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  1. Decals all done. Ready to add finishing parts.---John
  2. I never had any luck with their decals from that era. The last ones I tried to use, F-117A, fell off and would not adhere. I had to white glue the instrument panel on and get after market for the markings. Any Academy kit I bought since I automatically ordered after market decals.---John
  3. Thanks, can the Hasegawa F-15DJ be used for an ANG F-15D? Looks to be same kit as USAF but with 2 seats. Thanks jon
  4. All painted up and test fit of canopy. The color will darken a bit when I do the varnish overcoat which is what I want. I still have to paint and add the head rest then paint the anti glare panel and canopy rails.---John
  5. Those look nice! I was looking at an early F-15A with the old blue scheme. Did all the units use that scheme or just a few early ones? I have seen tail codes FF and LA. I had the 1/72 Hasegawa USAF F-15C version and it was quite good, liked the turkey feathers, a pain to assemble but looked much better than the old Airfix E although outside of that it was a good kit. Is the ESCI A really an A? jon
  6. Thanks, so take care of the fairing and get some early resin wheels. Sounds good to me.---John
  7. I was going to do this years ago. I finally have the time and want to do an F-15A. I think I was told way back that the Hasegawa 1/72 F-15C USAF boxing was a good place to start. I am totally ignorant to Eagles as I mainly do Navy jets and Japanese WWII fighters. What do I need to do to back date to an A model? Thanks---John
  8. I'm using Tamiya spray lacquer, AS-29 IJN gray green.---John
  9. All fixed. On with more detail painting then some rigging.---John
  10. First coat of gray green is applied. There is one small area under the right wing I am unhappy with. I'll wet sand it and touch it up.---John
  11. Mine's a bit more discreet, it hides between the scotch tape and sticky note pads.---John
  12. Nice! Is that Spock on the staging? 6th picture down from top.---John
  13. Thanks for the compliments. I will give credit where credit is due. I owe a lot to Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. It has totally changed my way of building. I only wish I had had this way back in the 60s. I now use different approaches to building but there is now much better fits and a lot less gaps and putty. I can't say enough for this one product. I also use their putty and paints. My tried and true Model Masters paints have not been up to snuff for many years. They served me well way back but even the color selection is going then way of the dinosaur.---John
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