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  1. Its sort of the other way around. Quantum , owners of Revell, have bought SMV, owners of Carrera. See https://toyworldmag.co.uk/quantum-acquires-slot-car-specialist-smv/
  2. Having built a couple of these I know it's not a fall together kit. You've done a fantastic job of it, an inspiration for next time I try it. Tony
  3. Faaantastic! Never expected something that good. But not sure I can convince anyone about the Dalek in a diorama. Got a skeptical family. Thanks. And I guess its time I got a FB account lol. Perhaps you could cover another missing piece of info for me... inside the wing root, attached to fuselage sides, are two bottles. What are these (and are they painted the standard colour for whatever it is)? Thanks. Tony
  4. Thanks Chris, that's very good. I don't have a supply of Air International anymore - lost during a move at some earlier stage of life sadly. Great of you to dig that out.
  5. Ah ha! That's brilliant everyone. Thanks a million. I hadn't sussed the pin ended up in the leading edge but now I look at photos again I can see (i.e. pick out a dark splodge) in said leading edge. It also makes sense of course for how the pin engages. The geometry of my first attempt at this was clearly off. I'll have to give careful thought to getting mm precision during construction and a suitable sequence so it all matches up. Thanks again everyone.
  6. Hi all, I’m looking for info from an expert on the Fairey Barracuda. I’m planning (for 2nd time) to try the Special Hobby 1/48 Barracuda with the wings folded. (First one had too many mistakes to live with!) Naturally all photos are relatively poor quality but it appears to me that the pins which lock the wing to tailplane protrude through the top of the tailplane. (see these photo links) http://mail.barracudaproject.co.uk/assets/images/History/Folded.JPG https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/attachments/fairey-barracuda-jpg.381244/ Also in Matthew Willis book p
  7. There is a photo in pinterest posted by Nikos Poiitis showing a one wing folded gannet. Its a german one (I think) so unlikely to be the same one You can find it with a search on gannet asymetric wing fold or on nikos' posts. cheers Tony
  8. I think this explains the convolutions behind the procurement and changes of mind...http://www.aerofiles.com/JBlock-p38expo.html Tony
  9. Great photos, thanks. Also good to see they have finally got around to putting handles on the Bronco so we modellers can pick our models up more easily.
  10. A spray of clear gloss will make the white go away.if done carefully you might even end up with the look you wanted otherwise its back to square one and a fine mist of matt again. Tony
  11. Ah, that looks interesting. I must admit my initial look at FS26270 gives a decidedly grey colour. I was expecting more blue, however my memory is probably clouded by seeing these under very blue skies. lol A mix toward 25237 would indeed be bluer though and might be more what I recall. Xtracolor do (or did?) x389 Gris Bleu Clair but as a WWII colour I think. It doesn't appear on big H at the moment anyway. A quick search on Sikkeurs doesn't turn up much, I think I might be brushing up some French to get on to Passion D'Ailes site....gulp! Tony
  12. Thanks guys, I think you've solved it for me and the Berna decals info is perfect - the B scheme is the one I was after. Seems like this was the second scheme not the earliest as I had thought which explains the white vs sky confusion in my mind. I can now track down some paint off that FS number. Thanks to you all once again Tony
  13. Thanks Hamster, but any clue as to what these blue/greys were? Any references for French paints? I just can't find anything beyond WWII for what tones France used and when I look at model paints there ain't half a lot of blue/greys out there to choose from! Cheers, Tony
  14. Thanks Scimitar, that may have been their second scheme which was grey over white.
  15. Hi, could anyone advise what colour blue the first Breguet Alizes were in please. It looks like a navy or medium blue of some type over white but so far "blue/grey" is all I can find mentioned. Thanks Tony
  16. I dont know about that particular aircraft, but it is correct all NZ corsairs came direct from USA and as far as I know were not like FAA ones (which were unique to FAA??) There were 237 F4U-1s, 127 F4U-1Ds and post war a further 60 FG-1Ds were purchased. Tony
  17. This is great but I had to wonder WHY???? A bit of searching the webbery and I found this... http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/09/air-force-universal-translator/ Of great note was this para "Newer F-16s use one version of Link 16 and older ones another; A-10s and F-15s also each use different editions of Link 16 that aren’t always compatible. F-22s are the worst offenders, using the Intra-Flight Data Link that allows it connect only to other F-22s. Add the Army, Navy and Marines — oh, and allied militaries, as well — and the confusion only grows." Nice the old boy can help sort this o
  18. That's absolutely brilliant. Thanks. Tony
  19. Coming along very well. I like what you've done to the wing fold area - nice idea.
  20. Well done young lady, it looks great. My daughter built some too years ago she loved doing it. Moved on to all sorts of models, especially dinosaurs for some reason, I blame the parenting.
  21. Ooops hang on, I think I actually pointed to a long range tank, not a torpedo in that shot, I'll look again for example - as I say - not common. Tony
  22. Don't panic! A quick search of google images using "Torbeau" will provide pictures of both topedo and rockets - even some loaded with both! eg see http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showth...Country/page365 (near bottom) But not a standard operational approach. Great job - love the paintwork. Tony
  23. I don't know if its any use, probably you've seen it but there is a walkaround here.. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/don_busa...10-ge-100_f-16/ Cheers Tony
  24. I have to add my congratulations. I almost didn't believe it until I saw the tail shot and overheads... and even then I'm thinking Wow, if only I could be as could as the less convincing shots I'd be in dream heaven !!! Brilliantly done. Tony
  25. Ok, maybe I did, .....but my cat made me do it!
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