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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments. Exhaust staining was first applied with some thinned Tamiya smoke spayed onback across the wings, heavily thinned using multiple layers to build up the tone, then pastel dust was applied with a brush to deepen the centre of each stained area After market antennae woud really help with this model buy I wanted to keep it out of the box rather than spend on extras. Si.
  2. One of those models started years ago and left part built waiting for the inspiration to complete. It's the Revell kit with after market decals (I lost the kit ones!), goes together well enough and has enough detail for 1/48. I plucked up the courage to attempt the 'squiggle' colour scheme which was applied free hand with a fine line aibrush. Si.
  3. Major difference is that the Alclad product will not resist spirit based washing, it will dissolve back off, Klear seems to stay put, so if you like putting oil washes over your decalled model . . . . . Si.
  4. Thats rather nice, well done. Si.
  5. I wouldn't worry about adding a bulge, which are very slight and hardly noticeable on most real tyres, just sand a small 'flat' on the wheel (a few seconds work, rub the completed wheel on a flat piece of sandpaper) makes all the difference and avoids the 'tip toe' look that unflattened tyres give. Si.
  6. Very nice, like the tonal effect in the camo colours. Si.
  7. Great model, love the 'movement' adds a certain something. Not an easy kit to put together, you've made a great job of it. Si.
  8. Wow . . . think it's worth saying again . . WOW! Si.
  9. Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, the decals are by Aviaeology, very good quality. Si.
  10. Finished this one over Christmas, it was a bit of a stop start affair, not because of any problems with the kit which was very good, just one of those builds with regular mental blocks to overcome! Kit decals were replaced with after market items, otherwise it's out of the box. Xtracolor enamels used throughout. I know the flaps would normally be retracted but they were provided in the kit and I think it makes the finished model look a little more interesting. Si.
  11. As above . . liquid glue is my weapon of choice. Leave at least 24 hours before you try to sand the joints. Si.
  12. Owwww . . . that's rather nice. Cracking build, well done. Si.
  13. Thanks for your kind comments. The crowbar . . ahummm . . yes, would be difficult to use! and the dropped flaps, artistic licence, they would normally be up while the aircraft was parked. I've done a blow by blow account of the painting and weathering techniques used on the Relish Models forum (Tools and techniques section) for anyone interested. Si.
  14. Thanks guys, Yes this was out of the box apart from the addition of the interior ribs on the flaps (and sanding the ribs off the tailplane). Si.
  15. I have fond memories of the meetings there (my new job working shifts ment it wasn't really credible to continue attending). Always remember you and your dad building BIG models, glad you are continuing the trend! regards to you both. Simon.
  16. Just finished this one and I've been impressed with the kit. The quality of the parts and the fit are really nice. Cockpit detail is excellent (not just scaled down Trumpy 1/24,but new and improved). Surface detail was nice too. There are some problems, that strange texture on the tailplane (easy to sand off), incorrect locating tabs on the prop blades, no interior ribs on the flaps but nothing that would put me off building another. This one was finished using kit decals. Si.
  17. Tom, Very nice indeed. (are you the same Tom who attended Kent IPMS some years back?) Si.
  18. Just finished this one, not a great kit but that could be because I'm used to being spoilt by Tamiya/Hasegawa/Dragon etc. The parts lack really crisp definition and the surface of the main airframe has a slight texture moulded on which needed sanding back. The fit is ok but some of the interior parts don't have very positive locations. Kit decals performed well enough, and at the end of the day it looks ok to me. Si.
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