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  1. I recommend purchasing French Aces of WWI volumes one and two published by Aeronaut. Volume two H to Z has eight color profiles of George Felix Madon's aircraft. These are Bleriot 11, Farman MF 11, Nieuport 17, two Spad 7's, Spad 12, Spad 13, and Nieuport Monoplane.
  2. For the yellow/beige (ecru) scheme, enamel was used on metal and wood components while dope was used on fabric surfaces. The surrounding white ring on the fuselage indicates a color other than doped ecru. Maybe battleship grey enamel on forward fuselage. Easy enough to add a bit of black dope to readily available white dope to make a suitable grey. Really needs some recorded mention of grey or other colour to be certain.
  3. It is impractical to cast resin for one or two parts. You need tin cured silicone rubber and catalyst, sulphur free bedding clay, urethane resin that has both strength and sufficient pot life before it begins to thicken, vacuum pump for degassing, and sometimes a compressor if pressurizing the poured resin is necessary to force it into small cavities (example: cooling fins on rotary engine cylinders). If you decide to make multiple castings, a very good book is Secrets of Expert Mold Making and Resin Casting by Karl Juelch. Available through Amazon. An important factor to prevent warping in parts with thin cross sections is heat curing the castings. The book shows the use of a group of incandescent light bulbs for the heat source but I would suggest using a pail or drum heat band with a built-in thermostat.
  4. I also recommend the Albatros Publication's Windsock Fokker Eindecker Compendium volumes one and two for documentation.
  5. berman

    REP Type K

    Not a type K but a type F is similar in appearance. I highly recommend R.E.P. Type F in Royal Serbian Airforce. This book has many useful photographs, three view plans, drawings of the framework plus other components, and color information.
  6. There is a good video on YouTube of a replica Albatros D.II that is useful for many details applicable to the W4. Albatros D-II - New Zealand - Part 1 - Kermie Cam - YouTube Unfortunately, no clear views of underside of the fuselage.
  7. I have an extra copy of Austro Hungarian Aircraft of WWI 1993 edition. Cheap to mail to US addresses by media mail but quite costly to send to Europe.
  8. Good tutorial posted on www.ww1aircraftmodels.com Click on "Forum" Click on "Hints and Tips" in the aircraft modeling section. Click on " Woodgrain technique by Eric Larsen" which is posted near the top.
  9. There are three view drawings available on page 353 of French Aircraft of the First World War. Drawings were also included in the Copper State Models resin and white metal kit.
  10. Cadmium red, which is a bright red, was introduced in 1910. Keep in mind at that time, Germany was the world's leader in pigment chemicals. Artist's oils are more stable than the early paint formulas used on aircraft. This is why old paintings in museums still have vivid reds while remnants of some WWI fabrics have oxidized and turned a darker color.
  11. Chief Cohiba. You told about a runaway taube. In 1972, I met Max Holtzem at Antique Aero in Rubidoux, California which was holding an open public event displaying their replica WWI aircraft. At the time, I only knew that Herr Holtzem was a former German pilot. He told me a story about a pilot who attempted to start a taube by himself. As the throttle was a bit advanced too far, the plane got away from him. The pilot, Max Holtzem, and another man got into an automobile and began to chase after the taube. Eventually the aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed into a tree. I later learned that Max Holtzem died seven years later at age 87 in Torrance, California.
  12. There are scale drawings in Austro Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One. Published by Flying Machines Press.
  13. berman

    Resin kits

    Also there are some kits that you will never see as injected styrene molded kits such as the Copper State Models 1/48th scale Handley Page 0-400 bomber and Lone Star Models 1/48 Felixstowe F.2a flying boat. Of course, one problem with resin kits is that production can cease without notice. I have seen some ridiculous prices on 1/48 Legato WWI kits. I am still looking for an out of production Master Club 1/48 Voisin III.
  14. The Jasta 17 and Jasta 30 series. Other Albatross decals. Halberstadt CL.II. The new Sopwith Camel "Horus" .
  15. Pheon Decals produces many WWI decals in 1/48th and 1/32nd scale. However, many of their great 1/32nd scale subjects are not available in 1/48th scale. If you would like to see these made in 1/48th scale please send an email to Rowan at pheon@pheondecals.com It would be an excellent idea to order some decals to show your support. They have an excellent website.
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