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  1. The left landing gear broke again. I am thinking maybe 5 minute epoxy or totally replace the original landing gear which were broken before assembly. I don't have mini drills and the technology to pin it so It's glue or replace.---John
  2. Yes, removed and or sanded to fit. I left the last exhaust stub until it was together and the cowl sides were on. I put 5 of the 6 stubs per side on before hand.---John
  3. More construction images up to where it is at as of now.---John
  4. I brought this off the "shelf of doom" now that the Lancaster is moving along. It is the Eduard Weekend Edition 1/48 Bf-109E-4 which I am converting to an E-3. I bought some aftermarket -3 decals and also bought the Bf-109E-3 clear sprue from Eduards for the conversion. I checked out and compared both instructions and the only difference is the canopy and the prop spinner, the kit has both -3 and -4 spinners. Here is where it is at so far.---John
  5. Semi gloss.....needs decals and I am NOT decaling over flat black.---John
  6. Thanks, a few more small masks and it's ready for the semi gloss black.---John
  7. Johnv


    Thanks, I knew 385 was a customers number, Boeing does that and I figured Eastern Airlines bought 500s. I am just being sure as I don't want to buy the wrong kit as I'm not into altering fuselage lengths.---John
  8. Johnv


    Hello-I am a novice at commercial airplanes but have flown quite a bit. I flew from Miami International to Freeport Bahamas in 1983 on an Eastern L-1011-385. Is that model actually an L-1011-500? I wanted to model a few planes I flew on and I think Eastern Express does an Eastern Airlines 1/144 L-1011-500. Thanks---John
  9. More decals and parts on. The main gear, nose gear, nose gear door and main gear doors are from a scrapped out new mold Airfix 1/72 F-86F/E (M) kit, the wing tanks are Heller F-86F tanks. The Airfix and Heller parts are better quality. I still have a bit of painting and a few decals left to go.---John
  10. Wings on. Ready to start masking.---John
  11. The tails are in place. Will put the wings on tonight.---John
  12. Left wing all done and sanded.---John
  13. Not even done! There's more decals and more painting. The adventure continues! LOL---John
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