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  1. Thank you. In your second post are scans of instructions and photos of the kit built step by by step. It'll help the person were who looking for instructions. Cheers
  2. A very nice large scale highly detailed car. This car was certainly very expensive and only rich people could buy it. No dust or rust on such a car! The kit includes a bare metal sprue. It is older than you believe: over 40 years old. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/140915-revell-7494-cadillac-v-16-town-car-1933 Reboxed by Revell in the early 80's. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/140915-revell-7494-cadillac-v-16-town-car-1933 I could find a Rolls Royce Phantom from the same manufacturer on a second hand market but have sold it several years ago. Have you still the instruction sheet? If you do, could you please take photos or scan it and post it in this forum? Thanks
  3. A nice weathered small Zero. Cheap new airfix tool is so good as more expensive made in japan ones.
  4. A nice small Mustang. always good results with cheap Revell kits.
  5. Nice paint for this old acrobatic team Hasegawa plane.
  6. 2 nice Skyvans. i like exotic markings on this old cargo plane.
  7. The third and the best Lancaster produced by Airfix. Nice job and paint. You can compare it with the old Revell kit.
  8. Several nice exotic planes . You didn't mention the original kit: certainly Williams Bros. Great job Jerzy.
  9. An exotic german rocket plane. Here are some other kits built by a french modeller: http://modelstories.free.fr/analyses/avions/MS2007_06P/DRAG_NATTER/
  10. A very nice german Phantom. New Revell Phantom tools are so good as japanese one but cheaper. Good choice.
  11. 2 nice made in France planes. Great job and nice paint with 2 old Heller kits.
  12. Highly detailed Mustang. I couldn't find any photo to compare your kit with the old Matchbox one. Great job.
  13. Very nice high visibility paint for this odd british carrier-based plane. Many improvements from the original kit. Great job
  14. A nice exotic luftwaffe 1946 flying wing. Certainly the Hasegawa tool because of the details. A Pioneer/PM models kits exists but is very coarse. It was also reboxed by Revell.
  15. A very nice small highly detailed conversion. Great job for this exotic yellow plane.
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