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    Resin kits

    Also there are some kits that you will never see as injected styrene molded kits such as the Copper State Models 1/48th scale Handley Page 0-400 bomber and Lone Star Models 1/48 Felixstowe F.2a flying boat. Of course, one problem with resin kits is that production can cease without notice. I have seen some ridiculous prices on 1/48 Legato WWI kits. I am still looking for an out of production Master Club 1/48 Voisin III.
  2. The Jasta 17 and Jasta 30 series. Other Albatross decals. Halberstadt CL.II. The new Sopwith Camel "Horus" .
  3. Pheon Decals produces many WWI decals in 1/48th and 1/32nd scale. However, many of their great 1/32nd scale subjects are not available in 1/48th scale. If you would like to see these made in 1/48th scale please send an email to Rowan at pheon@pheondecals.com It would be an excellent idea to order some decals to show your support. They have an excellent website.
  4. Will be available at first in very limited numbers. You can reserve your K1025 Handley Page 0/400 bomber kit at preorder@copperstatemodels.com This is a fantastic accurate detailed kit. Price is not cheap but you will have an amazing model. Cost is 199 euros for non vat buyers and 240.79 euros for vat clients.
  5. From what I read about PC10 was that the early aircraft were painted with a formula made with lamp black and ochre imported from Spain. This produced a shade more towards the green side. Later on because of problems obtaining Spanish ochre, British ochre was substituted. This tended to shift the color towards the khaki hue. Anyone willing to experiment with mixing both types of ochre with lamp black using the original published ratios?
  6. Ten photos posted today by CSM on Aeroscale forum. Almost ready for sale. Edgar is now taking preorders. The kit is not cheap but the quality and detail is fantastic. A vast improvement over the original concept.
  7. I liked the shots of the Felixstowe with the two upper wing gunner positions in the IWM film. This would make an interesting modification for either the 1/72 Roden, 1/48 Lone Star Models, or 1/32 Wingnut kits.
  8. Edgar said that all the molds are finished and ready. CSM is currently working on the photoetch and instructions. They want this to be as good as possible.
  9. Edgar (CSM) said they were working on the photoetch and instructions for the kit. All molds completed.
  10. For those modelers who do not have the space for a 1/32nd scale HP O/400, Copper State Models will soon produce a 1/48th scale version. Lone Star Models currently has a 1/48 Felixstowe F.2a flying boat kit.
  11. The Marivox is the same plastic as the FF 33E Techmod kit but with different decals. The Arpol/Lugraph kit of the FF 33L is more accurate and detailed.
  12. Lukgraph is now producing the Ardpol Friedrichshafen FF 33L with added improvements like wire reinforcement, photoetch, and color instruction manual. Lukasz said he will produce the conversion set if there was sufficient popular demand. If you would like to see a conversion set made for an experimental FF 33L version, send an email to Lukasz at lukgraph@lukgraph.pl This experimental version had a large rectangular rudder with no vertical fin. The flat engine side cowling was changed to a rounded bulging shape with the exhaust exiting horizontally from the starboard side. A photo of marin
  13. Build photos, of an advanced release kit to a skilled modeler, now shown on Aeroscale Forum on the forum section "latest posts" located on the right side of the page.
  14. Copper State should be releasing this kit in a month or two. Complete photos of all the beautiful parts at www.ww1aircraftmodels.com in the What's New section under Copper State Models 1/48 Handley Page 0/400
  15. Copper State Models will be takings preorders at the Telford show for their new 1/48 highly detailed resin bomber. This would look great sitting next to the 1/48 Lone Star Models Felixstowe F.2a.
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