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  1. Hello- I am modelling a Canadian Hornet from the early 1990s and need some detailing information. I have seen a lot of images of Canadian Hornets without LEX fences, especially from the 80s right up to early 90s. I thought like the American ones they would have had them by the mid 80s? Also did the Canadian Hornets have the red edged gear doors, same as the USN ones? Think I am seeing that in the early Cf-188s. Thanks---John
  2. Johnv

    F/A-18E CAP load

    Thanks Murph, was thinking 2003 to 2006 time frame as I am doing an older block one bird. This maybe ?---John https://imgur.com/nVs37AS
  3. Johnv

    F/A-18E CAP load

    Hello---need to add some weapons to my Super Hornet build. What would the F/A-18E carry for air to air for a combat air patrol over the carrier? Thanks---John
  4. Excellent build!!! F-14A VF-1 Frequent Wind---over Vietnam click below---John https://imgur.com/IkLaG14
  5. Here is the paint, rattle can. Also I built this model a few years ago in fictitious black scheme. Here's a few images.---John
  6. I started this about 8 months ago. I have been working on it on and off in between my aircraft builds. It is the old Monogram 1970 Plymouth Superbird. I am painting it as one of the three rare ones that got accidentally painted burnt orange. That color was not for the Superbirds but I think three were done by accident. Plymouth let them go and they are very rare, I think one was owned by a radio personality here in Florida, in Tampa. Here is my build so far, the color is not exact, I went with Testors Extreme Lacquer, Fiery Orange.---John
  7. Here is a picture from the junction I use to bicycle to in the mid 1960s. This is in 1955 a few years before my grandfather retired, I believe he worked at this junction and not the one in the center of town. A couple of NYC Alco FAs stopped on the tracks.---John https://imgur.com/uZFNR4p
  8. I always wanted to do a model of a GP-35 but there is no plastic models. So I went on E-Bay and found an Athearn dummy (unpowered) HO and bought it. I painted the shell and assembled what parts there were and bought decals for the livery I wanted. It's getting harder as most manufacturers today don't make dummies anymore. So if you wanted a newer version such as an EMD-SD70 I guess your best bet would be to check E Bay for a non running one some one was selling, still not cheap. Here is my Athearn HO GP-35 in Penn Central colors, these use to run through my town's junction in the late 60s to early 70s. I use to ride my bike to that junction as a kid in the 60s and watch the NYC switchers work. My grandfather had retired from NYC a few years earlier.---John
  9. Nice images. My older brother was a C-130E maintenance officer at Forbes in the early 70s. Also the red berets looked familiar, my son was Airborne, Blue Dragons XVIII Airborne out of Ft Bragg. My brother used to get a bit "peeved" when they used his planes to jump from, seems as though a lot of guys left their "breakfast" all over the inside of the plane. Sort of a "Vomit Express".---John
  10. Thanks but you can't say NOT for your build as I am using after market decals and NOT the kit decals and I want to do an aircraft with RWR and the ILS antenna. I don't want to do the "plain jane" version. That is why I was asking. Thanks to all for the information. I now know what they are at least.---John
  11. I have the Fujimi 1/72 F-4M British Phantom which is the older kit. It does not have the RWR tail and I was going to scratch build one. I also noticed a small wing below the RWR on the "real deal". I noticed on my kit two slots blanked out about where that wing would be, also there is a small wing like looking part, #47, which seems as though it would fit through this slot. Part #47 is not mentioned at all in the instructions. Am I right in guessing that is wing for the second molding which has the RWR pre molded to the tail. See images below. Thanks---John
  12. Thanks, I am doing a basic scheme with the diamond pattern tail. I believe the plane is named Royal Blue.---John https://imgur.com/16HUxSY
  13. My older brother was a maintenance officer for a flock of Herks at Forbes years ago. One Herk kept losing fuel in some manner. They looked into the wing's fuel tanks and found a cot or mattress of some sort. Someone napping on 3rd shift at the plant?---John
  14. Thanks, that's why I inquired.---John
  15. I have the older Fujimi 1/72 F-4M and it does not have the RWR on the fin cap. Is there an after market part for this or some where that shows how to scratch build one. Thanks for any information.---John
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