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  1. I'm building a 1:1 working scale model ukulele from a kit. been thinking that automotive paint from a rattle can from halfords might give a hard wearing finish. Back, sides and back only. I have wood primer, water based will the halfords paint work ok on this combination of wood, primer and automotive paint
  2. Hi People, a word of warning: I don't want to put a dampener on peoples' partying about WNW on HLJ but I ordered a kit from there (Fine Moulds Porco Rosso 72nd) which was dispatched on 7th May. Still not here and as it was only a small package no tracking number. HLJ don't know if it has even left Japan yet. they've advised be to let them know at the end of July if it still hasn't arrived. Larger parcels that don't go via the small package route may be quicker as they go via other couriers
  3. My brother loves this plane and wants to build one. The only plastic one we've found is Amodel. What's the quality like? I don't think I've built an Amodel kit. Ta Darren
  4. Thanks will look out for them on my next visit to my LHS
  5. Due to having moved to a smaller house I can no longer keep my airbrush, compressor and spray booth out all the time and as I'm currently on a 1:144 kick at the moment, and I'm not too good at brush painting, which Tamiya, Humbrol or other manufacturers rattle cans would you suggest for doing mainly WW2 RAF (and some German planes). It seems way too much of a faff to get the airbrush set up for a square inch or two of painting For example dark earth, dark green, sky, sea/ocean greys and PRU blue.
  6. Not according to the part of the article I've just read. "... are kits which have a slightly less part(s?) than standard models and are slightly less challenging to build" Simpler tracks at least for the tanks Going for wargamer market by the look of it
  7. thanks Paul, very helpful
  8. I'm thinking of doing a little dio of my 144th Ju.52 in a snowy scene. Any ideas on how to do snow in that scale? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the link I'd be grateful if you could post a few pictures.
  10. Thanks for the heads up - I sort of assumed they would be of the same period so might go for the Nelson if I have a choice
  11. I see there is the old Tamiya kit available and a newer Meng kit (but getting on for three times the price). How do these kits compare and is it worth the extra for the Meng kit?
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