, anti glare panel and bare metal around the intakes.---John
  12. Johnv

    F-4E ECM pods for Vietnam 1972

    Thanks to all for the information, it is most helpful.---John
  13. Johnv

    F-4E ECM pods for Vietnam 1972

    I just looked in my F-4C/D kit and there are 2 ECM pods. One I know is an ALQ-87 and the other looks like a longer thinner ALQ-101 ? Does that sound right. I am guessing I can use the ALQ-101 on the 1972 F-4E stationed in Korat.---John
  14. Johnv

    F-4E ECM pods for Vietnam 1972

    Thanks, I am working in 1/72 scale. I have the Revell 1/72 F-4C/D kit but that ALQ-87 is spoken for, I also have the Revell 1/72 F-105D kit that needs one. I am building 2 Korat 388th planes, an F-105D from 1966 and an F-4E from 1972, both piloted by Ed Rasimus.---John
  15. Johnv

    F-4E ECM pods for Vietnam 1972

    I have an F-4E model kit and would like to do a MIGCAP flying out of Korat in 1972. I read that one pilot stated his load was a center fuel tank, 3 Sparrows in the fuselage wells, the left front Sparrow well had an ECM pod. Fuel tanks on both left and right outer wing pylons and 2 Sidewinders on the left and right inner wing pylons. What was the ECM pod used on the left front Sparrow well? Was it an ALQ-87 ,ALQ-71, ALQ-131 ? Thanks for any help.---John