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  1. Hmm... I'm wrong, or this early bird has the windscreen flat in the front - as on Spitfire PR XI , and not the round , typical for later PR XIX ??
  2. Hallo! As I want to begin my work with 1/48 Special Hobby Fairey Firefly kits ( one "Home Defence" boxing & second one as "Pacific" option ) I need good picture of the exposed guns installed in the early Firefly's. They was the same Hispano cannons as instelled in Hurricane II c ?? Any help needed - thanks in advance! Bodo
  3. As I want to build my 1:48 kit as this a/c I looking for any picture showing "Flying Cow" emblem on the cockpit door. And - if available - close-up picture showing numeral "II" by the individual letter "W". Im old Aeromaster sheet this a/c was coded QJoW "II" - but on pictures showing this bird ther's no traces of this "II" numer. Anyone can help??
  4. Wait for new value pack from MASTER - in the next few months they will be released "bomber packs" incl. Brownings with more reasonable price. Just check & ask MASTER in Telford. Best-Bodo
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