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  1. Paul-please do a build of the Sterling. I have been wanting to do one for many years and would love to see the old Airfix kit.---John
  2. The interior is painted and wing spar assembled. I used Pollyscale British interior gray green for the interior color. Fuselage next.---John
  3. I have the seat riser cut off and moved 4 mm forward. I reglued it to it's proper position and puttied the hole left from moving it.---John
  4. I have decals coming for my Airfix 1/72 build, Admiral Prune, so I decided to do this one and use the Oor Wullie decals for my 1/72 Revell kit. It has lots of issues but I will attempt to fix the worse ones. I will move the pilot seat 4 mm forward, add 2 degrees to the wing dihedral, add the DF loop and use a spare set of 1/72 Airfix tires for the main landing gear. Not sure if I will fix, replace or just let the tail wheel go.---John
  5. Hello-I have been using Tamiya rattle can sprays, mainly TS series and thendecal then top coat with Testors gloss coat. I noticed Testors doesn't seem to dry completely, sometimes stays tacky for a long time. How well does Tamiya TS-79 semi gloss work? does it dry as fast as TS paints? I want something that dries fast and looks good and won't harm decals. I use gloss but semi gloss seems a better choice for my subjects. Thanks---John
  6. Chassis sub assembly work in progress.---John
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